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Submitted by: Florin Unmerited Favor

On February 16, 2021

Reaching out from: The Netherlands

Dear brother Andrew

I just want to thank you from my heart for what you are doing. I was a depressed, bipolar, ocd young adult who left school because of my mental state and was on pills, alone in my mom’s house. There I had a friend who introduced me to you, and as I stood in bed all day long, I just kept on listening the whole day (no exaggerating) to sermons on God’s love and reading the word. Slowly step by step I realized how my chains start to fell off just as I’m focused on Jesus. It took me almost 2 years for a full freedom, but after it happen I am here to testify that I am free like a bird, full of peace and enjoying life under the Gospel of Grace! I have also a YouTube channel now where I share my testimony and how the Lord our loving father changed my life. I love you brother Andrew, thank you for your free are such a blessing!!!

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Gods’ protection

Category: Encouragement | Name: Paul w Haag | From: San Antonio, Texas
Posted On: February 19, 2021

Thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to use you in prophesying Gods’ protection for His people. You spoke that on Wednesdays’ show on 2/17/21. I was believing for that protection driving home from work that night after some 4 days of icy, snowy cold weather here in San Antonio. I know He “redeems your life from destruction ” from Psalm 103 but it’s nice to hear it spoken by someone. The Lord got me home safe.

Your book is amazing

Category: Encouragement | Name: pucjira R. Chaipetyotin | From: Bangkok, thailand
Posted On:

Hello Andrew,

I read your book title A Better Way to Pray and it helps me so much in my prayer life. Some one left the old book in the school where I work with children. The person did not come for it anymore so I decided to read it while in school at my spare time. I hope the person comes for the book and I will thank the person. You are blessed and have inspiration of God. I used your book to find your site and decided to write. God bless you for your work. Please pray for my husband to become a Christian serving our Lord Jesus Christ. He is a Muslim but with good heart, he loves and care. I wish that he comes to know and accept Christ into his life. Pray for a job for him too. God peace be on you Andrew.


God is Truly Good

Category: Encouragement | Name: Janice Carter | From: Indiana
Posted On:

Thank you to our heavenly Father, for never leaving, forgetting or giving up on me. Through a friend telling me about Andrew Wommack. I started watching him on YouTube. With Andrew’s simplistic way of breaking down scripture, my heart started listening to Jesus again. I am working on getting whole again through the love of Jesus Christ and our heavenly Father. I can’t hardly go through a day without listening to Andrew either through YouTube, and thankfully for his podcast. You sir are truly called from God to spread his word of unconditional LOVE.


Category: Encouragement | Name: Mary Allum | From: Severn, Maryland
Posted On:

To think that this time last yr. (2020) my husband and I were sharing life. He passed away in April and knowing Jesus as Savior, I was thankful that Chuck now resides in heaven. I have joy knowing that, but I still live here and have the day to day things that come at you after a death (esp. 1 that was 35yrs together). I have been under the teaching of AWM now and have found that instead of being down, or depressed, I’m excited. I look forward to Andrew’s daily teaching, I write out Scriptures, study the Bible, look up definitions, share what I have learned with people that call me to see how I’m doing. I find that even though I don’t have a “job”, I am still called to “work” at sharing what God is doing in my life w/anyone who is willing to listen. They see that the joy of the Lord is on me; they hear the excitement in my voice; and I do have thoughts that come at me but I don’t act on those anymore. I give it to God and He takes care of me and my needs. He promised. I claim it.

As Andrew says, I haven’t arrived, but I’ve left and I’m on my way. I wanted to thank AWM for all the teaching, resources, encouragement, programs, & support, etc. I “feel” like I’m part of a “family” that I get to be with, if only through TV, internet (which I learning) or YouTube. I have become a partner and my hopes is that I will be able to give more in my future, as God continues to bless me, I’ll bless others. Thank you Andrew for all you do, have done, or will continue to do in HIS Name.

