Adding the NKJV to the Living Commentary Bible Translations

(Existing Users) ​​

Before proceeding make sure that you have your email and password ready.

Step 1

Upon launching Living Commentary, a window will appear asking “Do you want to download and install new version?”.

  • Click “Yes”

Step 2

A progress bar will appear.

Step 2.a

You may be asked if you would like to uninstall the previous version.

  • Select “Yes”

Step 3

The system will show that it is installing.

  • Make sure that “Launch when ready” is checked

Step 4

Enter your username and password.

Step 5

For Windows users: select “Translations” (Mac and all other platforms skip to step 8).​

  • Locate the NKJV and click on “Download”

Step 6

You will now see a green loading circle.

Step 7

Once the download is complete you can toggle on the NKJV.

  • Click “Update”

Step 8

Click on the Bible Versions dropdown arrow.

  • Select the NKJV version

Step 9

NKJV or your desired version should now be selected and showing.

Step 10

A new feature with this update is the ability to toggle On/Off versions that you do not use.

  • Click on Translations/Commentaries
  • Once you have made the desired changes, select “Update”
  • This will save your preferences

Note: The King James Bible and the Living Commentary are always set in the “On” position and cannot be changed.

Additional Note: Mac and all other platforms will receive this feature in a future update. 


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