Bible Pledge - Back to the Bible

Thank you for making your pledge to read the Bible in a year!

We can’t wait to hear how reading the entire Bible has impacted your life and the lives of those around you.

The benefits of reading through the Bible are immeasurable. As you read God’s Word, it will:

  • Equip you for every God-ordained task (2 Tim. 3:16).
  • Instill living hope within you (Rom. 15:4).
  • Impart a healthy fear of the Lord (Deut. 10:12 and Ps 86:11).
  • Protect you from the deceitfulness of sin (Ps. 119:11).
  • Give you wisdom (Ps. 19:7).
  • Feed your spirit (John 6:63).
  • Set you free (John 8:32).
  • And so much more (Is. 55:10-11).

What blood is to our body, God’s Word is to our spirit. It renews us, energizes us, and sustains us in every area of life. We hope you’ll share this opportunity with your friends and family and encourage them to participate.

God’s Word transforms us into living epistles of His incredible love, and that is a gift that has an eternal impact on ourselves and everyone around us.


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