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Submitted by: Lisa M. Roberts

On September 22, 2020

Reaching out from: Manheim, Pennsylvania

I’ve been listening to Andrew Wommack’s teachings now for probably about a year. And I have been so blessed!! Andrew’s teachings have opened my eyes to the truths in God’s Word, setting me free from the lies I was lead to believe from my past and from the modern day church. I have been learning and growing in the area of healing, and after the broadcasts on his daily TV program from the Healing is Here conference, I am now walking in freedom from migraines that had plagued me for at least 26 years, from pain and disfunction in my knees, and more!!! God has been changing me in some amazing ways, and I have this ministry to thank for getting the TRUTH out and into me and my life!!! Praise God, and may God continue to bless this ministry!!!

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I got Insurance

Category: Uncategorized | Name: Sandra N. | From: Alabama
Posted On: July 10, 2020

About two weeks ago, I spoke to a prayer minister asking for prayer to receive help in getting health insurance. I had applied to the government’s Health Market Place and been denied insurance in late spring of this year. Well 2 weeks ago, the Holy Spirit prompted me to apply again through the Health Market Place. When I applied online, my application went through seamlessly…Glory to God! Not only that, I ended up having to call them for further assistance and was connected with an agent who graciously worked with me. I was given a tax credit that results in me not having to pay a monthly premium on my insurance. God is so good! I’m so grateful for this ministry, the prayer team, and all the hard work that is invested in genuinely supporting people. God bless you all!

Greetings from India

Category: Healing | Name: Sneha Pawar | From: India
Posted On:

I regularly watch Andrew and Charis preachers. As I am unable to get a good word based church, AWMI is my only source for spiritual growth.
I am blessed beyond measure through Andrew’s teaching. I watch his programs on a regular basis.
Here is my first healing experience through Andrew’s teaching.

My daughter kept getting eye styes one after the other on her left upper and lower eyelid.
I gave her all kinds of medication. Sometimes it would reduce, sometimes it would disappear only to regrow.
At one point doctors recommend surgical removal.
At that time I was listening to Andrew’s message on,” God wants you well ” and “Believers Authority” and I decided to pray and opt out of surgery.
My daughter is 3 year old and I explained to her about the power in God’s word and agreement. We prayed and agreed for the stye to die and dry.
My daughter would look up in the mirror, place her hand on the stye and curse it saying, In the name of Jesus eye stye die, leave my eye. We stopped all medications and focused on praying and believing.
On the 3rd day it was all dried up and 5 th day both eyelids were clear forever.
Praise God and Andrew Wommack ministry.

In God We Trust program

Category: Encouragement | Name: Ann Bashara | From: United States
Posted On: July 7, 2020

Thank you for such a wonderful, inspiring Fourth of July program. It touched my heart and lifted me above the present circumstances in our nation….God will prevail! Thank all of the cast for their heartfelt performances. I was blessed and if it is available to share, I would certainly like others to be able to see it. Bless each one of you and God bless America!

Healed of Irregular Heartbeat

Category: Healing | Name: Maria Soto | From: Palm Bay, FL
Posted On: July 2, 2020

On June 30, 2020 I decided to watch one of Andrew’s online messages. It was about Psalm 91 which he had preached at Charis Healing School on 05/14/20.
Since October of 2019, I had been experiencing a certain type of irregular heart beat. Doctors said it was benign, common, and harmless but would happen more often during stress.
I hated it. Every episode distressed me. After each time, I would be flooded with emotions like fear, hopelessness, and anger. I was angry at the devil for stealing my rest. It seemed to happen most when I was calm, especially when trying to sleep. I would find myself wondering if I would ever relax and be myself again.
I believed I was healed but the symptoms kept becoming more frequent, just about everyday. Until finally I watched that message and during the prayer Andrew said that people with irregular heartbeats/arrhythmias we’re being healed and I received it. I knew I had always been healed but all of a sudden I received freedom from the lying symptoms! I cannot explain it. I didn’t feel anything physically. I just knew in my heart I was free! That night my sleep was peaceful and symptom free and the following day I felt like myself again and did not have any episodes. I’m free from the symptoms. I’m healed in my spirit soul and body. And I’m not afraid anymore. If the devil tries me again with symptoms I will not allow him to torture me again. I will resist because I am healed and he can’t take it. Thank you Brother Andrew for allowing God to use you and for preaching the Gospel!

Healed and Testimony

Category: Healing | Name: Dawn Fox | From: Kansas
Posted On:

I, too, was healed by God. 15+ years of lupus and fibro. I was at the point I needed a walker to get around, I was only awake 3-4 hours a day. Went to the hospital every 2 weeks or so with Costrocondritis (a condition that causes swelling and pain around the heart, brought on by lupus.) One day I was doing my usual crying and begging God to heal me laying in bed. Not faith – I know that now, but God spoke to me anyway. He said GET IN MY WORD. Make it the FIRST thing you do daily. I know it wasn’t me because I was like, WHAT? I asked for healing how will reading help? I couldn’t see it, but I did it anyway. I read the word and watched and listened to ALL things healing on Youtube that was scriptural. Andrew Wommack was recommended on a Kenneth Hagin video so I started watching him too. I CLAIMED my healing Jesus did for me on Oct 11, 2019 and have NOT had any lupus or fibro since. I got rid of the walker and have been able to go to church again. Wanted to share this with you so much as Andrew claimed the thyroid healing on one of his church lessons and I thanked God at the time. Andrew said on one of his messages a Thyroid was being healed. I had been claiming my healing for my thyroid I have had 20+ years and for the last 5 months the meds have steadily dropped in dosage. ONLY time that has ever happened to me since I started taking the meds. Took it for 12 years btw! I was on the highest dose and am now on the lowest and know I will soon be OFF it for good through Jesus. Jesus healed me through his word and the word so generously shared by others. I know his word was for me and through Jesus I am healed. <3 I want this to encourage others that God still heals, he loves you MORE than any sin you could ever commit, and he is faithful to his word still. To US still. His love and healing is there for everyone.