Healing-Connie Johnson

Category: Healing | Name: Vern Sanchez | From: California
Posted On:

I want to thank Connie for being there when I needed prayer. I called AWM to agree with me for a healing in my body. Connie was so kind and gracious. She prayed the word of faith with me and taught me about healing as well. To say my understanding has been enlightened is an understatement. I KNOW that by His stripes I was healed. Thank you Connie.

Checking out the website

Category: Healing | Name: Eseza Catherine Byakika | From: Hamilton Canada
Posted On: February 16, 2021

Thank you for all the God’s work you are doing.

A Word to You of Encouragement

Category: Encouragement | Name: Kenneth R Gaskins | From: Washington D C/ Live in Woodbridge, Virginia
Posted On:

Praise the Lord, I have been watching the series on “Live In Gods Best” and its been right on time you just don’t know. But I want to send a word of encouragement to you and your wife to keep the faith and continue to let God use you. People get mad with the word because they don’t know how to receive correction and understanding God’s love. They need to be taught be how to receive the word even if it hurts. Understanding a wonderful father we have in Jesus Christ. I was taught over 30 years ago how to receive correction, that means God’s love for you. I’m a partner with your ministry and I have read several of your books that have been a blessing. My favorite by the way is (Harnessing Your Emotion) which I have read over 5 plus times. I have brought a several to give to family, friends, and strangers. I believe this the one area no one else have taught on. So stay Strong in The Lord And in His Might I’m Praying with you and for you. Thank You for the material, I always try to buy more than one to pass it on.

Thank You
Kenneth Gaskins

Just to say thank you

Category: Encouragement | Name: Tracy Green | From: Longview Texas
Posted On:

I just want to say thank you for speaking Gods truth in your teachings. I am 51 years old but still a spiritual babe. I have really enjoyed your teaching on “Living in Gods Best.” I take care of my mother in law so that gives me time to watch your program as well as read God’s word daily. I have received so much of God’s blessings. I have not drank any alcohol in 5 months 12 days. Just one of many steps towards living in Gods best. I look forward to becoming a partner in this journey of God’s Kingdom. Thank you also for all the free teachings you give on the internet. They are wonderful blessings. God bless you and your ministry. Tracy

Thank you for preaching the word!

Category: Encouragement | Name: Claire Fulton | From: Kentucky
Posted On:

Hey Andrew, thank you so much for boldly teaching the Word, and standing in the truth. Six years ago when I was thirty two my heart stopped. My two little ones were in their beds, and just two weeks before my husband and I had committed to trusting Jesus for our healing. We stood on faith, and though that evil thing tried to return many times, thank God His Word always works! Two years later my husband was crushed by a tree at work. He told the boss after the accident that he would be back to work on Monday. His shoulder was dislocated and hanging limp, and his torso swelled, but he was alive, which was a miracle. He had been telling the guys my testimony just before the accident, and he was determined to glorify the Lord. Monday morning I helped him put his shirt on, he got in his truck, picked up his limp arm with his good one and waved goodbye. He was supposed to cut the rest of the tree down, so he got in his harness one handed hooked on his chainsaw and stood at the base of the tree. He said, Lord, I know your Word is true, so here I go. He forced his arm up through excruciating pain, and by the time he got it high enough to reach the tree all the pain was gone, and he climbed and cut for the rest of the day. Amen! Now, when he lifts weights, it’s the other shoulder that’s sore. Ha! So when we found your teachings online, we were thrilled. You have been such a great blessing to us! We have so enjoyed the confirmation of things God has been teaching us and the many new revelations that we have learned through you. We are do excited to be monthly partners, knowing that instead of handing out fish like most ministers do, you are teaching people to fish. Can’t say thank you enough for standing firm against the tide of luke warm Christianity, and preaching the Word!

Praise Report

Category: Healing | Name: Melian | From: Us
Posted On:

I just wanted to thank Andrew Wommack call center. Today I called asking for prayer due to chest pain, after praying for me the pain left immediately. Thank you so much and may God bless your ministry.