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Prince Obasi
March 13, 2016 Encouragement
Getting to know God
I want to thank God for Andrew Wommack ministries and for Andrew. God bless you for your heart and faithfulness in sharing to truth of God's word. I grew up in a religious home and i am born again but there have been subjects that scared me, for instance in my Church, we were always taught the importance of the Holy Spirit, but it always seemed like I had to be perfect to have Him. I don't know, for whatever reason i feared him more than i wanted to receive him & it has always bothered and affected me. I felt uneasy on any subject about Holy Spirit because I knew I needed Him but I feared if I could recieve Him and ever since I received Him and have been speaking in tongues, I still do doubt if my tongue was genuine. Andrew's teaching on the Holy Spirit is the most profound i have ever heard. The day i listened to it, I was so blessed. I am being changed, am not there yet, but i have left. Thank God for awmi, thank you for making your teachings free. I donwload them with my mobile. God bless your partners too. Glory to Jesus!!
Vera Ward
March 12, 2016 Healing
Hi Andrew thank you and everyone for praying for the young man who had a stroke. He is now back in church and recovering really well. Thank you, Vera.
March 11, 2016 Encouragement
A very big and heartfelt thankyou to Brother Andrew and the entire family of AWMI for the amazing work they are doing for the lord JESUS CHRIST. Brother Andrew you have taught me to treasure the word of GOD above all else, your teachings have positively shaped my mental attitudes and consequently brought alot of transformation in my life. I can honestly say that I am the minister I am today thanks to your ministry. Thank you so much Brother Andrew for being such a positive influence to the body of Christ, I celebrate you and the entire AWMI family.
Pastor Chris
March 10, 2016 Encouragement
Andrew, Thanks for your current message on the life of Joseph. It has been right on time for me. It has encouraged me to not lose sight of the dreams that God has given us for our life and ministry. Thank you for bolding proclaiming God's truth with grace. God bless you!
March 10, 2016
great stuff
Great stuff! really. Ive been blessed for awhile from this ministry! ? God blessed this ministry. Amen!
Pharisee Bendolph
Fort Worth
March 10, 2016 Encouragement
Thank you Jesus, Thank you Andrew
I watched the broadcast this morning March 10th, Lessons from Joseph. It was a reminder to what the Lord spoke to me in Dec 2015 for the year of 2016, "Don't Quit!" I just wanted to say thank you Andrew for not quitting long ago when you had the opportunity. If you had, so many people would be hurting today and my wife and I probably would no longer be married! CBC and AWMI literally changed the course of things for us and we will be forever grateful!
Ernest Acheampong
March 10, 2016 Encouragement
God bless you for the labor of love in the end time.
Deon Du Toit
Kimberley.....South Africa
March 10, 2016 Encouragement
Since 7 years ago i have been reading and listening to your audio teachings, and what a great help. Thanks Andrew so much for your spreading the Word and making it easier to understand. I will definitely give you a warm hug in heaven.
Charles Hopkins
HEIDELBERG, South Africa
March 10, 2016 Encouragement
I can associate quite well with Joseph's (and Andrew's) 13 years of "humiliation" - in preparation of greater things to come in their lives. During the height of my personal "humiliation" the Lord sent a man, Leland Shores, all the way from Uganda to prophecy to me, a complete stranger (to him), as follows : "Many things have been done to you in secret; things that are below the water always have a tendency to come to the surface. You watch and see." The most astounding thing about Joseph is that he never tried to expose Potiphar's wife, yet thousands of years later the truth about that secret episode is still revealed to all who will listen and Joseph is vindicated a 1000 times over. More importantly his integrity was rewarded and his people blessed in his own lifetime. How awesomely faithful is the Lord God of hosts!
sirkku arvola
March 9, 2016 Financial
iam partnerin and praying for yoy message changeid my life.i honour and thank you and your wife that you gave your life to gospel.this proplem what you have with construccion takes you a prosperity you havent seen.i believe god told me this because i was surprised with the breik in construccion i soo 2 days you have to getused to celous people,because yoy are going to reatch more countries.i brei you and your wife and children psalm 34.thank you andrew
Christine Bowen
Baltimore md
March 9, 2016 Healing
Have a powerful word I already got it praise God. I have suffered over 10 yrs narapthpy,fibromyalgia pain in such a way all over my body,there was not a place were there was no pain. MY life was fading and my husband was harsh and at times supporting but not always. Made life very very difficult. I have all kinds of tests to show God's healing power,teaching Andrew DVD on healing and others are responding, Desire your prayer for my husband. Be willing to share this awesome healing, used to walk bent over you should see me now!
Kalpna Christian
March 9, 2016 Financial
It was simply God
Dear AWM team, thank you for your prayer! I believe this will encourage many single parents.Last year God spoke to me thr Andrew wommack about building a storehouse, I literally went to the bank and opened savings accounts for my children. God blessed it and I didnt have car , no earned income but thr many sources I gathered enough amount to buy a used car.So now I have a car.Because of kids, I was not able to work but today I went to just inquire about part time job amd I was interviewed and hired and I requested flexible hours and was granted.Praise God!