Eyesight Healed

Category: Healing | Name: Kathy Black | From: United States
Posted On: July 1, 2020

I was the one who received healing from hazy eyes during the prophetic ministry time the final night of Campus Days. I have been believing for clear eyesight for some time. It would come and go. But tonight I received my healing. Praise God for He is good! For His mercy endures forever. I am the redeemed of the Lord and I am saying so. I am the one who has been redeemed from the hand of the enemy! Ps. 107:1-2 Thank you, Lord Jesus!


Category: Uncategorized | Name: Anita M. Boschitsch | From: United States
Posted On:

Dear Brother Andrew and AWMI team,
I’ve been reading the Believer’s Authority and You’ve Already Got It. Thank you so very much for these gems! I’ve been so blessed. Thursday and Friday, May 14 and 15, I live streamed all the Charis Campus Days meetings. At the end of Andrew’s teaching on the afternoon of the 14th, he called out a number of illnesses, and I had three and was healed of all three. The very first illness he called out was several stomach related problems of which I had two (digestive problems and an on-and-off stomach ache) that was at 4:49pm New Jersey time, and I boldly received my healing. At 4:53pm Andrew called out an eye problem–macular degeneration–of which I had the beginning stages, and here again, I boldly received my healing. Lastly, at 4:56pm Andrew called out an irregular heart-beat problem, and I boldly received my healing. Thank you Jesus! Praise You Jesus! I am walking in great joy! But that’s not all. The next day, during the end of the evening session, Andrew said “someone has been fearful of being sick for a long, long time, I command fear and worry to be gone, ” that was for me, and it was gone! Thank You Jesus! I received that at 8:22pm! The reason I mentioned all the specific times of healings is because I have a prayer journal and I note the specific date and hour the Lord answers my prayer. I can look back and spend time ministering to the Lord in praise and gratitude. And if the devil tries to take away what the Lord has done, or tries to throw doubt my way, I simply say out loud “Jesus provided healing for me two thousand years ago, and I received the healing of my stomach, eye, and irregular heart beat on Thursday, May 14, 2020 at 4:49pm, 5:53pm and 5:56pm.” Clear and to the point. He can’t argue with what Jesus did!

Thank you so much again!


Category: Healing | Name: Janet Thompson | From: Heflin, Louisiana
Posted On:

Two weeks ago I was diagnosed with stomach cancer and was in pain, but after hearing Andrew Womack’s teaching I was reminded who I am in Christ and my authority as a believer! The pain stopped! Praise God!!! I know I am healed!! Thank you Brother Andrew Womack!

Grace and truth

Category: Encouragement | Name: OGECHUKWU CHUKWUEMEKA | From: Nigeria
Posted On:

I have in time past lived as a very religious christian who saw God based on what I have done and what he can then do. I lived life in submission and obedience to set rules upon which i believed every other thing is based. When things go bad I believed I must have done something wrong. and I go deep into searching and seeking the Lord to know the door opened. and When I do good i receive his blessing. and much more like, submission and authority, separation from everyone outside my fellowship depending on degrees even my biological parents.. So they don’t contaminate me with strange spirits. I can now see how terrible and appalling those beliefs where. I was taught those and I believed them and lived by them. But thank God I have been saved and delivered from bondage. Set loose and free by Christ, your teaching provokes me to believing more and seeing the word of God like a child, and knowing the power in me for all things in Christ. I can’t put it all out in words but evening within this COVID 19 pandemic when i stopped fellowship where i was taught all those and started building my faith in the Gospel Truth. My life has been transformed hugely and my mind and I just scratched i a little. God bless you and all that are with you in this ministry. I really look forward to when I will physically attend your bible college as that is my desire. God bless and keep you all in the Faith.

Speaking to the Mountain!!

Category: Encouragement | Name: Sylvia Stock | From: United Kingdom
Posted On:

I have been walking a Word Based faith walk fully for a number of years now and seen some great things happen for me.
When I found your teachings a new light went off in my spirit and I became a partner recently.

My amusing illustration of “speaking to things with our authority!” –
I was given three cucumber plants and two of them died and the one left looked quite pathetic. I managed to get two more donated and decided to see if the sickly looking one, with just one drooping leaf on it, would recover. I watered it and commanded it to live and not die in Jesus name!!
Get this! It has thrived and is almost overtaking the other outdoor cucumber plant!! I speak with authority to daily life situations. It’s great to bring Jesus into day to day living.
Blessings to all and I hope we will see you in the UK in the not too distant future.