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JD Salazar
September 26, 2018 Encouragement
God bless you Andrew for all these years of faithful ministry and following God! your legacy is such a blessing and will continue to have a huge impact on the world! much love!
peggy Toolen
Midland, Tx
September 26, 2018 Healing
I have had arthritis for years and have prayed for healing but obviously, I was praying wrong as well as believing wrong. The amazing thing is one day I came across Isaiah 53:4-5. I had read this scripture before but this time the word's "were healed" stood out to me and suddenly I realized there was more provided for us at the cross than I ever understood! I started Thanking God for my healing every day instead of begging him for it. I received my healing but it took months to get it completely. Well, from time to time the pain and stiffness came back, but not for long. A few weeks ago I ran across your book, "God Wants You Well". I bought it and started reading it and found your TV show when you were teaching out of that book! Everything you said was confirmation of what the Holy Spirit had been teaching me!! I was and still am so excited that I found your books and tv series!
Ivonne Kaatura
September 26, 2018 Healing
Last year September 2017, I was attacked by high blood pressure and immediately I was put on medication that I have to take daily. The pills were giving me anxiety and irregular heartbeat, especially at night. It was a life-threatening situation cause many times I was feeling as if I was getting out of breath and weak all the time and fear took every dayroot of my life. In August this year, the Holy Spirit directed me to youtube and came across a video by Andrew Wommack "If you need Healing You watch this video it will help you", and for the first time since last year I felt free and energetic. Since that day I'm hooked up with Andrew Wommack now like never before, although I used to watch him on Day Star and other Christian Channels, I literally wasn't paying much attention but now I only want to hear him teach and my favorite is God Wants You Well and Healing Journeys especially of Julieann Hartman. I already got it, I am healed and I am fine. The fear is gone, the heartbeat and anxiety are gone. I am free and happy again and Andrew Wommack teaching helped me in my healing journey like in a blink of an eye and is beautiful and I like it. I pray that one day I will meet you face to face.
Barry Wielosinski
September 26, 2018 Encouragement
Hey AW, your show pulled me through a tough time in my life. You reassured me that it was all in the LORD's hand, and that I was a member of "the household of faith". You gave me free books to bolster me, man I will never forget. Praise the Lord Jesus, and his wonderful act of love and obedience to the Father's will. You are a true servant of the LORD. If God for us. who against?
Carol Roblyer
Richland, WA
September 25, 2018 Healing
Healed of Lung Disease
My father and his brothers all died of Pulmonary Fibrosis several years back. Having a likely family predisposition, I ended up becoming very sick after working in a building that had bad air quality. My chest was tight and it was hard to breathe well, I felt like I was always suffocating when I was indoors. Being outdoors, breathing in the fresh air would bring relief. I took to sleeping outside in a tent on my back porch so my lungs could get a break during the 24-hour cycle and then survived indoors by having expensive air purifiers and taking multiple breaks to get out in the fresh air during the day. I was feeling very desperate especially knowing the family history, and sleeping outside wasn't safe. I began watching your God Wants You Well series and then applying it to my life. I began to thank the Lord for already bringing me healing. Soon after, I had several dreams. The first showed me to start taking high doses of Vitamin C, then another showed me to start eating/drinking Citric Acid, then finally, to drink the EmergenC vitamin drinks, which also was high in Vitamin C. I began to do these things with some improvement, then one day I mixed up my first EmergenC drink. After a couple swallows, I felt the tension and tightness in my lungs open up and I could breathe freely again! Of course, I had been to specialists and had many tests done, used inhalers, got steroids, the whole 9 yards and it was the vitamins that ended up healing me. I never would have tried it without the Lord's direction, which I found because of your teachings. Thank you! And praise be to God always. Carol
timothy payne
knoxville, Tn.
