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Submitted by: Tolani

On September 16, 2021

Reaching out from: Logos, Nigeria

Thank you Andrew Wommack Ministries.

I watched the Healing is Here Conference online. Pastor Greg during his session said different types of urinary tract infections are being healed. I knew it was for me although at the time all I was aware of was that I had symptoms of an  infection. I called the prayer lines and had a prayer minister agree with me. The infection is gone. Thank you Jesus!

Thank you for the helpline and prayer ministers. I have called several times for the prayer of agreement against attacks on my body.

Thank you Mr. Andrew for all your teachings. They have transformed my life. God bless you.

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Thank you

Category: Encouragement | Name: Catherine J Pack | From: Pensacola, Florida
Posted On: August 23, 2021

I too thank AWM for the free materials I received while incarcerated 40 years ago. I continued to listen when released but for some reason drifted away but now I’m back absorbing the Truths that are taught from the Word by AWM. PRAISE GOD FOR THIS MINISTRY!!!


Category: Encouragement | Name: Mary Lynn Cliatt | From: Georgia
Posted On:

Over the past 25 years this ministry has discipled me right into the perfect will of God for my life with joy unspeakable, peace that passes understanding, surrounding favor, sound mind, health in all my flesh, freedom from debt and so much more! But I am MOST grateful for being discipled into a relationship with God through His word. I thank God for using Andrew to teach me. I can’t imagine a better way. Carry on, Faithful Brother, I’m right behind you!

My Daughter’s Healing

Category: Healing | Name: Jennice Casady | From: Colorado
Posted On:

I want to thank Andrew for teaching the truth about how God wants us well, and that healing is part of the package deal when you receive Christ as your Savior. For many years I listened to Andrew, and had seen testimonies of healings. When my daughter was almost 3 we found out she had double vision, which would cause her eye to go in towards her nose. I looked at getting surgery, but all they could do was cut the muscle in the eye to make her eyes look more align, but it wouldn’t fix the double vision. My daughter did eye therapy so that she learned to use each eye, but she would use them independently because when she brought her eyes together she would see double. I told her that God would help us take care of her eye problem, and to not lose hope. She had seen testimonies of healings with me on the TV, and when I told about Andrew’s Healing Is Here
Conference she wanted to go. She received her healing August 11th! She now can see one picture with both her eye’s! Thank you Jesus!

Help Line Ministry

Category: Encouragement | Name: Robin | From: California
Posted On:

I have been going through a very difficult season of my life-probably the toughest with one serious challenge after another since May of this year. The prayer ministers on the help line have been a tremendous support for me, which is finally why I decided to make a donation today. It was time I gave back…There are some outstanding prayer warriors who have listened patiently to me and provided encouragement. Please let your prayer ministry team know they are remarkable!

Although new to AWMI, we watch daily on ROKU

Category: Encouragement | Name: Wayne and Loretta Majors | From: Kokomo, Indiana
Posted On: August 16, 2021

Both Loretta and I watch Andrew each morning through the week. We enjoy the message and knowledge we gain in this program. God Bless and keep up the good work!


Category: Encouragement | Name: Evangelist Ron Cotnam | From: Fort Worth, Texas
Posted On:

Hello, in 1979 my wife and I met you and your wife and two boys. In Arlington, Texas. But, first, we went to a meeting in Haltom City, you were speaking at a small church. The Pastor was Stan McGee. Back to when we met you. I believe you had an old van for transportation, and we donated some money to help with either a new vehicle or something (sorry can’t remember ) So, cutting this short, you prophesied over me, stating I would be ministering to a lot of people in the future. As of 2005, I became an Evangelist, I have a Juvenile Prison Minister here in Texas and a homeless Ministry here in Fort Worth. Even though it is a small ministry, God is doing miracles, many people are getting saved each week. Currently I am using your teaching on FAITH. Thank you for being loyal to our God, Continued to be blessed..

Healed from Two Words of Knowledge

Category: Healing | Name: Nannette Mastrogianakis | From: Grove City, Ohio
Posted On: August 12, 2021

The Healing is Here conference has been overflowing with truths, anointing, faith and so much hope. Praise the Lord Jesus for healing me from afib heart condition and restored cushion in my left knee which was bone in bone. When the word of knowledge was spoken about the irregular heartbeat and the lightheaded symptoms, I immediately received, got up and matched around the house. So many praises and thanks for His faithfulness in healings. I had a thought, what about my knee Lord and the next word of knowledge was restoring the cushion between bones. I am healed. Because of this conference I know, again, that God wants me healed, that healing is for all people, that His word spoken build faith and is powerful, His anointing abides in me, when I’ve made mistake after mistake He still heals and restores and it is all thru faith in God that is for Now! I’m looking forward to sharing and giving to others these gifts to those in need.


Category: Encouragement | Name: Kevin Deadwyler | From: Fayetteville NC
Posted On: August 9, 2021

I have been watching Andrew Wommack on TV for over 3 years now. I have read several of his books. I’m grateful to the Lord God Almighty for all that I have learned through AWM. I have called the AWM prayer line many times, and I am also grateful to God for the wonderful prayers of my brothers and sisters in Christ at AWM. God bless you and THANK YOU! for all that you are doing for the Kingdom of God and for the people of God.

Great Teaching

Category: Encouragement | Name: Valerie Denise Davis | From: Louisiana
Posted On:

I have been watching Andrew’s broadcast for sometime and each time I’m truly Blessed by his teachings!! Remembering who I am once born again I’m no longer a sinner saved by grace but I have been born again and renewed by God’s Grace! Please 🙏🏽 for me and my Family!!!!

Teaching on Romans

Category: Healing | Name: Edwin Ray jones | From: 2528 fleming way sevierville tn.
Posted On:

Wow. After listening to br. Andrew teach on Romans specifically chapter 6 this morning, the light is getting brighter in my pea brain. Have had some contention with sin nature actually being dead but now realize Andrew is correct about this. I am free because I have been freed. Sin no longer has dominion over me. Also after suffering from chronic insomnia for 30+ years starting to see a manifestation of Psalm 127:2. After being indoctrinated years past in something so radically legalistic it was cultish. Holy Spirit put me on to br. Andrew. Praise Jesus walking in victory as never before. Thank you Andrew.