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Submitted by: Rebecca Yanez

On May 29, 2019

Reaching out from: Merced, California

Praise God, Praise God! Thank you Andrew! 2 months ago I had aggressive cancer in the blood, it seemed it was taking me down and extremely quick! My energy and muscles seem to have disintegrated within days… I finally felt life drifting away, …when a soft voice said to me… faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word… that’s it, I grabbed those words n pondered, …for healing, I turned to youtube, searched Andrew Womack HEALING and listened to you for 3 days straight! On the third day, I just knew I was completely healed!! The Word you spoke created an image of me healed and restored!! Praise God, Praise God!! I AM ALIVE!!! Me and my family are forever grateful for your ministry!!! Thank you, and look forward to seeing you at the Family Bible Conference 2019.

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Obeying God

Category: Encouragement | Name: Sabine Danis | From: Pennsylvania
Posted On: July 4, 2016

Good morning Man of God, I am so happy I was laying down and start praying then the Holy told to turn on the t.v but that’s the first time I saw your ministry where you was talking about how you quit your school for ministry honestly that was a wake up call to me God been calling as an evangelism since 2012 and I have the gift of healing I started doing it and I enjoyed but I stopped but honestly I feel like God is waiting for me to start my ministry by going in the street and do His works thank you so much for your encouragement I will start cause I have to do my FATHER’S work…. God is good stay bless may God bless you and your ministry with highly favor in Jesus name

My Christian Life Has Improved

Category: Encouragement | Name: Kingsley Igboakolam | From: Lagos, Nigeria
Posted On:


I just want to appreciate God and the entire AWMI crew for all the resources made available for free. My life is constantly being transformed by them, especially the audio teachings. I can tell the difference between the “me” today and the “me” before I came across God’s word through Andrew’s messages.

I can boldly say that I am a better Christian today and have already started affecting people around me with the same words I hear from God through this ministry.

Thank you very much for the word.

God bless you.


Category: Encouragement | Name: Byron Conerly | From: Fort Worth , Texas
Posted On:

Thank you


Category: Healing | Name: Susan Garigal | From:
Posted On:

My son in law was mercy flown to a bigger city hospital after a serious case of pneumonia. They put him in a medically induced coma. They gave my daughter no hope. I called the ministry. He got worse in the night no brain activity. I had to keep believing. Taught by Andrew. In the am my daughter called. I was almost afraid to answer my phone then I said thank you God for a good report. And it was. Brain activity was restored. Praise the Lord! And thank you Andrew and his prayer team! He needs open heart surgery but that’s a piece of cake according to Andrew. thankful for his teachings… God wants you well, a better way to pray, you’ve already got it. Etc. I’ve been praising my savior all the day long

Delivered From Seizures After Surgery From Brain Aneurysm

Category: Healing | Name: Janice Miller | From: Fort Worth
Posted On:

After suffering a brain aneurysm in 2005,I began having seizures. Dr. Channduri told me short of a miracle I’d have them forever and he needed to increase my medication. I asked God not to allow that but to heal me from these brain damaging events. I was listening to andrew and he was teaching on the boy that threw himself into the fire and that the disciples could not heal him. Today we would call that a seizure and called it demonic. I got offendedoffended at first,then I heard are you gonna be offended or healed? You choose so I began to call it what it was and the Spirit walked me through to my healing. Lighting was a seizure trigger and he would
Direct me to my scripture confession and out of fear
After consistently speaking believing and praying 4 yrs passed,I called my neurologist and told him I’m healed. He said first we must test you. After a series of test,dr. Chanduri called me in and said you’re no longer my patient unless…We found No
Seizure activity in your brain. File closed! !

But for Andrews bold teaching and Spirtual insight
I would not be delivered from this demonic attack.

Thank You

Category: Healing | Name: Dianne Gallegos | From: denver
Posted On:

Thank you! I love your teachings and can’t get enough of them and thank you so much for offering free items for those that can’t afford to purchase. I believe if people can get a hold of your teachings they would be life changing!!


Category: Healing | Name: Billy Jobling | From: KENNESAW, GA
Posted On:


Men’s Advance

Category: Encouragement | Name: Gregory Decker | From: Gardner Kansas
Posted On: June 30, 2016

2015 mens conference great help!

I Now Understand the Word of God

Category: Encouragement | Name: King Mbuthia | From: Kenya
Posted On:

One Life

Category: Encouragement | Name: Tim Coleman | From: Tulsa
Posted On:

Truly changed my life and many others because if You’ve already got it series is pure revelation of what we’ve already known but couldn’t apply. Still a work but certainly in the right direction