Hardness of Heart 2020

Did you know that being shocked or surprised at a miracle is an indication that you have a hardened heart? In Mark 6:51–52, we see that when the disciples were amazed at seeing Jesus walk on water, the scriptures say that it was because “their heart was hardened.”

Andrew’s Hardness of Heart teaching, airing March 30–April 24, 2020, will show you that, contrary to what most people think, everyone has a degree of hardness toward God in their heart. This is why many Christians are in unbelief, feel they can’t hear God, or can’t perceive spiritual truths. As Andrew establishes the characteristics of a hardened heart, you’ll see the danger in it (the crisis), understand why it happens (the cause), and realize that it doesn’t have to stay that way (the cure).

There are reasons that some Christians walk in the miraculous while others don’t. Hardness of Heart will help you be one of the ones who do.

    Two teaching series in CD or As-Seen-on-TV DVD:
  • Hardness of Heart
  • How to Become a Water Walker

Discover how to have a heart that is more sensitive toward God and expect to see the miraculous become a part of your everyday life. Order this classic teaching below or by calling 719-635-1111 today!

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