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Vee Doswell
United States
May 16, 2016
I just give God praise for all He is, for all He does, His kindness, gentleness, mercy, compassion ,wisdom, knowledge, understanding ,, and His love .
Hugh Evans McKinnon
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
May 16, 2016 Financial
Andrew-You have changed my life-Bless
siboniso dlamini
May 15, 2016 Healing
I am healed thanks God
Pain is Gone praise God
Martha Reneau
Arp, Tx
May 14, 2016
God's blessings on awmi. I have really been blessed. Thank all of you.
Lori Meyer
Fond du Lac, WI
May 14, 2016 Encouragement
God Bless you Andrew, I found out about you from watching BVOVN. I just wanted you to know that every time I watch you on BVOVN God speaks to me through you and He uses you to confirm something He was talking to me about the week before. God is so Awesome!!! And I thank Him for you, your teaching of Gods Word is a blessing to me, It's good to know someone is on the same page as me and you are standing up for Gods truth. Love in Christ, Lori Meyer
George Roberts
May 13, 2016 Encouragement
Hi Brother Andrew, I don't know if you read these comments but here goes. I recently read your book Spirit,soul and body and I am blessed beyond measure. I read it one day and read it the next day again and gained so much revelation about our overall makeup. Your book really helped me to see the 3 differences in my makeup and I so appreciate your honest tactfull approach of teaching this. You are more than a tremendous blessing to my family and I
George Stephen Roberts
Janet Brown
McDonough, Ga.
May 12, 2016 Encouragement
I am going through a horrible family experience. It is just one among many throughout my life. The depression that I have been in could have been devastating. I need to tell you about a friend that has stood in the gap for me, praying all night and whenever God put me on her heart. She encouraged me with Godly wisdom and prayers. I was so blessed when I woke up, feeling refreshed and victorious. Prayer for others is something that I will never stop doing. God truly is faithful.
Nikki Ayansanwo
May 12, 2016 Healing
Healing of swollen legs
My two legs were swollen as a result of chronic deep vein thrombosis i asked for prayers and legs have gone down Praise the Lord . Nikki from Nigeria
. .
May 12, 2016 Encouragement
Hi Andrew, I am listening and watching you for some time and also a partner of the ministry. I want you to know that you are in my daily prayer. It was an unintended opportunity when I first listened to you and since then Lord Holy Spirit has shown me much truth and created a deeper love for the Lord through your teaching. I heard many pastors (big and small) but sad to say most of their teaching does not connect with me. It is the spirit in me connects me when I hear the true gospel of Jesus Christ from someone who genuinely love with Jesus. I am blessed by your teaching because it is so focused on God. Day by day I draw closer to the Lord – not because one day He will take me to heaven, neither because of any reward in eternity, nor any wants of this life but because I love Him for who He is! I want you to know that my prayer for you is that you will be always faithful to Lord Jesus Christ and serve Him with all the wisdom, all the resources, and all the opportunities He gave you till you take the last breath on this earth. Please know how much your life impacted my relationship with the Lord – I cannot put it in words! But one day Lord will show you how awesome your faithfulness to the Lord had a ripple effect to multitudes of people. I want to thank you for who you are in Christ and to your wife for faithfully standing by you in thick and thin for Jesus Christ our Lord. May God richly bless you in everything you do for His glory.

A brother in Christ from Texas
Mark Shaver
Alanta, Georgia
May 12, 2016 Healing
Roberts Healing
On Wednesday April 13th about 11:20 am the Charis team visited the local hospital in Belize City. We went there to speak life, pray for healing and give the love of Jesus to the patients that were there. There were three sections in the hospital: pediatrics, surgical and medical. We split the group up and sent teams into each section of the hospital. I went to the medical section on the second floor. The rooms were hot and had up to 8 patients in each room in this ward. The conditions were indescribable. We broke down into two's and LenDora and I teamed up and walked over to a patient named Robert, I believe that he had acute diabetes (word of knowledge) and probably pneumonia (word of knowledge) because he complained of chest pains when he breathed and lung problems. And of course he said he was blind. He had an oxygen tube in his nose and they were administering some type of intravenous therapy (IV therapy) and I could hear his ventilator each time it cycled and watched his stomach and chest expand and contract. He was in bad shape.
Len and I told him who we were and where we were from. We told Robert we were from America and that we were students at Charis Bible College...Then we began just to love on him. He shared many things with us. He said “that he has many dreams.”(Joel 2:28; Acts 2:17) In one of his dreams he said “that he was shown a large white book with gold edges and golden WORDS written on each page.” He said “that he was shown his full name written in this book”: he seemed to be a man of great faith. He said “that he was already born again and that he loved the Lord.” We told him that we wanted to pray for him and he said “that would be fine.” We asked him “what he could believe for; what he could agree with us for in prayer.” (Matthew 18:19-20) He said “that he could not see and he wanted to see.” So he wanted us to pray for his sight.
We began to pray for his eyes, lungs, blood, and chest and LenDora asked him to SAY that he was healed. So I began to pray the promises of God and to take our authority in the name of Jesus: I called things that be not as though they were (Romans 4:17; 1 Corinthians 1:27-28). I called Robert healed. Len and I both were praying aggressively in tongues. As I laid my hand on his forehead, I could feel that he had a temperature. I prayed, in silence, for that temperature to dry up and to blow away. Then Roberts eye lids started to open, first tiny slits and then wider and wider until he proclaimed "I can see." I said to Robert, “what can you see?” And he said “the ceiling fan” and then he pointed at my Georgia Tech football shirt and then Len grabbed my Bible and asked him, “what is this Robert?” He said “it's your Bible.” Praise God!!! Robert's prayers were answered and the prayers I prayed before leaving for Belize were answered (Mark 11:23-24). Pat Fisher, from the Belize CBC (Charis Bible College), was also in the room when he received his sight. It’s all about Jesus (Isaiah 53:3-5)
Although after praying for over 54 years for my personal healing, to receive sight in my left eye, by personally experiencing this event my faith had strengthened and I know that my healing is coming soon…real soon!
glynis Neal
May 12, 2016
As I Have Loved You
Your sermon was awesome! Thank you for sharing! God bless you and your ministry for teaching us that God loves us unconditionally!!!
Nathan Lopez
Montclair, California
May 12, 2016 Encouragement
Baptism of the Holy Spirit
Hi ya`ll! I was able to watch your series on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit just recently. It's a topic that I have never taken the time to study while growing up. As I am starting to dive into this topic I also wanted to hear what others had to say about it. I've listened to several pastors/preachers already, but I have been most blessed by your study on this. It brought much clarity to me specially because you did not twist scripture or attempt to make scripture say what it wasn't really saying to begin with. Many "teachers" will try to use scripture improperly to prove their point but the scripture they reference hardly even says what they attempt to make it out to be; a travesty. On the other hand, you rightly divided God's word and your doctrine was logically tight, or sound. Nothing conflicted with the rest of God's word when you presented this topic. I am blessed that there are still level headed, clear thinkers out there. Unfortunately it is becoming a rarity to find such. Thank you for clearing up any questions I had about the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I feel as though I can now walk in confidence in diving into this area now that I have a much greater understanding of this. Thank you all for your obedience, faithfulness, and reverence to God and His word. May He bless you many times in return for how you bless so many.