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Submitted by: Barbara Harris

On December 11, 2019

Reaching out from: West Palm Beach, Florida

For 40 years, I have suffered with Schizo-affective Disorder and Anxiety Disorder. On Saturday, November 7, 2019, I was listening to Andrew Wommack’s CD series “God Wants You Well”. I was listening to CD#4 – “The Laws of Faith” when I commanded all mental and emotional illness to leave me! Immediately I felt God’s healing power come into my mind correcting my thought patterns. Today, December 10, 2019, I felt God’s power come in me to heal me emotionally! I have quit taking the medicine that the psychiatrist has prescribed and am feeling little or no withdrawal symptoms. I feel so relaxed and in control now. This is such a blessing! This is the second healing I have had due to Andrew Wommack’s teachings. The other one was healing of cancer in November 2019. I can never thank Andrew Wommack enough for his Divine Wisdom and teachings based on God’s Word! I hardly know what to say!

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Praise Report

Category: Healing | Name: Carmela Lipp | From: Totowa, NJ USA
Posted On: September 18, 2015

I wrote you a couple of days ago to let you know about my new hands and healing. The next day, the pain started to come back and I refused to allow it. I stood against that thing and rebuked the devil and commanded the symptoms to leave. Guess what? They left.
This is so simple I can’t believe I missed it. This is how you resist the devil, and since I’m submitted to God, he has to leave! This is awesome.
Thank you for teaching the simplicity of Christ. I’ve been listening to you for 4 yrs (saved for 30) and I am beginning to see. I continue to sow the Word in my heart (effortless change) and the revelation comes. Jesus is so cool. I love Him more than ever, and I love you too.
Thank you, thank you for telling the truth that is making me free!

Debbie Moore

Category: Healing | Name: Eleanor Lock | From: Bella Vista, AR
Posted On: September 16, 2015

Wonderful testimony from Debbie Moore, enjoyed it so much. There is a destructive nature to grief. She is very wise to keep her joy, tenderly remembering her husband, but getting on with her life without letting the enemy rip her apart! I visited with her a few times two years ago, and also Alan prayed with me for a problem, so was of course, sad to hear of Alan’s homegoing, but also joyfully remembering his life and knowing how awesome the other side is. I have seen heaven after my mother died, and there is nothing to describe it, except the colors are nothing like anything you can see here on this earth, everything is alive, the river of life is so sparkling, on and on. I won’t be unhappy when my time comes, because I’ve seen it and it’s beyond description! No wonder Alan didn’t want to come back! Glory to God!!!

Listen Every Morning

Category: Healing | Name: Lori Sutton | From: Uhrichsville Ohio
Posted On:

I listen to you every morning on my way to work at 4:30. You have made me see things in a different way…Love your radio show…

Get a Grip

Category: Encouragement | Name: Carmine Lorenzo | From: Bohemia,NY
Posted On:

Love the Morning show love pastors Message. He’s more interested in the Message then other TV Ministers. Thank you

Miraculous Healing!

Category: Healing | Name: Sheila White | From: St Louis, MO
Posted On: September 15, 2015

On June 24, 2015, I had surgery on my left knee for a meniscus tear and cartilage damage. On Saturday, August 1, 2015, I was returning from my family reunion. I was coming up my stairs when my right knee popped and severe pain went through my knee. I could not move. Thank God my family member was here and he retrieved my crutches. On August 6, 2015, I decided to spend the day in fasting and prayer. I listen to Andrew on God Wants You Well and I did some serious study on Matthew 10:8. Today, I decided to watch the last two healing schools that I had missed for July 30th and July 23rd in that order. As I was watch the July 23rd Healing school with Greg Mohr, which was my birth date, I said wouldn’t it be something if Greg Mohr called out healing for my knees on this program that was aired on my birth date while I was watching. Then at approximately 1:38 p.m. mountain time, Mr. Mohr called out healing for knees by putting his hands on both his left and right knees. I immediately knew and claim this healing for my own knees and I grabbed my knees. Mr. Mohr said do something you could not do. I took off my ace bandage and began bending my knee and dancing around my living room praising and thanking God. Mr. Mohr said call and tell someone. I called the prayer line at 12:06 p.m., on August 7, 2015 central time and spoke to Mary. Mary shared Philippians 1:6 with me, and she encouraged me to share my testimony on your Guestbook. So I did as soon as I figured out how to use it. Thank you Andrew and Jamie Wommack and your staff. Love, Sheila

Praise Report

Category: Healing | Name: Hania | From: From Poland, but
Posted On:

Dear Andrew I want thank God for you. Your teachings is revolutionizing my life, taking me out of prison to freedom, As I listen to it the despair about what went through in my life is not tormenting me. I felt hopeless about my future, now I am starting to see the light in the tunnel, because I belong to Jesus. I was at your conference on June 20 in Toronto, it was awesome. I wanted to talk to you a few words in person, but someday I will. Thank you for turning my eyes unto My Father in heaven, Jesus and Holy Spirit, it is the best gift I could get. Could you please say I prayer for my relationship and future with Joseph who lives in England, we both love each other, but the distance and the attacks of satan on our mind stirring fear, doubts, even though we both sense we meant to be together, that we continue in our hope to be together and totally trust God with everything how he bring us to be together at last.I also want to add that your phone prayer ministry is the best one up there. Everyone is awesome, caring, patient, full of power and faith: right now I remember only a few like Julia, Clarence, Linda, Greg, Emily, Jerry, Doug, I wish I remember more names, totally absolutely love them. Praise to be to God that he heard my cry and answered me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

New Life!

