Choose Life

Many people don’t let the Bible get in the way of what they believe. If you’re like a lot of Christians, you believe in Jesus, but you’ve compartmentalized your faith so that your Bible beliefs only have a little influence over other areas of your life. This struggle includes hot topics like creation and homosexuality—and abortion.

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Choose Life - USB

If you or someone you know is unsure of what the Bible says about abortion, get Andrew’s Choose Life! Interviews and Testimonies USB flash drive. Featuring real stories of people who have survived abortions, it’s sure to give you a fresh perspective on the sanctity of life.

And for a limited time only, this comes with a special bonus—the Observing All Things booklet, which addresses abortion, creation, and homosexuality

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Observing All Things - Booklet

There's more to being a disciple than simply faith in Jesus. That might sound hard to believe, but that's exactly what Jesus Himself said. In Andrew's booklet, Observing All Things, learn how to be a disciple of Christ in today's culture!

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