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Submitted by: Lil Semenchuk

On June 1, 2021

Reaching out from: Lakewood, CO 80226

I am fluent in Russian. My parents were immigrants from Ukraine. I watched Saturday’s conference to Russia twice. It was wonderful, Thank you for ministering to Russians and Ukrainians. I have been in Siberia and Ukraine ministering more than 25 times. The highlight of my life!

I have been a partner with Andrew way before he was on TV. My life has changed through his teachings. Thank you, Andrew!

Lil Semenchuk

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Healed of cancer

Category: Healing | Name: David A McClure | From: Huntsville, AL
Posted On: June 9, 2021

Just for my heart’s enjoyment, after years of listening to Andrew’s teaching on tapes & the internet, I took Year-1 of Charis Bible College by DVD-correspondence in 2006-07. I simply LOVE to learn about the fullness of Jesus and what HE has done for us & in us… I had no idea I would be able to PERSONALLY use some of the healing-teachings… until 2015. I liked being able to teach others about the Healing Authority HE gave us, but then I was diagnosed with throat cancer in Jan 2015!! I went thru all the usual first and 2nd-opinion Medical workups. Both groups (2nd was Vanderbilt) said the same thing – the “Trinity” of cancer treatment was required, or I would die within 6-12 months (strip surgery of all neck lymph nodes, radiation, chemo), but WITH those treatments I had a 95% chance of 5+ years’ survival… I went as far as having the special MASK made that snaps your head into the radiation table so it cannot move as they blast your throat… looooong story short… I called the ladies who had just made the mask, as I drove home & told them, after over 20 years of teaching others that HE still heals as HE did in NT days, I couldn’t tell Jesus I did not trust HIM for my own life. Then I told HIM I was SURE my longterm health was already settled in Him… and ALMOST as sure my short-term (earthly) health was also settled… and asked aloud for help with my unbelief… The 2nd PETscan in July showed NO growth, but not gone, since Jan, even though it was a “VERY fast-growing, aggressive” type of epithelial cancer… NOT what I really wanted to hear, yet not a terrible report… so I continued praising HIM for full healing that I did not yet see… 3rd PETscan in Dec-2015 showed completely GONE. Jesus IS INDEED the same yesterday, today & forever. HE still provides the power to heal and is STILL The “Author AND FINISHER” of our Faith… Thank you Jesus!!, I give you Praise & Glory!!!… nowhere NEAR enough Praise, but such as I have, I give… 🙂


Category: Healing | Name: Gracy Mathew | From: Dubai
Posted On:

Dear Andrew,

Thank you Jesus as a family we are grace partners of Andrew Womack Ministries. I am grateful to Andrew Womack Ministries for the teachings, prayer ministry for standing in agreement with us, and for the healing of my husband Matthew who had a heart attack in the middle of April 2021, doctors said it is critical. But Jesus gave me the word Let not your heart be troubled John14.1. Doctors said he need a open heart surgery, but we said Jesus has healed and we want him to be discharged. All our relatives and friends fought with us and was a terrible moment. He rebuked everyone and asked them to get out of our house. Now he is completely healed. We went for a checkup and doctors said he is perfectly normal. Thank you Jesus.
Immediately with in 15 days the company where he worked terminated him from his job. We trust in Jesus the devil will  have the pay back seven times what he tries to take way from us.

Thank you Jesus.

God continually surprises me

Category: Encouragement | Name: Brian Keith Pickett Sr. | From: Westland Michgan
Posted On: June 4, 2021

I have listened to and read Andrews books for some time now. I made up my mind that I was going to visit this man of God. I prayed about it and the door opened for me this week. I flew in on the 31st of May. Tuesday morning I drove up to Charis Bible College praying Lord let me get to see this wonderful man of God. At the college campus I was told that he was out of town this week. Little side bar. The people at the campus were absolutely wonderful from the maintenance people to the people behind the desk. I walked outside and prayed “Lord I didn’t come all this way not to meet Andrew Wommack.” I drove over to his television studio and HE WAS THERE. All of the people again made me feel right at home. How can such an humble man command such respect. Answer: His steadfast faith in Jesus Christ. I was in the Marine Corps for 15 years and Andrew Wommack was just the kind of man you would gladly jump on a grenade for to insure he lived to carry on the necessary work. God bless you and your people sir. I will never forget this.

