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Submitted by: Barbara Harris

On December 11, 2019

Reaching out from: West Palm Beach, Florida

For 40 years, I have suffered with Schizo-affective Disorder and Anxiety Disorder. On Saturday, November 7, 2019, I was listening to Andrew Wommack’s CD series “God Wants You Well”. I was listening to CD#4 – “The Laws of Faith” when I commanded all mental and emotional illness to leave me! Immediately I felt God’s healing power come into my mind correcting my thought patterns. Today, December 10, 2019, I felt God’s power come in me to heal me emotionally! I have quit taking the medicine that the psychiatrist has prescribed and am feeling little or no withdrawal symptoms. I feel so relaxed and in control now. This is such a blessing! This is the second healing I have had due to Andrew Wommack’s teachings. The other one was healing of cancer in November 2019. I can never thank Andrew Wommack enough for his Divine Wisdom and teachings based on God’s Word! I hardly know what to say!

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Category: Encouragement | Name: Linda Crostic | From: Fayetteville, AR
Posted On: October 10, 2019

I’m So thankful for Andrew’s word of encouragement! I’m 68 y/young, but it was pounded into my head as a young child that misbehavior meant going to hell and as a result I never felt I measured up. It’s been about 5 years that I’ve been grasping Grace and what it means by studying Romans which you started me on, by the way. Praise God! I know He loves me just because I am! Thank you for your teachings!


Category: Healing | Name: Nicole Walters | From: Camden TN
Posted On:

I was suffering from debilitating vertigo. Anxiety and bed rest were absolutely killing my enjoyment of life. Walking was a lesson in terror and even when I wasn’t dizzy, I was experiencing horrible terror for the possibility of being dizzy in the future. I also had the wrong ideas about healing in regards to believing it was by my power and amount of belief. As I poured over scripture in every form, I listened to Mr.Wommack concerning how praising God went hand in hand with healing and also how God created us for a relationship with Him. It finally hit me that God actually and truly loves me. Mr. Wommack said when God created Adam & Eve and they were in the garden, they basically just hung out and talked. That resonated with me in a huge way. It finally got through to me that God created us because he wanted a real relationship with us. That’s it !! Then I felt love and healing in my heart in a way I never had before. My mind also calmed because I knew no thought of doubt or any thought could keep him from loving me !! No mistake or sin was gonna stop Him from loving me !!! I don’t know why it took so long but I’ve finally realized that I am actually His beloved. I immediately knew I could get up & walk around with no vertigo or anxiety. I called my husband and we cried and rejoiced because I was healed I mind & body. We had prayed so long for healing and God was faithful!!! I cannot express what not only my physical healing means to me for my quality of life, but also what the revelation of God’s love and acceptance mean to me in my spirit. Praise God !!!

My emotions aren’t controlling me anymore

Category: Healing | Name: Scott Carrillo | From: Panama City, Florida
Posted On: October 7, 2019

For years, I went through relationship after relationship, wanting to find happiness. I drank alcohol to fit in with friends and find acceptance from this world. Because of that, I was married and engaged 5 times. I allowed emotional attachments to so-called friends, and other instances in my life to dictate whether I was going to be mad, sad, or indifferent. But in November of 2016, I started going to this church, Oasis Of Love Tabernacle, and I mean to tell you that I have some dynamic Pastors! Who actually preach and teach from the revelation knowledge they received from listening to AWM teachings. Since then, my Pastor has shown me Mr. Wommack and introduced us to his videos, books, healing journeys, audio teachings, etc. I have grown so much in a short time, but the most important thing that I have learned is that I am a spirit, I’ve already got everything that I’ll ever need in my spirit, and I’m learning how to HARNESS MY EMOTIONS! I’m so thankful for God sending his Son to not only die for my sins but my healing as well (1 Peter 2:24), with HIS stripes, we were healed! I’m so thankful that I understand the meaning of Sozo, and understanding that I have a full benefits package! God is good! And I’m a new creature! In Jesus’ name!

Faith in His Word

Category: Healing | Name: Liza Jacob | From: Dubai
Posted On: October 3, 2019

Last night, our 3 yr old son was in such terrible pain and he had a mild fever. We prayed over him, commanding the pain to leave. Very early this morning, as I was asking the Holy Spirit to give me wisdom on how to deal with the situation, He brought to my mind Ephesians 6:16 “Lift up the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the enemy.”
Everyday we declare over our children the promise in Psalm 91:10 “no plague will come near you” and so I knew the Holy Spirit was reminding me through Eph.6:16 to put my faith in His Word and that it will quench the enemy’s attack.
This morning my son is back to his happy, cheerful self, no fever, no pain. He said “Jesus healed me!!” and raced off to school! Praise Jesus!!
Thank you Bro.Andrew and all at AWMI for all that you teach and do. Many blessings to you!

