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The unconditional love and grace of God is the message of the true Gospel. It’s a gift we’re given, and there’s nothing we can do to earn that gift through our actions. But what happens when legalistic teaching tries to distort this truth? The early church of Galatia faced this type of wrong teaching, and Paul wrote an entire letter to remind them of what God really said.

In his rather severe letter, Paul reprimands the Galatians for adding more to the Gospel than they were taught and letting legalistic teaching influence how they practiced Christianity. Founded in his God-given authority to teach the true Gospel, Paul breaks down the traps of legalism and works that the Galatians had been stepping back into.

In a new teaching titled Galatians, Andrew Wommack unpacks Paul’s letter verse by verse, explaining the overall message of Galatians with simplicity. He makes it clear that the problems facing Galatia are just as common in our time. Learn how to avoid legalistic and works-based faith with this new teaching.

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Get encouraged in the authority of the Word and be set free from legalistic thinking with Galatians.


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