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Submitted by: Falana A. Salley

On May 12, 2022

Reaching out from: Alexandria, VA

After years of serving CHRIST, and seeming to never get or truly understand that GOD wants us whole, this past Sunday morning @ 1:35 am, I felt led by the SPIRIT to call & ask for prayer for my right leg that has been swollen, red, numb & painful since the beginning of the year. I received & believed that my leg was healed, by his stripes. And even though the outward physical manifestation has not begun I continue to believe it’s already done. On Monday night after going to bed I decided to listen to some of Brother Wommack’s teachings on GOD Wants You Well…I don’t know what happened but after 30+ years of walking with CHRIST the revelation just hit me – YES – GOD WANTS ME WELL. I truly thank GOD for AWM being obedient and allowing GOD to work through them to help others. I’m looking forward to attending the healing university in the coming weeks – BLESSINGS…🙏🏽

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God & Jesus

Category: Uncategorized | Name: Sharon Dame | From: Tennesse
Posted On: March 29, 2022

We have an online bible study and we’re currently working on your study book “Grace, The Power of the Gospel.” So much insight and my faith is growing by leaps and bounds! Thanks so much!

Holy Spirit Baptism

Category: Uncategorized | Name: April Happel | From: Easley, SC
Posted On:

On 3/28/2022, I was baptized in the Holy Spirit. I was born again on 2/20/2022 and started class at my church with Andrew Wommack’s book The New You and The Holy Spirit. I feel in love with the book and ordered it for myself and my husband along with some other of his books. When I read the Holy Spirit prayer in his book, I just kept praying and a few days later I began to cry a wonderful happy cry. Then started laughing and getting filled a peace I have never felt before. I felt God embracing me. It is difficult to explain in words. Then I started speaking in tongues and at first I got scared. Then I kept saying Let Go and Let God over and over and let myself loose and was able to pray in tongues. God is so good All the time. Thank you to Andrew for writing this book and making it easy to understand and follow. Praise Jesus and May God send many blessings to you.

Book of Elijah

Category: Encouragement | Name: LaMell Gorman | From: Trinity, TX
Posted On:

Thanks for the book on Elijah.

God healed me from inside out

Category: Healing | Name: Renee E | From: Cleveland, OH
Posted On:

For the past 5 yrs whenever Dec was approaching, I was filled with extreme trepidation & all negative emotions you can imagine because, another year is ending & am not where I ‘should’ be. This past Nov, the devil attacked, and it manifested in my physical body with nipple discharge. 6 ultrasound, 4 Mammograms, 2MRI’s & biopsy were done btwn Dec ‘21 & Mar ‘22. During this time, the devil feasted on me with extreme fear & anxiety. Result came back with a lesion found that needs surgery. But PRAISE GOD he led me to Andrew Wommack Ministries. The days leading to the surgery, I watched God wants me well series, listened to Ochenski’s & Hannah’s testimonies & to Your Identity in Christ audio amongst others. All i can say is an overwhelming PEACE flooded my heart before, during & after the surgery. While I was taking my healing, my eyes were opened to how much God loves me. He gave me a clear vision of my future & I am in awe of what God wants to do through me. Thank Pastor Andrew & all the team


Category: Encouragement | Name: Anna Guida Lacca | From: Garden State
Posted On:

Hi Andrew,

Just wanted to reach out and say THANK YOU for your “all too good to be true” teaching! I’ve been listening since Dec.2021, and devouring many of your teachings (ie, Spirit, Soul & Body, God Wants You Well, Living in Gods Best, Don’t Limit God) and so many others. My home desk is filled with 5 active notebooks – one for questions, meditation passages, bible quotes and notes from your teachings, which I included a table of contents for easy review. Totally get a kick out of your “catch” phrases, “shooting at nothing” and “all blow & no go” all of which make for easy listening. Currently I’m a grace partner, reading bible in a year, sent pamphlets to friends, applied for a job, and I am seriously considering Charis Bible School. Always use prayer for revelation knowledge, & I definitely want to learn to walk in the Love of God – for like you said, “I’d be serving HIM accidentally!” So Cool!!! Hopefully see you in DC w/husband & sisters.

Happy March 23, Andrew💕

Category: Encouragement | Name: Ria | From: Trinidad
Posted On:

Andrew, you are a gift to this world. I’m so glad I found your ministry. Honoured to be a partner. Happy March 23!!!🙌

I received a miracle!!! God will meet you where you are at….

Category: Healing | Name: Jonathan F Thigpen | From: Wrens, GA
Posted On:

I was miraculously healed by God from brain cancer, largely impart thru Andrew’s teaching videos and AWMI ministries. As Andrew has taught me “God will meet you where you are at Faith.”

Please accept this financial donation and my testimony.

Wommack ministries has transformed my thinking, my way of praying and my life.


Praise for Living Commentary

Category: Encouragement | Name: Pamela Seeberg | From: Massachusetts
Posted On: March 20, 2022

Thank you, Andrew for writing and making your Living Commentary available. Thank you to all the Partners. I have been so blessed by every bit of it. Lately in particular, your commentary on the Book of Job is helping Father use Job 32-42 to open my eyes and transform me.

Thank you

Category: Financial | Name: MP | From: USA
Posted On:

I’m a partner with AWMI, last month I gave my contribution then I received back a check that multiplied far more what I had given to the ministry. Giving to AWMI is a blessing. Thank you for encouraging us to plant a seed.

Men’s Advance

Category: Financial | Name: Timothy Lee Rozeboom | From: Franktown, CO
Posted On:

The men’s advance was a breath of fresh air this past weekend.

Thank you for all of the speakers, the praise and worship, and Andrew for putting together an anointed schedule of pure power. It is encouraging to get together with other like-minded men with hearts for the Kingdom of God.

It was especially appreciated that “Dave” was given extra time to minister even though it cut into your time Andrew.

We enjoyed him so much.