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Submitted by: Amutusiimire shollah

On November 27, 2023

Reaching out from: Uganda

I came across Andrew wimmack through his teaching of better way to pray in 2019 July. And over the years I have come to realise that l don’t need to know how the seed works, I just need to plant it.
My life has effortlessly transformed through listening and reading the word and I mean all round transformation. Praise God.
Thank you Andrew wommack ministries and partners!!.

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Healing Testimony

Category: Uncategorized | Name: Tavenia Williams | From: United States
Posted On: November 14, 2023

Dr. Pastor Wommack

I am writing to express my deepest thanks for the prayers you and the saints prayed for my niece. I wanted to provide you with a positive update on my niece’s journey with Alopecia Areata.
I am immensely grateful to you, and all the saints who fervently prayed for her. Today, approximately 9 months later, I joyfully share that God has answered our prayer. Through a combination of divine wisdom, medical expertise, and a dedicated healthcare team, my nieces hair is now growing back successfully. After nine months, she is no longer ashamed to wear her hair out. In addition to her physical healing, she was granted a remarkable financial blessing of $10,000 to miraculously wipe away all her medical debt. I share this testimony with profound gratitude, as it underscores the transformative power of prayer.
Your prayers and support have been instrumental in this journey, and I am truly thankful from the bottom of my heart and my niece sends her thanks to. Thank You Jesus!


Category: Uncategorized | Name: Slavik | From: Colorado Springs
Posted On:

I wanted to share my testimony. I been struggling with hyperthyroidism for about six years. Very difficult symptoms. About six months ago I stopped taking medication because it wasn’t working for me. About the same time, I was introduced to Healing University. I started listening to it in my car, and it was life changing! I got a new revelation of healing, that it is mine and it belongs to me in Jesus name! I started applying the word of God to my situation and believed that I was already healed by His stripes. Now about a week ago I went to do my lab work again and two of my doctors confirmed that my thyroid is now functioning in a completely normal levels! Praise God!!!

Thank you for the Atlanta Convention

Category: Uncategorized | Name: Olu Taiwo | From: Atlanta, Georgia
Posted On:

I was delighted to attend the recent Gospel Truth Conference in Atlanta.

The conference was life changing. The truth we received was. Amazing.
Thank you Brother Andrew and Brother Greg.

Got great direction for what God is leading me to do.

Love, Grace, and Peace!

Olu Taiwo

Impact of Women Arise 2023

Category: Uncategorized | Name: Shirley Ryans | From: United States
Posted On:

Women Arise 2023 was so incredible; and for me, it was powerful, impactful, and life changing. I came back home to Wilmington, DE a changed woman empowered to fulfill God’s amazing plan for my life to His glory!

From the start of each session with the praise and worship and then with each speaker, the power of God was definitely felt.

Prayed and received my Miracle of Healing!

Category: Uncategorized | Name: Netty C. | From: CA, USA
Posted On: November 13, 2023

Thank you Andrew for your teaching Twenty Revelations That Will Change Your Life. You compacted 20 teaching which helped me put those pieces of puzzles together. I was finally able to connect the dots & put into practice what you have been teaching me since 2002. Your teaching them together in that manner within weeks helped me see how it all comes together.
On Oct. 11th 2023, I accidentally spilt boiling water on my hand. My first instinct was to run cold water over my hand. For a second I thought about how it was gonna blister & the skin fall off & decided I didn’t want that. I put into practice what I was learning and spoke to my hand and commanded it to be healed. When I pulled my hand from the cold water, I felt immense pain but there were no visible wounds or blister. I continued to use my hand, the pain subsided. Then I decided I had enough of the pain and commanded it to leave. Within 20 to 30 minutes from the accident, I was wound free, blister free & pain free! Praise God!

Breast Cancer

Category: Uncategorized | Name: Judy Starcher | From: United States
Posted On:

I was diagnosed with breast cancer after a mammogram in July. Today, Nov. 10, following numerous trips, a biopsy, lumpectomy, and biopsy on lymph nodes, I was informed that my surgeon got all of the cancer and it hasn’t spread to lymph nodes! I have had God on my side throughout it all and so many prayers from so many people and churches! I have to say God is wonderful! He is amazing! I can’t praise him enough. I felt His presence throughout! I know without a doubt that this could have turned out very differently without Him with me always! God is good! I pray for everyone to come to know Him and very soon! I don’t want any to be left behind during the soon coming Rapture. Praise His holy name. I watch your sermons, copy your messages and love your message. I have contributed when I can and do to my home church. I am so blessed!!


Category: Uncategorized | Name: Gifty Antwi | From: Toulouse France
Posted On: November 10, 2023

My name is Gifty Antwi.l became a partner and a follower of Andrew Wommack Ministries from Toulouse France for same years now .
Last Summer, in August, l went to Healing is here or now conference in woodland Park, co with my daughter and granddaughter.The prayer team prayed for me and my mother who,during that week underwent a stomacal surgery in Ghana.
She is now healed and healthy !
Also at that time l was diagnoses with
hépatitis B, for so many years,but today,my latest blood analysis revealed no signs of hepatitis! l am completely healed by the name of Jesus Christ.Amen.Thank you Jesus.

Multiple Sclerosis healing

Category: Uncategorized | Name: D'Anna Davis | From: Mesquite, Tx
Posted On:

Dear Andrew,
I am a longtime listener maybe second time writer, HaHa! Not sure i can tell my story in 1000 characters, so i just want you to know that through your teachings i have learned sooooo much about God’s word. I have read the bible a number of times but have never understood it until you. As a fellow Texas peanut brain i guess i just needed someone who spoke my language. Anyway, this lifelong Methodist has never been taught about God wanting me well. So when diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis i accepted it as My Cross to bear for God. I know that he would never give me more than i could handle so He obviously thought i was very strong.
After living in pain and fatigue for 12 years, muscle weakness and spasms for 5 years and raising a teenage daughter my cross was getting heavy. Then my nephew a nurse started doing all natural vitamin therapies. I have taken 5 injections and all pain, weakness are gone!!! I praise God for picking you to teach His word to peanut brains like me!

Women Arise Conference Testimony Nov 2023

Category: Uncategorized | Name: Geraldine A. "Deenie" Wesson | From: Eckert, CO
Posted On:

Women Arise Conference Testimony at Andrew Wommack Ministries Nov 2-4, 2023
Things God did in/for me through the Women Arise Conference (Part 1)
1. He primed or maybe replaced my pump. Living water is flowing again.
2. He lifted the crushing weight off my shoulders. The pain is gone!
3. He restarted my ministry of encouragement.
4. He rekindled friendships from long ago.
5. He connected me/us (I am married) with 2 new Godly couples
6. He is refining the vision for a home business.
7. He gave me next steps for helping our boys
8. He is renewing my heart/love for my husband

Healed from stage 4 breast cancer

Category: Uncategorized | Name: Xolani Myeni | From: South Africa
Posted On: November 9, 2023

In 2018 and 2021 I lost 2 of my siblings due to cancer, then in 2022 May i was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. I knew God heals but i didnt know how I didnt have the faith, until one day a friend introduced me to Andrew Wommacks streaming online I watched the sermon “You already got it” . I felt very much challenged that I have everything that it takes for me to get healed. I also red the book believers authority. I started practising everything. I stood on the word. In 2023 Oct I went for a CT scan the results came back negative no sign of breast cancer. I only did chemo I didnt do any operation no radiation, no medication. Only the Word of God healed me. thank you Pastor Andrew for your teachings. I have introduced my family we are all blessed. Religion is stopping us from receiving from God.

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