Thank God for AWMI and Charis Bible College

Category: Encouragement | Name: Marsha Panton | From: Toronto, Canada
Posted On:

I am so grateful for Andrew Wommack and this ministry. For years I have been watching his daily teachings, but it wasn’t until 2017, by listening to Andrew teach the series on the book of Proverbs, I started to develop a hunger for the word of God. Andrew helped me to understand that everything we need/desire is in the word!! Anyways, finally – I will be attending Charis Bible College here in Toronto this September as a Hybrid student. I can hardly wait! Thank you for all the free teachings that I have been blessed by. Also, over the years I have won/received free books by Andrew Wommack which I appreciate. God bless you all!

the Holy Spirit

Category: Encouragement | Name: Kathryn Jane McDermott | From: Knoxville, TN
Posted On: June 3, 2021

I enjoy watching Andrew Wommack Television Broadcast. On the the special edition I watched recently was about being baptized in the Holy Spirit (speaking in tongues), so I called the broadcast and asked to receive a booklet on the subject the customer service representative was very kind and understanding. She said I would receive the book in about 3 weeks, which I did. I am now on the second chapter of the book it is very interesting. I really feel like the book is helping me come into my anointing abilities given by Christ Jesus. I also will be sending in a donation as my appreciation to the ministry.

Grace and Faith Conference, Russia

Category: Encouragement | Name: Lil Semenchuk | From: Lakewood, CO 80226
Posted On: June 1, 2021

I am fluent in Russian. My parents were immigrants from Ukraine. I watched Saturday’s conference to Russia twice. It was wonderful, Thank you for ministering to Russians and Ukrainians. I have been in Siberia and Ukraine ministering more than 25 times. The highlight of my life!

I have been a partner with Andrew way before he was on TV. My life has changed through his teachings. Thank you, Andrew!

Lil Semenchuk

Healed of a terminal and incurable disease!

Category: Healing | Name: Oye | From: Nigeria
Posted On: May 28, 2021

I have come to return all the glory to God Almighty whom Andrew Wommack teaches about.

God is indeed faithful! Thank you Andrew Wommack ministry for making your teachings available and the testimonies on all your platforms, God will continue to make His Grace known through your ministry. Shortly before I was diagnosed of Hepatitis B a deadly and terminal disease in 2013, I came across Gospel truth on TBN. The messages was a source of strength and encouragement to me, and it also helped me not to accept that negative report but to believe that God has already paid for my healing and that He wants me well. The word of God was my medicine through the years and I regularly partake of the Holy communion too, thanks to Audrey Mack’s and Joseph Prince teachings on Holy communion. Not for a day was I sick or forsaken. Today I am healed of hepatitis B with no trace of it in my bloodstream and all my organs good and perfect. God is good and His mercies endures forever! Thank you Jesus for bearing my sickness and diseases in your own body. Thank you for giving me life. I glorify God in my body and in my spirit because my body is the temple of His Spirit!

Thank you Lord for victory! I am a redeemed of the Lord!!!


Category: Encouragement | Name: Tom Matthews | From: Usa
Posted On: May 27, 2021

Thanks Andrew so much, for God gets this praise and all His glory. His blessing is in me. Lots of blessing from God. He is meeting our needs. You’ve Already Got It DVDs are working in me. I am reaching around this 🌎 with His Gospel, just what I prayed for.

Thanks to Andrew Wommack, all things are possible in me, God is always in me.  He is with me in all the places I go to minister, and He sends me to many places.


Category: Healing | Name: Rachel Van Winkle | From: SAN ANTONIO
Posted On:

I thank God daily for Andrew’s life and teaching ministry. He is and has been a fantastic inspiration and help in my life since coming across his teachings on youtube. I have applied his instruction on healing and it works. Praise God. Please let him know this Texan appreciates a hick from north Texas who is truly making a difference in this world. May God continue to give Andrew awesome revelations of His WORD.


Category: Encouragement | Name: Donald Evans | From: Williamsburg, VA
Posted On:

This Ministry is a blessing for me, my family and our nation, stay the course of doing God’s work for the fields are ripe for harvesting.