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Submitted by: Lisa M. Roberts

On September 22, 2020

Reaching out from: Manheim, Pennsylvania

I’ve been listening to Andrew Wommack’s teachings now for probably about a year. And I have been so blessed!! Andrew’s teachings have opened my eyes to the truths in God’s Word, setting me free from the lies I was lead to believe from my past and from the modern day church. I have been learning and growing in the area of healing, and after the broadcasts on his daily TV program from the Healing is Here conference, I am now walking in freedom from migraines that had plagued me for at least 26 years, from pain and disfunction in my knees, and more!!! God has been changing me in some amazing ways, and I have this ministry to thank for getting the TRUTH out and into me and my life!!! Praise God, and may God continue to bless this ministry!!!

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Praise report

Category: Encouragement | Name: Pamela H | From: USA
Posted On: July 28, 2020

My adult daughter was crying hard fit, hitting herself,I know I have the authority on Jesus.I called up for prayer,I believe his name Michael gave me Luke 10:19 command the spirit to go, after the prayer my daughter just stopped praise the Lord,my daughter spoke two words, than later sentence three words stay calm all day Praise Jesus for the help pray Andrew Wommack Ministry, thank the Lord Jesus, leading Andrew Wommack Praise God


Category: Healing | Name: JERRY ODIANOSE ARIAJEGBE | From: NIGERIA
Posted On:

Thank you so much Brother Andrew and your amazing team, I have been listening to Brother Andrew on the Gospel Truth TV broadcast in my country since 2018 and he says things no body ever said, he makes it really easy to believe the word of God. Prior now, We were believing the Lord for healing for my mom as she suffered from High Blood pressure and Sugar Diabetes. In the heat of the Lock down in April in my country she deteriorated in health and had a partial stroke but ones I heard that I refused to believe it because we were far apart and no travels could be made. we immediately downloaded the teaching series – GOD WANTS YOU WELL, and A BETTER WAY TO PRAY and sent it to her. By the grace of God within the next 2 weeks she had improved tremendously. Her birthday was JULY 13th and she turned 66 looking beautiful with no trace of the stroke. Halleluyah! we are excited about this. Thank you ones again Brother. Andrew. From Nigeria we love you and your amazing team!

I’m extremely grateful for the teachings of awmi

Category: Healing | Name: Satya | From: India
Posted On:

I’ve been listening to andrew for a number of years.. I’m really grateful for all the teaching that this ministry provides. This has helped me build a solid spiritual foundation and has helped me get past the works mentality. I am confessing God’s word over myself and I believe I have received perfect 20/20 eyesight in Jesus name. I was greatly encouraged by the healing university series .. Andrew also called out healing for vision… !! Thank you AWMI team for all that you people do. God bless 😊

Blessed beyond measure

Category: Financial | Name: Sneha Pawar | From: India
Posted On: July 22, 2020

Praise the Lord,

I listen to Andrew’s teaching almost every day.
Two months ago, I started with financial stewardship. I was a regular tither and sower in my church, yet I never experienced any financial breakthrough.

After I resigned from work, I was unable to sow. Only when someone blessed me, I could sow. But, I never saw any change in my financial status.

On day one , after listening to Andrew, I repented for my attitude while sowing. I realised that God is my real source, not my hard work. I started sowing with a right heart. I decided to sow 30% and prayed that God would enable me to sow regularly and become a partner with awmi. Two months later my financial support stopped and I was broke. I was sad and teary but, I remembered Andrew’s teaching and I spoke to the Lord and thanked Him because He is my source. The very next morning I got a message that someone has blessed me with 30 time of what I have sown.
I have worked for more than 10 years but I could never save a penny. But, now on the same day I am making a fixed deposit of a amount which would be my 6 months salary. It was always in my heart to sow beyond my capacity and God through Andrew’s free teaching made it possible. Now I am not just a listener or reader of testimonies but I have my own to share. It’s all because of Andrew Wommack ministry.

I really want to thank you Andrew, Jamie and awmi family from the bottom of my heart.
They way you and the entire team respond to every query, every prayer request, “Thank you” is too small word.
God bless each and every one of you.


