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Vickie Buttry
February 7, 2019 Encouragement
The Whole Truth & Nothing But…
I have been listening to Andrew Wommack for about 2 1/2 years. My life was a mess before I heard Andrew teaching God's Word. I was going through a divorce, I was under attack at work, and I was so lost! Today I am a whole, healed person walking in the truth of who God says I am. There is no greater freedom than living for God, and I thank God that He spoke to me through Andrew. He teaches so plainly that anybody can understand, even a die-hard Baptist. Thank you so much, Andrew, for sharing your passion for God with me. You came to me when I was at my lowest, and I can never thank you enough.
Loretta Muovich
Harper WV
February 7, 2019 Healing
Andrew, your programs have been such a blessing to me. I have learned so much from listening. May God bless you and your ministry abundantly. Thank you for sharing.
Barbara Ross
Belleville, IL
February 5, 2019
God Wants you well
I have followed you for years on Daystar. Circumstances prevent that at this time, so I was so blessed by seeing your program today on "God Wants You Well"! God answers prayers on time.
Marie Benton
February 4, 2019 Healing
eye opener
I am thanking Jesus for sending Andrew to the airwaves. After many years of being in a backslidden state, I found Andrew's teachings, and my life is forever changed. I've finished three series now, and my heart is too full to put into words all that I need to say. God Bless you, Andrew! Hallelujah!
Cheryl Lucker
Raleigh, NC
February 3, 2019 Encouragement
I just now got to watch "The Heart of Christmas" DVD, and it was the greatest I have seen in a very long time! Great music and cast. Very powerful message and hope-inspiring. Truly the heart of Christmas and life!
Mar Lajoie
New York
February 3, 2019 Encouragement
I cried out to God to give you a word for us that would help us with the crushing spirit of sorrow. (It always amazes me that He would listen to someone like me). That good word came with the "Who Told You That You Were Naked?" series. It has begun to restore myself and so many more dear brethren. Our God is on the move in a big way in 2019!
Mary Toll
February 3, 2019
I just watched Andrew's teaching on tithing. I had been asking the Lord this morning to teach me about tithing and where. Then I heard the Lord mention Andrew Wommack, and here I am. Thank you for setting me free!
Dee Ann Barnes
February 3, 2019 Encouragement
From a long-time partner, this website just keeps getting better and better. I use the audio and video archives on a regular basis. I have even downloaded some of my favorite teachings to my phone. (Carrie Picket rocks!) I pray for the whole AWMI team from time to time as the Lord leads. Keep up the good work. This ministry is a blessing to me and helping me to receive the grace of God and grow up more and more. Thank God and you. Love you all and looking forward to meeting everyone in heaven. God bless!
Joyce Mullin
Arvada CO
February 1, 2019
Thank YOU!
Pastor Andrew, I want to take a moment to say thank you so very much for coming to Denver to help fight the HB 19-1309 and to show our leaders we are really very disgusted with them. I am standing with you and many others to win this fight for our children and grandchildren, and I hope we can completely take the sex education agenda away from our public schools!!
Kristi Welch
Elk River, MN USA
February 1, 2019 Encouragement
Loving it
I was Spiritually shipwrecked and performance oriented, insecure and suffering physical illness. I’d given up and was too exhausted to listen to more Grace plus world ministers. I’m so glad God made you calm and who you are, Andrew. A lot of us coming out of Pentecostal ministries with inconsistencies need the truth in a calm way. Thank you. I’m able to read the Word again without performing. I'm not perfect, but I’m on my way. It’s so freeing. Thank you, God, for your nearly too good to be true news! I'm no longer shipwrecked and am now healing.
Darla Shelby
February 1, 2019 Healing
Healed of Vertigo
God used therapy to heal my right ear of benign, positional vertigo and miraculously healed my left ear.
Delores Bethel
Mobile, Al
January 30, 2019
I really enjoyed JB and Dorothy Brown! Thanks!