Charis Bible College

Charis Bible College is an extension of Andrew Wommack Ministries (AWM). This Bible college has many extension and satellite schools that cover the United States as well as overseas. Many attend either to answer a call from God in preparation for ministry or just to develop their own personal relationship with the Lord. While AWM spreads Andrew’s teaching materials globally, Charis Bible College goes one step further with discipleship. Preparation is never a waste of time for a lifetime of effective ministry. Once the grace and love of God take root, your life will never be the same.

As a Christian college, Charis is able to provide either an in-person classroom setting or online classes. Every believer in Jesus is called to be a minister—some are called to pastor, some to evangelize, and some to prophesy—but all believers are called to make disciples. Charis was birthed out of Andrew’s desire to see believers discipled. The first year establishes a student’s foundation in the Word. The second-year Charis Bible College student is taught how to function in a ministry through practical hands-on service. Third-year students choose specific ministry training through one of several tracks—the Business School, the Media School, the Ministry School, the Missions School, or the Worship Arts School. Through Charis, people all over the world are being discipled in the Word of God and in practical ministry training. Another facet of Charis is the weekly meetings that are held to teach people on how to receive and minister healing. We’re seeing countless people healed at our Charis Healing School —and it’s open to the public—so come join us or tune in online!

The Charis mission statement is to “Equip faithful men and women for the work of the ministry by teaching spiritual truths, imparting biblical knowledge, providing practical ministry opportunities, and grounding them in the message of God’s unconditional love and grace.” Prayerfully consider joining Charis Bible College. With online classes, a Healing School, and an environment of faith to help establish a thriving relationship with the Lord, we believe this Christian college will change your life! Search upcoming events, find a Charis school in your area, and read the blog at the school’s website. Watch live or archived events, and browse through our store. Go to, and check out all our resources today.

Change your life, change the world!

"The teaching at Charis combined with the emphasis on personal relationship with God, fellow students, and instructors has completely changed the way I look at things. Now I see what He delivered me from and what He wants me to do.”


How Charis Started

A Bible college was the last thing Andrew ever thought he would do. It’s not that he was opposed to a Bible college; it’s just that he had seen so many Bible college graduates become embarrassments to the kingdom of God. He didn’t want to have his name associated with a college that hadn’t prepared its students properly for ministry, and was convinced that academics alone wouldn’t get the job done.

However, the Lord had imprinted 2 Timothy 2:2 on Andrew’s heart. Paul was writing to Timothy and told him to take the things that he had learned and commit them to faithful men who would be able to teach others. Andrew felt frustrated in his attempts to accomplish this until 1993 when the Lord showed him a groundbreaking way to conduct a Bible college that would do more than just impart knowledge. This college would prepare men and women for ministry with a unique blend of the teaching of God’s Word and practical “on-the-job” training.

With the leading of the Holy Spirit, Andrew brought together a great teaching staff and Charis Bible College opened the doors with its first class in the fall of 1994. Since the establishment of the home base in Colorado Springs, CBC extension schools have been launched across America and around the world.


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