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Featured Testimony:

Submitted by: Grace Kimani

On May 14, 2024

Reaching out from: Kenya

My life has drastically changed since I encountered Andrew’s teachings in the year 2004! My understanding of our relationship with God has made everything around me take a new turn bringing fruitfulness in all my spaces!
Thank you Andrew for your teachings: you are a World Changer!!!

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Thank you for your ministry

Category: Uncategorized | Name: Tabitha Bigbee | From: Big Bear Lake, California
Posted On: February 6, 2024

I grew up as a homeschool Christian kid but never knew who I am in Christ. Between my Pastors and AWM the foundations of my faith were completely healed by Truth so that now not only are my body and my life healed, but I am ministering God’s loving grace to others and seeing His love heal them, too!
There aren’t enough characters available to me here to share all the ways that I have grown, healed, and been inspired by the Word of God by simply believing what’s written there. God even put a ministry dream inside of me and I’ve recently written a book being used by our church for our home bible studies!
I’m so excited to sit under your teaching in person at the Gospel Truth Conference in Riverside this February!
Long story short: thank you, Andrew Wommack, for being a faithful and good minister of Jesus, nurturing others in the living words of faith and in the knowledge of grace which you were taught. (1 Timothy 4:6) I am one of millions of grateful people.



Category: Uncategorized | Name: Carmen Caldwell | From: Chicago
Posted On: February 1, 2024

I called the prayer line as I was in need of employment. I had been applying to so many jobs and one finally called. And it was actually the one I really wanted ! They hired me – the pay is good and the benefits are outstanding! Glory to God! Since I started the Lord has been helping me in my new position. I mean, I had no idea what I was asked to do by boss and the Lord clearly showed me! He is good! He lets me know how much He cares about the big and even the things that may seem insignificant. I’m so grateful to God because He’s showing that he is there with me even in the workplace. He will help if you ask. I love the Lord, He is my best friend and my best coworker!

Please stay encouraged to those seeking employment. He will answer your prayer and meet all your needs (Philp 4:19) in the interim because He loves and cares deeply for you. David said this: “I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken nor His seed begging bread” Ps. 37:25

Live Bible Study with Rick Renner and Andrew Wommack

Category: Uncategorized | Name: Kelly Smith | From: McKinney, Texas
Posted On: January 31, 2024

I watched the 5 Words of Scriptural Warfare by Rick Renner along with Andrew and Carrie. What a blessing! I enjoy all the teachings I have seen through Charis Bible College, but this has really spoke to my heart! I’m one of those people that constantly overthink just about everything! It’s called doubt and doubt is not of faith but overcoming it has been hard. This teaching has blessed my heart! Satan is liar! It’s all he really has! WHO WE FOCUS ON OR LISTEN TO WILL DETERMINE WHETHER WE ARE SET FREE! Each day can be a challenge sometimes. Thankfully, Jesus overcame the world so that we didn’t have to.
If you are like me, I encourage you to watch this episode from 1/23/24. Sign up for the Tuesday night study notes if you haven’t already. It’s a blessing!
Thank you, Andrew, and all your staff for making God’s word come to life. I have been truly blessed by this ministry.


Category: Uncategorized | Name: Kim La Brot | From: Santa Paula, CA
Posted On: January 29, 2024

I have been watching and listening to Andrew for about a year now. I love his teaching of the Gospel. I have learned a lot and even go to bed listening to podcasts. When I feel I am starting to become sad or stressed I pull up a video or message and away I go looking into scripture and remembering the promises of God. Thank you for helping me learn and remember the good news! I have also changed my Bible to King James version learned that from Andrew he showed me that a verse in my Bible did NOT have the 22nd verse in it. I have as I say learned a lot. I now also give where I am fed.
Thank you!


Category: Uncategorized | Name: ANNA SENEKEREMIAN | From: LOS ANGELES
Posted On:

usually I watch your ministry thru youtube… I had been in contact with the prayer ministry over a year and half.
at least once a week….I was going thru full mouth dental procedure it was quite hard journey for me, specially when I have some worries, concern and anxieties… but thru the prayer ministry I was able to walk on the journey with peace and confident, that God will bring me thru the other side of tunnel by trusting on his promises and looking for the light the other side of the tunnel.. and Thank God the journey is over. The most uncomfortable reaction was severe gagging.. which thru prayer ministry I was able to overcome that, which I am overwhelmed, when the prayer minister pray about that part and took that discomfort on the cross and I was able to overcome that… Praise YHWA for his miracle.
In summer I was in Armenia.. I did have some anxiety, I was able to contact the prayer ministry and get prayer..


Category: Uncategorized | Name: Kimberly irving | From: VA
Posted On: January 24, 2024

Praise God for you Andrew- your ministry changed my life and that of my family, children and now grandchildren. It is amazing the ripples from one life touching another. Thank you for being obedient!

A short testimony

Category: Uncategorized | Name: Gloria Udoh | From: Nigeria
Posted On: January 20, 2024

Dear minister of TRUTH, Andrew,
HAPPY NEW YEAR to you (and all your staff)!
Thank you so much, for ministering the truth of the Word of God. The truth, and nothing but the truth, is what you teach, and that, unashamedly. Yes, you are right ….what we don’t know is killing us.
Today, through you and your teaching, I’ve come away from every wrong (evil) knowledge of God to that which is the TRUTH!!
Thank you also for stressing the necessity and the importance of reading the Word of God. Oh wow!!
I praise and thank the Lord for you, Andrew, and your ministry. You may not know how many lives you have affected through just speaking the truth in love. The simplicity of teaching the truth is a mark of this (your) ministry.
The Lord bless you real good Andrew. You are a sure BLESSING!

New visitor

Category: Uncategorized | Name: Amanda Pugh | From: Augusta, Georgia
Posted On: January 17, 2024

I have been watching several sermons on YouTube, your ministry has been such a blessing in my life. Thanks so much for sharing Gods word with us all.

Today’s LIVE HEALING with Carlee Terradez

Category: Uncategorized | Name: Leslie Gispanski | From: Elmore, Alabama
Posted On:

I felt the power of God touch me warmly on m y body. Was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis I am healed in Jesus Name I am kidney transplant patient of 16 years Our middle son gave me his left kidney 16 years ago. I believe my bones are totally healed because they had diagnosed me with Osteoporosis and I don’t believe any of it…I believe the Lord has supernaturally healed my bones and joints in Jesus Name Amen I’m believing for my husband John for his pancreas to work perfectly he has been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes over 20 some odd years ago.


Category: Uncategorized | Name: Jacqueline Cherry | From: Houston, TX
Posted On:

Good afternoon it’s 3:19 pm in Houston Texas. I called the prayer line in regards to my Brothers wife Deaundra who had a massive stroke a week in a half ago and the doctors were not hopeful. I called the Charis prayer line and I said I’m not believing what the doctors said about my sister in law, there not hopeful due to her massive stroke, I said she is already healed in JESUS name. I’m standing on I Peter 2: 24.So we prayed together and today 1/16/24 my brother notified me that his wife was took off the ventilator and she is responding and can move her left side but not her right. GOD is so awesome .Put your faith in GOD not man

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