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Submitted by: Valerie C Dickson

On December 16, 2020

Reaching out from: Dallas, TX


I watched you on America Stands a few days ago and I was ecstatic to hear your testimony that the courts have thrown out their cases against you and that you are now able to freely continue to be the blessing that you are! What you do is essential to the Body of Christ and we are so thankful for your teachings. I am honored to partner with you on your mission and I pray continued growth over you, your family, and the work of the ministry! Praise God for victory!

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Good Ground

Category: Uncategorized | Name: Laurie | From: Canada
Posted On: September 14, 2015

I just want you to know, Andrew, Jamie, and all the staff and teachers at Charis Bible College and Andrew Wommack Ministries, how much this ministry has blessed and encouraged me. I’ve had several turnarounds that have completely changed my life and it was all from hearing the truth taught here. I’m totally on board with all the plans you have for the Bible College buildings at Woodland Park and I’m enthusiastically supporting it financially. I believe it will impact the United States and the world and I’m praying and believing for a similar impact in Canada. I had my first visit there recently and attended the Family Bible Conference and it was awesome! I also love the website with all the free Bible teaching and access to conference videos and testimonies. I’m on the website everyday and watch your program online. To my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, if you’ve benefited from this ministry and haven’t yet supported it financially, please consider doing so. It’s very good ground to sow your seed into! I heard the Healing is Here Conference is already booked solid so there is already a need for a bigger building. God bless you all and thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! 🙂

A “Glow” About You

Category: Uncategorized | Name: Shannon | From: Washington State
Posted On:

Pastor , I meet you August7th in Seattle. It was great to finely see the man that God sent to me to teach me the word. I wanted to say thank you again, and are you aware that you have a “glow” about you? In some people, you can actually see an aura of God around them. You are a blessed man Pastor. Thank you for loving God. Your testimony and teachings have changed my life. You are”my” Paul. In Christ,Shannon Rarig

Thank You

Category: Uncategorized | Name: Sandi Hutchins | From: Battle Ground, Washington
Posted On:

Both Mike and I wish to thank you, once more, for your written teachings and daily programs! It was especially a great blessing to personally meet you at the rally in Portland Oregon and be able to directly say this. (Thank you for coming to the west coast). Your message on THE WORD (as always) is our most important factor in our Christian walk and enjoyed the entire evening immensely. Your gracious manner and spiritual calmness is as meeting Christ Himself. Mike and I together gave Christ our hearts and spirits 45 years ago and ask the Holy Spirit to come unto us just this last year thru your teaching web site. Not until our re-accepting Him with you personally, had the gift of speaking in tongues graced my mouth. Thank you Andrew…thank you Father, my sweet Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit for centering me in all aspects in my life. We look forward to meeting with you again Andre in the future here or in eternity. God continue to bless you and be with and in and around you.


Category: Uncategorized | Name: Mrs Johnnie Lary | From: Florida
Posted On:

She watched the conference from Englandand she is still feeling the presenceof the Lord and wants you to know how much she appreciates you Andrew.

Love This Ministry

Category: Uncategorized | Name: Shonna | From: Paragould, Ar
Posted On:

I love this ministry and CBC online courses and I pray you create an app with all your teachings and commentary together that ppl can download free on Google play. I wish it was already created. We use our phones more than we use pcs and I love having study plans and all tools on my phone so I can keep my nose and eyes in the word day and night. Thank you for your sacrifice to our country and our Lord!


Category: Uncategorized | Name: Vera | From: England
Posted On:

Hi Andrew sorry I couldn’t make it to see you when you cam to England in the summer. Would love it if you came to Walsall for longer this time so we could come to see you. I have been watching healing school all last week wishing I was there, so amazing. (Vera England)


Category: Uncategorized | Name: Johnny Ray | From: North Carolina
Posted On:

Your Roku channel is awesome!

Awesome Teachings

Category: Uncategorized | Name: Sandra | From: California
Posted On:

Hi Andrew Thank you for your excellent radio broadcast on, “Staying Full Of God” series! They are simply awesome teachings and speak so true to my soul. I continue to pray for my dear friend Andrew that he will be delivered from homosexuality. I hope he will contact me soon and we will be great friends again.

Support the Decision

Category: Uncategorized | Name: Veronika | From: Austria
Posted On:

Hi Andrew,just want to say I do NOT intend to critisize you for deciding to slow down the building process of the Auditorium. Sir, you earn my respect in so many ways and saying you’ve decided something like that in such an honest and adequate manner only makes me appreciate and respect you more, not less.– Veronika

No More Smoking!

Category: Uncategorized | Name: Eleanor Lock | From: Bella Vista, Arkansas
Posted On:

Dear Daniel and Carlie!Something went wrong with the transmission of the ‘Healing is Here’ conference, don’t know if it was our internet provider or our computer or what, so we didn’t watch the conference. My husband said, “Well, they will archive it and then we can watch”Trouble is, life interferes, and just recently started to watch the conference. I have been watching the awesome morning sessions, and been SO blessed!If anyone is reading this that intended to go to the conference and didn’t go (as happened to us!) then be sure to watch online! Awesome!My own testimony concerning the Baptism in the Holy Spirit dates back to 1972 when at the urging of a friend, I went to a meeting where a young preacher was preaching on the Holy Spirit! (I did not know that there be such a thing, but I was a very young Christian and had very recently been born again) My friend in urging me to go, asked me if there was anything I needed from God…and I said, ‘oh, definitely! I need to give up cigarettes, because Valerie (our 2 year old) has been trying to imitate me in my smoking!’Well, I went forward at the meeting, the young minister prayed and cast out the spirit of nicotine, and then prayed for me to receive the Holy Spirit.Well, that was that, I thought! I didn’t know what to expect, so I just went about my business. My friend called and asked if I was still smoking (which I was) and if I was speaking in tongues! Well, that horrified me, the very thought of it. Then I read the very good book “They Speak With Other Tongues” and warmed up to the idea gradually. Two weeks later, I was in a peach orchard with my step-mother, and she asked me to climb up on the ladder and reach for the peaches on the top part of the peach tree, so I did and as I reached for the upper-most peach on the tree, a bolt of the God-kind of lightning went thru me, and I started speaking in tongues, and almost fell off the ladder! (surprising my step-mother no end, I might add!) I explained to her, “I don’t need to smoke cigarettes anymore!” God instantly took away the desire for me to smoke! When I got home, I called a friend and asked her if she’d like 4 cartons of Newport cigarettes, I had recently been to the military commissary and stocked up) She said, “really? Do you mean that? I’ll be right over”From that point on, as Daniel and Carlie said, the scriptures opened up to me, I read my bible day and night, and I lost ALL my partying friends! I didn’t smoke, cuss or drink any longer! They noticed it right away, and I was virtually friendless, except for my one Christian friend but that was fine with me because I wanted nothing more than to remain in His Presence and be blessed by Him! Those things held no charms for me from that point on. I look back on that period of time (it lasted for around 3 months) and wish it could be so again! I was in almost a dreamlike state, but in watching the conference I realized (that which I already knew) that He never left me, and all I needed was a fresh infilling! Praise God! I realize that it may not be that initial ‘honeymoon’ experience, but fresh infillings are for the believer every day! Thank you both for all you do, (you lovely people!) and how hard you work, it IS appreciated by more than you will ever know! God bless you all!