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Robert Saide
December 8, 2018 Encouragement
Andrew has been pounding the gospel in our heads for years. I love it. Tell him to keep pounding. We all need it. Sometimes the spirit of slap is what we need. At times a good kick thru the gold post of life helps too.
Tariq Riaz
December 7, 2018 Financial
least area of trusting god
In 2003 I had no income so I just gave 5 pounds per week to church. I accidentally turned on the gospel truth and found teaching that cleared up all my wrong religious thinking. I was so blessed- I wanted the whole world to get this tv programme and hear Andrew's teaching - so every few months I gave a cheque of 250 pounds to awme. Today I am a grace partner. Twice I have been in the red by 3000 pounds- I applied Andrew's teaching - the first time the debt cleared i felt stress, but the second time I was calm. God is training me as Andrew showed me that ' finances are the least area of trusting god'. In heaven there are no money issues- so as born again believers god wants us not to ever have to think about money; by him showing us how to steward HIS money that he brings to us - our seed and bread. The seed is like the magic beans in jack and the giant beanstalk.
Daisy Connor Robinson
New York
December 7, 2018
Conscience consciousness
Your message on the conscience is like an answer from god to me. Thank you and god bless you.
Laura Wiktor
December 7, 2018 Encouragement
Thank You
Andrew, Thank You for giving your life to Christ. your integrity stands from your life history. We believe you are in God' perfect will. I pray for God's abundant life for you to manifest more and more!
Samuel Dasari
December 6, 2018 Healing
Miracle Healing of Newborn baby boy
Dear Andrew, Today we received a great miracle in our life and I would like to share the same. On Dec 4 our new born son entered into this world by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. But with in 24 hours doctors reported that there was high level of jaundice which was unusual for a baby born with in 24 hours. The bilirubin level is so high which is reported at 20.5. We were shattered after hearing this. After hearing this I have called to Awmi prayer ministry and Michael from ministry team prayed with great command in the name of our Lord Jesus and commanded to leave the jaundice from my son’s body. The next day doctors came to visit and said that my son would need some critical treatment if in case the diagnostic reports indicates some higher levels. As we are waiting for the reports to come doctors came in and told us that blood levels are not higher and they will continue with normal treatment. Glory to Jesus. This is a great miracle and we will never forget it. Thank you for your prayer ministry and it was such a blessing. Glory to God. Amen
Cari Povenz
December 5, 2018 Healing
Healing Service in MI
Hi Andrew, Thank you for coming to MI recently where I attended your healing service with my husband and a friend. I have had many blood clots mainly in my legs, but lungs, too, and just a few weeks prior to your service had been at the hospital diagnosed with 4 major clots in the right leg. On Saturday, one day prior to this event I was putting on deodorant and noticed a small very hard, dark red/blood colored bump in a vessel under my arm. On Sunday, you were the guest speaker at a local church and had an evening healing service which we were able to attend. What happened during the prayer time at the end of your message astounded me. You were praying and I believe you had just mentioned something about issues with circulation. I did not leave the pew or go down the aisle for prayer, but suddenly, the activity on the right side of my neck could not be ignored. It felt as if hands were surgically rearranging things. The movement went up and down from the spot where I noticed that hard bump under my arm to the top of my neck near the ear, back and forth. I turned to my husband and friend to tell them what was happening and to say the great healer was fixing and preventing a potentially serious situation in my bloodstream. Praise God! Thank you for your faithfulness in teaching and visiting.
Uzoamaka Chukwudile
December 5, 2018 Encouragement
Blessed by the book: How to Become a Water Walker
I just finished reading "How to Become a Water Walker". I was richly blessed and encouraged after reading.
Susana Maddox
Prosper, TX
December 4, 2018 Financial
After a year of struggling in my job search, called for prayer support last night for support for the interview I was going to have today. The prayer partner gave me 2 verses and prayed the favor of God, I got the hired on the spot. For many, it might seem insignificant but after a 10 years of unemployment, the struggle to get applications noticed was very real, not to mention, how discouraged and financially drained I was. I decided to call in for prayer again because seeing the size of the building was so intimidating and I needed to get my mind of the natural mind. The Spirit reminded me the story of David and Goliath; I might be small but my Dad in heaven was greater and bigger and well able to provide me with a new job and excellent benefits! Thank you for the standing in faith with me to release the power of God in my situation.
Diane Brown
December 4, 2018 Financial
Please pray for my financial breakthrough. I need help.
Henry F Smith Jr
Peoria, Illinois 61605
December 3, 2018 Financial
Giving increase
As I was giving to the partnership, I believe the Lord spoke to me to increase the amount of my giving to the Sturman project. I believe, by it, more money will come in to meet the need. Your continued teaching of the Gospel Truth has never failed to bless my wife and me through the knowledge of Him. Thank you.
Ratna Suresh
December 3, 2018 Financial
Sir , I am grateful for your teachings. Thank god for the knowledge imparted to you. I prayed for job . I got the job. Praise the lord.
Chisom Okafor
December 1, 2018 Healing
I want to thank the lord for healing my teeth that do bleed when I brush my teeth. I listened to Andrew teaching on speaking to the mountain and I spoke to the bleeding and the cause of it to die and I have brushed my teeth without it bleeding prince be to the lord himself who took it for me at the cross and every other diseases and pains in jesus christ name Amen