Category: Encouragement | Name: Sytauri Donald | From: Gloucester, Va
Posted On:

New Life! The teaching, the testimonies and the signs and wonders that follow from this ministry has and continues to change my life from the inside out! I praise God for this ministry and look forward to the day that I become an official student of Charis Bible college. I didn’t know I didn’t really love the Word until now- now I love it! Thank you for mentoring me through your teaching.


Category: Encouragement | Name: Cheryl Myers | From: New York
Posted On:

I tuned on to your broadcast over 2 years ago after being told by my mother-in-law of your ministry, and have been so blessed by your teaching. Your teaching has inspired me so much that I became a Grace Partner and have not regretted that decision. I thank you very much for bringing the Word of God across in such a “simple” way that I have never encountered before, and you do it so humbly. I am now able to truly understand what God wants me to know, and it is all due to your teaching. Thank you Mr. Wommack.

Thank You

Category: Encouragement | Name: Tynisha Ramirez | From: Il
Posted On:

Just want to say thank you. I watched ROKU today with Debbie Moore. I’m sorry to hear about Alen. I can’t wait to meet him in Real life in Heaven. I had a privilege to speak and pray with him after a horrible day at work where the woman I watched tried to kill herself I had to restrain and call for help, afterwards and I could not even get out of my car to go to my teens football game because I was so upset.
He spoke truth to me. Helped me to focus and keep my eyes on JESUS and He will keep me in perfect peace when I Keep my eyes on Him. Isaiah
Well, today I was feeling life’s junk. The pretty rug was being pulled by threads that I felt as though I was just tired and ready to go home. Life’s been frustrating. I told the young man today I have nothing to complain about, I had watched Debbie speak with Andrew. And her focus was on the Lord. She was in perfect peace. She said she felt sad at times, but didnot allow herself to stay there. The young man said, “that when I felt that life was pulling me apart I’m feeling anxiety and drepression that was and indicator I was focusing on the world not God. That it was a reminder to me to focus on JESUS he will keep me in perfect peace. That the devil saw me as a threat. Was going to try to keep me down and God must have big plans”. Well, I walked into work early, the young lady I work across from said,”I oozed JESUS.” She knew I was a Christ follower. Even though I feel like a mess at times. But, this reminded me about what the young man said this AM. I want to thank God for you all, Being Christ’s lighthouse and directing me to Him. Each and everyone of you have a stone on my path to my walking with the Lord. For your love to Him and speaking truth into my life, I am Grateful.

Healing in Eyes

Category: Encouragement | Name: Eleanor Lock | From: Bella Vista, Arkansas
Posted On: September 14, 2015

Dear Andrew and the phone ministry,The other day,I called the partner line to give an extra gift to the Foundation Builders, and the lady who was handling the transaction, thanked me profusely for our partnership as a whole and specifically to Foundation Builders, and said, “You are a blessing to this ministry” I replied, “Oh, my goodness, no, it’s you all who are the blessing!” and I began to relay to her about the time, that you, Andrew called out a specific healing for my eyes. She said, “Please put that on the guestbook” Well, I’ve told about this time when I was healed a lot, but imagine that there are many who haven’t heard about it, so here goes:About 8 yrs ago, I went to the eye doctor for a routine check-up, and he said, ‘uh, oh!’ (just hate it when doctors say that!) he continued, ‘you have macular degeneration and retina problems, it’s serious and we need to monitor your eyes, if this doesn’t improve, you will need surgery, and if that doesn’t work, you will eventually lose your eyesight’ then he asked me what my symptoms were and I told him, “I have ‘bursts of light in my side vision’ he said, “Oh, yes, like a flashbulb exploding? bursts of light in your peripheral vision? well that confirms part of what I’ve diagnosed”Well, you were coming to KC that year for a GTS, so Bill and I decided that we were going. I also called my grace buddy, Millie, and asked her to go with us, so she could stand in faith with me for a miracle” She agreed and off we went.We were staying at Ft. Leavenworth, in military lodging, there were 2 bedrooms with a kitchen in between and the morning of the first night meeting, Millie and I met in the kitchen to pray and we agreed according to Matthew 18:19, that I would get my healing.That night, during ministry time, Andrew, you called out ‘there’s someone here with ‘bursts of light in your peripheral vision and macular degeneration!”Well, of course, I knew it was me you were talking about, so I went forward for prayer, and was instantly healed. My vision was perfect. I could even see the menu at the drive-thru at McDonald’s from quite a distance, after the meeting in a driving rain!Thank you, Andrew for being spiritually in tune with the Father, hearing from Him, so I could be free from that!I waited a year to return to the same doctor, and he examined my eyes, and said, “wow! you had macular and retina problems, and now I see no evidence of it, what happened?” I told him, ‘well, I went to a healing meeting and they laid hands on me and Jesus healed me, to which he replied, “Well, good!” :-)Glory to God!