Did you know that you don’t have to earn God’s love? He already loves you, based on what Jesus has done, not what you have done!

The Basics of Righteousness is a cornerstone course at Charis Bible College taught by Andrew Wommack. These basic biblical principles are sure to grow your relationship with God.

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This course will propel you to:

  • Revolutionize the way you think about yourself.
  • Transform​ the way you interact with God.
  • Discover​ that God’s love for you has nothing to do with your performance.
  • Gain insight into how your spirit, soul, and body work together to experience abundant life.
  • Understand​ that our relationship with God is what determines our actions.

What Charis graduates are saying:

Testimonial Image: Javier Macias

“My family had no money, not even enough to eat. But God had called me to go to Charis. As an international student, I was unable to work in the US, but I made the choice to believe in faith that God would provide. By the time I arrived, He supernaturally provided all of the money I needed.”

-Javier Macias
Testimonial Image: Sarah Lucas

“Charis provided the foundation for us, so that when we faced all these giants on the mission field, we knew the devil was defeated and we weren’t distracted by all his tricks.”

-Sarah Lucas
Testimonial Image: Dylan Moffit

“My biggest revelation at Charis was to discover friendship with the Lord. I grew up in church my whole life but it’s totally different when you can hear the voice of the Lord speak to you about who you are, and who you’re called to be…He’ll set you free! Charis helped me to springboard into intimacy with God and getting to know His heart.”

-Dylan Moffit

Why should you attend Charis?

  • The Bible is the only textbook.
  • ​Spend four hours a day in the Word with like-minded students
  • ​Learn directly from instructors with experience as pastors, missionaries, evangelists, praise and worship leaders, and more!
  • Hone your skills by developing sermon outlines, speaking in public, working with interpreters, praying with the sick, and witnessing.
  • Attending Charis Bible College will help you succeed in all areas of society: faith, family, education, business, government, world missions, arts & entertainment, and media​.
  • ​​​Experience boots-on-the-ground training with mission trips throughout the world.
  • ​​Established for over twenty-five years, with consistent growth and worldwide impact.

Are you looking for:

  • A deeper relationship with God?
  • To know your identity in Christ?
  • Sound Biblical doctrine?
  • ​To discover your divine purpose in life?

Then Charis is your answer! What are you waiting for?