Category: Encouragement | Name: Cherri M Lucas | From: Gaston, SC
Posted On: July 20, 2020

I didn’t want to just choose encouragement as the category. It’s EVERYTHING! I’ve learned more n just a few teachings than I can express! I truly feel like my life feels right now. What I know. What I’ve needed. It all fits together & I understand now! I will find a way to write it all out n detail, but until I do, just please know that I needed u! I needed these truths that I had never heard of before. I needed the teachings that u gave me! I cannot thank u enough! I am forever changed! I know I am healed! I know I’m now on the path I’ve been waiting for my whole life, the path to ministry! I will never b the same & life makes so much more sense now! I’m more grateful than I can express here! God is so good! I’m so thankful to Him & to Andrew! I look forward to giving more & more as God provides! I have more joy, hope, and even love than ever before! I needed Andrew’s teachings more than I ever would’ve known! I am shocked at how much I didn’t know & how much I learned n such a short time too! I can’t wait to learn more & live it all out everyday! I won’t have physical problems, live n a shack, & scrape pennies for gas. I am at the fork n the road & ahead is a new path. A path that was hidden from me all along! I’m alive more than ever! To God b the glory! U changed my life FOREVER! Thank u so much for all the truth u’ve given! For all u do! My spirit hugs u! I love u so so much! Thank u with all my being!
With Much Love,

Andrew’s teachings

Category: Uncategorized | Name: Merle McKnight | From: British Columbia Canada and Ohio with my daughter's family part of the year.
Posted On:

I have been listening to Andrew for years now. I live in a small community where denominational churches are all closing up. In any case, none preached healing, prosperity, deliverance, fruit of the Spirit or even being Born Again. I depend on Andrew now even though my daughter thought he might be a cult. I asked her to never mention that again because he preaches the Word. I am always checking my Bible and can now get around it quite well. I attended their church a number of times and tried to get something from it, but it was mostly old testament liturgy in the booklet and the hymns. I need more, much more and I can get it all day and all night if I wish. I am mid seventies and am a Partner. Praise God for Andrew, Jamie and all your excellent staff. I plan to purchase Healing University in the next year. I also pray for President Trump. I see God’s hand on him.

Like a new babe in Christ

Category: Healing | Name: Belinda Preece | From: Mansfield, Texas
Posted On: July 15, 2020

God is working on me! From Baptist to AG was a miracle and then further into His word with Andrew Wommack has been exhilarating. I am like a child in a candy store. It’s like when I first got born again (40 yrs ago). Right now I am trying to renew my mind, build my faith, and learn a new language.
I really am in overload with all the new stuff I’m learning. Still waiting on 3 books to arrive. I want to call AWMI phone line so bad…just to talk! I am excited! Have I helped anyone get healed yet? Not yet but I will. I am trying to get my own body healed and my husband has several health issues needing healed and my grandson has ADHD and maybe some other learning disabilities from drug use in utero. I have alot to get busy on. I love you guys and I would rather listen to Andrew’s teaching than any other preacher right now. What a beautiful blessing you all are. Hugs Brothers & Sisters.

Andrew Wommack respectfully resisting an unlawful order

Category: Encouragement | Name: Franklin Dean | From: Downey, Ca.
Posted On:

Dear Pastor Wommack,
My wife and I are Kenneth Copeland Ministries Partners. We saw the KCM Victory Update episode featuring You explaining how Colorado authorities attempted to hinder the work of The Lord by unlawful and unreasonable requirements for Your conference. We stand with You in resistance of oppression of Your 1st amendment right to assemble and made a $101.00 donation to Your ministry to use as needed. We hope Your action has a domino effect and more pastors take similar appropriate stands. We have friends who are well equipped and blessed through Your Charis Ministry. Abundant Blessings, Frank and Laura

Thank You!

Category: Encouragement | Name: Alexis C. | From: Florida
Posted On:

Thank you for seeking the wisdom of the Holy Spirit as you address your seminars, meetings and facilities promoting the gospel. Your care of employees and guests, as well as desire to continue to minister to people despite challenges is exemplary! Thank you for your kind yet strong leadership. I pray for you, Jamie and your ministry daily and have been greatly blessed by your teachings.
God bless you as you have blessed others.

Saying Thank You

Category: Encouragement | Name: Addye Thompson | From: Ocala, Florida
Posted On: July 10, 2020

It has been A Blessing to find Andrew Wommack again. I am enjoying reading all the FREE readings. It is hard to believe that free actually does mean free in this ministry.