September 24, 2018 Encouragement
so great to have attended your meetings at Cornerstone this past weekend. would have enjoyed talking to you. My wife received healing in her shoulder and I received knowledge and direction through your teaching about what I already knew what my plans were. I told my wife I could see myself laying hands on people and them being healed and slain in the spirit about a month ago. your teaching just confirmed all of this about meditating and seeing it happen in my mind. TY Tim
Rosemary Urena
Dominican Republic
September 24, 2018 Healing
Healed from Plantar Fasciitis
I was watching on YouTube Healing is Here Morning 2 August 15, 2018. At the end of one of the sessions, Carlie and Daniel were praying and Carlie spoke out that God was healing foot problems. In the past month or so, I had had a recurrence of plantar fasciitis. The thought had come to just buy an insert for my shoe and be done with it. And I had just said, NO. I am believing God for my healing. When Carlie spoke out that God was healing foot problems, I said to myself, that is close enough, I take it. She continued talking and then she said specifically, God is healing plantar fasciitis. I said, that is definitely for me! I started jumping up and down on my foot. NO PAIN! Thank you Jesus and thank you EVERYONE at healing school. I am so grateful to God that I found you on the internet.
Janet Bosley
September 24, 2018
Watching you this morning I agreed with all you said except when you said Yeshua drank Wine. Yes, He did It was grape of the Vine it was not fermented Wine. God said woe to them that give their brother strong drink..there are those who have debated with me that Yeshua made Wine believing it was fermented. I try to convey that Yeshua would not make strong drink and give it to the people at the wedding to drink. Yeshua is God and He said woe to them who give their brother strong drink.
Eleanor Lock
Bella Vista Arkansas
September 23, 2018 Healing
Healed at a GTS in 2007
Dear Andrew and staff, we have never received a letter from anyone who humbly took the responsibility for an honest mistake the way you did. We are humbled by your humility. We started partnership with you in late 1993! Your teaching has changed our lives, and that is a huge understatement. Thank you so much for your obedience to the Lord. Because of your ministry, I am not blind. Literally! In 2007, the doctor gave me the bad news that my retina was slipping and also was developing macular degeneration. Andrew, after one of your meetings you called out the following: "someone here is suffering from....."bursts of light in their peripheral vision? and macular degeneration” Well, there was my answer, I went forward and another minister laid hands on me, and I was healed! well, to sum it up, I went back to my doctor and he examined my eyes and said, "Your retina and macular problems have just disappeared, what on earth?" I explained to him that I was at a meeting and Jesus healed me! He was amazed. the following year I had another exam with another doctor and they had not extracted the original diagnosis, so he said, "what's the deal here? you had macular and retina problems and I see no sign of that and not only that your vision is improving! Words cannot adequately express our gratitude....a minister came out to my house to document this and other miracles on YouTube. It's far too late to tell me that Jesus doesn't do miracles or heal today. I know better! Sincerely, Eleanor
Beryl Cyriac
New Zealand
September 22, 2018 Healing
For the Lord is good, his steadfast love endures forever and his faithfulness to all generations
I was pregnant with our first baby when we had some issues with bleeding in January 2018. We prayed over it and spoke life into our child. I called up the ministry and got a wonderful lady to agree with me. Praise God ! Our son was born last month.. A healthy little champ. Glory be to God! Thank you Andrew and everyone at the ministry for spreading the word of God and being a blessing.
September 22, 2018 Healing
Believing Healed At the Cross
I am a student of Andrew thru his Youtube messages/classes. I have attended some healing seminars of Andrew and am Greatly blessed. I have vertigo and hemorrhoids, and although I knew that the stripes of Jesus heals and had long been confessing it, I never had a breakthrough. After I learned that my confession should be "I was healed", instead of "I am healed", my vertigo is gone and my hemorrhoids stopped bothering me anymore. I keep on declaring that "I WAS healed from all diseases, tumors, and malignancies in the mighty name of Jesus". I believed and received. Amen. Thank you Andrew for your enlightening, biblically supported teachings that Greatly help me in my ministry. You are truly anointed with God's power and wisdom. God bless you and your ministry richly! I pray to be able to attend one of your conferences with my husband in the USA, GOD WILLING.
Mary Humes
Travelers Rest
September 21, 2018 Healing
prayer request
Dear Andrew, thank you for your ministry! I am walking in the truth of my identity now and am so thankful for our faithful Father. Blessings to you and to your ministry! Mary