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The word fear is mostly used in a negative way, along with dread and terror. Many Christians dread God or are terrified of His judgment. But did you know there are over three hundred scriptures that talk about the fear of the Lord in a positive way? Isaiah 11:1–2 even says that Jesus feared His Father God.

In Andrew Wommack’s teaching The Fear of the Lord, you will learn:

  • A new definition of fear from a biblical standpoint
  • Why it’s important to fear the Lord over man
  • How to fear God above all others, respect authority, and respond in faith when evil is present
  • How the proper fear of the Lord leads to abundance and prosperity in every area of your life

If you’re experiencing lack, sickness, disease, divorce, or any other ungodly thing in your life, then perhaps you have not learned the fear of the Lord. If that’s true, this message could change your life!

The Fear of the Lord individual products—$35 each

  • The Fear of the Lord CD series
  • The Fear of the Lord as-seen-on-TV DVD series
  • The Fear of the Lord Live DVD series

You don’t have to bow in fear anymore—you have God on your side! When you learn to fear Him above all others, you will be set free. Order this life-changing teaching today!

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