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Living in God's Best

If asked, most Christians would say that they want to live in God’s will for their lives. But most live in a place where it’s just a matter of time before they experience a crisis and need a miracle to get out of it.

While you might think it would be wonderful to go from miracle to miracle, the reality is that it means you’d also be going from crisis to crisis!

In Andrew’s Living in God’s Best teaching, you’ll discover how to shift from living need to need to living in a state of ongoing well-being. You’ll also see that miracles are great when you need them, but you weren’t meant to continually get by on them.

The Living in God’s Best teaching is available in the following formats:

  • Living in God’s Best CD album—$35
  • Living in God’s Best As-Seen-on-TV DVD album—$35
  • Living in God’s Best Live DVD album—$35
  • Living in God’s Best hardcover book—$21.99
  • Living in God’s Best Spanish paperback book—$15
  • Living in God’s Best study guide—$35
Living in God's Best Package

Living in God’s best can become a lifestyle—a permanent address—rather than somewhere we go to briefly escape the pressures of our lives. Get Andrew’s Living in God’s Best teaching, and learn to walk in freedom, raise your expectations, and be persuaded that living in the blessing is better than receiving a miracle. Take up residence in a place God has prepared just for you!

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