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Kyle Ann Gregory
August 5, 2018 Encouragement
believing God and trusting His word for salvation for my son and daughter.
I believe in what you are doing and found your website that had a bible study for me. I know He hears all my prayers and He answers them...
Sheila Collins
August 2, 2018 Encouragement
God bless you
Dear Andrew Wommack, my name is Sheila. Thank you for teaching and reaching out to us through the Lord. I have felt the Lord and learned more than once, while watching your TV show. God bless you. When I was watching God Wants You Well, I now understand why I'm not healed from epilepsy and it's been to hard to let go of. When you shared what happened to your son, it touched my heart. Thank you for your teaching. I hope and pray to go to at least one of your shows and meet you. We don't drive. But I know through God all things are possible. I know God wanted me to write to you. I felt lead to. The Lord has done so much in our lives. I need to let go of things to reach out to share with others. We are willing to move. I know the Lord will direct our path. Your speaking is so wonderful. We feel the Lord watching TV. God bless you.
Rhonda Sandifer
San Francisco
August 2, 2018 Financial
God Gave Seed to These Sowers
Hi Andrew, Jamie & AWM/CBC Familiy & Community!
I attended the 2018 Sowesr's Seminar & have been enjoying the CDs from it. I heard the Lord say, through one of Andrew's sessions that He (the Lord of course) was my source. I meditated on it & on 7/23/2018 I heard another scripture, 2Peter1:3. I'm a Nanny & my employers cut my wages in 1/2 because they were going to Europe. Since my income was cut right in the middle of my attending Summer School full-time this posed a challenge. But not for our God. He is my source! I wanted to give a certain amount this week. Another opportunity I thought was going to be an avenue to receive income from fell through. I remained focused on God as my source & gave him Thanks! This morning, I got a message from my Venmo account that my sister had given me $200! What a blessing! And, she's reconnected to Andrew's teaching. God brought my little sister, Monique back to the Grace message & allowed us both to give to the Expansion Project! Truly, He gives seed to the sower.
Thank you LeLani & Staisa- in the Phone Center!
Lorraine Astrop
Columbus. OH
August 1, 2018 Financial
New Job
I called this morning to request agreement for better job. I spoke with. David. God confirmed with me to accept a previous offer, more money and less strenuous. Close to home. Weekends off! Thank you. David. Thank you Awm call center and most of all...Thank you Jesus!
Anne Fallon
London UK
August 1, 2018 Encouragement
I needed to read some encouragement on here today - thanks be to God for this powerful ministry!
Robina Weills
July 31, 2018 Encouragement
HEALED from 27 years of psych medication
I've been viewing some of the videos you share on YouTube of the healing Testimonies, our God reigns without a doubt. it is so encouraging to hear these and prayerfully, folks will keep their healing. If we are not rooted and grounded in His word we can certainly fall right back into the wrong frame of thinking and loose the very gift of deliverance that was just given to us. Hallelujah to the God who reigns on high!
Teresa ledford
July 31, 2018 Encouragement
I've been blessed to buy resources from you now. But I started out, humbling myself to take advantage of your blessing us with free access to your free resources. I want to say thank you so very much for making so much available. Speaking from my own experience, when you start out, you seriously need help because we're mostly ignorant to the things and Words of God! We also start out broke. We need the help you provide desperately. And as we yield to the Lord, grow and learn, we are moved out of the appreciation of our heart, then the desire comes that others hear His messages to us. Others are helped. The Ministry Of Love and Truth and Grace! Thank you! We then do everything we can to order and pay for, and obeying Father. Please don't stop making God's Word free to those that can't afford it for now.THANK YOU, PRAISE GOD JESUS FOR YOU! GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU!! AMEN!! WE LOVE AND APPRECIATE YOU ALL AT WOMMACK MINISTRIES!!! GREAT JOB GUYS AND GIRLS !!!
Vera Ward
July 31, 2018
Hi Andrew, I just opened my bible at proverbs 22:20-21. I felt the Lord was showing me that your teachings have shown me excellent things of councils & knowledge, that I may know the certainty of the words of truth for my healing. I have tried for so long and lately pain is so bad. Please pray I receive I know it's truth. Thank you Andrew. -Vera
Faith Mabaso
South Africa
July 31, 2018 Encouragement
Love this Ministry and Pastor Andrew, I've been so blessed by his Ministry and teachings - I like that he is also very firm and sometimes he make me cringe just a little, but he always on the truth without compromising, we thank God for you Sire!
July 30, 2018 Healing
I recently called the prayer number to increase my faith before undergoing two medical testing procedures. I spoke with a delightful lady named Rena. She gave me scriptures to focus on. I totally felt God’s peace during both procedures. I received news today that both results came back excellent! One procedure even showed “a perfect text book case” of what a healthy organs looks like. This ministry continues to build my faith, not just for myself, but for others. Thank you !
Wanda Leenhouts
Rochester NY
July 30, 2018 Encouragement
Thank You!
Thank you Andrew for your clear, life application, truth filled message everyday of the word of God! I help volunteer in our inner city grade schools and we have a program for 3rd-5th grade. We teach them: Spirit, Soul and Body and You’ve already got it. These girls grab it and believe it and do! No religion to clear out of them. We had 110 girls accept Jesus Christ as their Savior with understanding. Many girls have received healing from Asthma, anxiety , sickness, some stopped hitting and themselves amen! They have passed what they learn to parents and grandparents. We have 3 Ongoing Bible study’s here with your books: Effortless Change and The Believers Authority! We can’t thank you enough for your obedience to the Lord! We all love you and Jamie and all your amazing Charis Bible school teachers. Dwayne. the “Sheriff” rocks all with Paul Milligan. All of you are a full banqueting table of truth and life to learn , grow and feast forever! One prayer request: could you please post a short 1 min spot to teach those in the CA fires to use their authority and speak death to those fires to Be smothered out or rain to fall ASAP. People listen to you and we all could spread it and share that post all over the country! Thank you and don’t stop doing all you are doing! The word works!!!!!!!!!
Betty Parks
Miami, Florida
July 30, 2018 Encouragement
I enjoy your teaching. Your healing program is good for me. I continue to study. God has and is good to me. I am learning to pray, I had three things happen to me. I know why I am still here. I am learning to strengthen myself in this walk with the FATHER. I will continue to watch you, your Words are encouraging. God Bless