Your giving changes the world.

When you give, you change the world. Your donation not only spreads the gospel of God’s unlimited love and grace through TV broadcasts, but through the teaching materials which touch spiritually hungry and hurting people around the world. You are helping to raise up disciples of Jesus Christ who minister all across the globe!

Your monthly giving makes the greatest Kingdom impact.

When you give, you make an impact in the Kingdom that resonates for generations. Your monthly giving enables careful ministry planning, sustains the expansion of the Kingdom of God worldwide, and keeps over 100 phone ministers answering calls 24/7. It puts the Gospel Truth on over 450 TV stations around the world! Not only that, but you’re expanding Charis Bible College too — increasing Kingdom momentum. Charis equips the next generation to impact the world for Christ. You do all this and more when you give each month!

Already a monthly partner? Manage your partnerships.
Already a monthly partner?
Manage your partnerships.

Other Ways to Give

Did you know that you can sow noncash gifts into the kingdom? You can give assets such as stocks, IRAs, cars, real estate, and more.

Legacy Giving

Continue sowing into the Kingdom throughout eternity with your legacy gift. Learn about the different ways you can leave a legacy today!

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