Prayer line

Category: Encouragement | Name: Shyleen Madanyika | From: Germany
Posted On: September 27, 2019

I would like to Thank the Prayer line from Andrew Wommack Ministries . I called on 17:16 24.09.2019 requesting for Prayer that my new Visa to stay in Germany will be approved .l come from Zimbabwe .From that time my faith was energized and l was so excited and countered all the negative thoughts and meditated on Psamls 84verse 11 that was shared to me during the call .I went today to apply for it 26.09.2019 .God is faithful, the favor of God was upon me l had zero problems.He will never let us down because he is always good .Its not in His nature . I listened to a lot of praise and worship from Charis Bible College on youtube .Thank you so much

Prayer Line

Category: Encouragement | Name: Nedra Hollins | From: Mississippi
Posted On: September 26, 2019

I would like to thank all the men and women who take time to listen and believe God’s living Word over us! Thank you Andrew for making the Prayer Line available to us!! My family and I have been richly blessed by it! Recently, I called the prayer line when my husband had notified me of an accident that had taken place while he was on call that resulted in his immediate suspension. I didn’t want to talk to others which could have cause unbelief to creep in, so I called the prayer line. There a woman of God answered the phone with a son who worked in the same profession. She stood in agreement with me and a couple of days later, he was not found at fault and was told to report back to work immediately. Praise God!!
Thank you and yours for all you do seen and unseen.
Mississippi Girl

Financial Stewardship

Category: Financial | Name: Maryhelen jimenez | From: Woodland Park, Co
Posted On: September 25, 2019

Hi Andrew I’ve been listening to The Gospel Truth teaching on Financial Stewardship….Such a great reminder that we are only being stewards of God’s money. It’s all His. Makes me think twice about how I spend.

Love ya, Mary

Praise reports

Category: Healing | Name: Jean McLeod | From: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Posted On:

At the Healing is Here 2019, I testified that my neck had adjusted and the pain went out of my shoulder. I just returned from the Chiropractor. He made one small adjustment in my upper back, but hips and neck and shoulders were in perfect alignment. I won’t be needing to go back again.

I purchased the Healing University while there. Six women and I will be completing week four this week. We are loving it!


Category: Encouragement | Name: gwen rogers | From: arlington va
Posted On: September 24, 2019

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for the amazing privilege of getting to be a prayer minister at the GTS in Woodbridge
It’s more fun than can be imagined and to see people get real help from the Lord when we pray is simply the best.
Hope you schedule Woodbridge in again next year…and tell Jamie her voice just keeps getting prettier all the time!

Washington conference

Category: Encouragement | Name: Paul Longfellow | From: Ohio
Posted On: September 23, 2019

Wife and I just got back from Washington DC Sept 2019 conference (our very first one!) with Andrew and Jeremy, what an exquisite event! Some of the most powerful teaching I’ve heard in person!
Took our oldest daughter, she received the baptism of Holy Ghost and spoke in tongues! HALLELUJAH!
I also publicly professed baptism in Holy Ghost (my first time was in secret like I was trying to hide it out of embarrassment 😥) so I wanted to make a bolder statement before my King Jesus and step out in faith for Him! The first night I sang in tongues and as I did the shower water got hotter (almost couldn’t stand it) as if the enemy was trying to get me to stop, so I sang louder and stepped back into the scolding water, that sucker ain’t stopping this Kingdom kid! 😁

I just wanted to shout out a huge THANK YOU to my partner Andrew Wommack Ministries for holding this event, 7 years ago in Sept 2012, was my journey to Christ and you all helped guide me from the beginning! You’ve been such an inspiration mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually to me and my family! I love you all so much! I praise God for all He’s done through you, just to get to me! YOU ARE A BLESSING! THANK YOU!

P.S. Daughters wrist was healed and my hand! 😁 like icing on a cake, amen! And got stiffed out of $7 at hotel, then walked to the conference and as soon as I stepped foot on property I declared “it’s no big deal, my Father will reward me He supplies my needs”, and within 10 min after entering in conference doors I was blessed with $70 dollars?! And my daughter witnessed it all! Almost like an example for her cause she’s struggling financially…?! YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP! GOD IS GREAT!