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The Isaac Newton Project

The Isaac Newton Project

Stuck at home because of COVID-19? You aren’t the first! Isaac Newton was quarantined during the plague, and instead of complaining about it, he used that time to become one of the world’s leading experts on gravity. What do you think you could do with that kind of time? Separation might not be a bad thing after all!

An Excellent Time to Grow!

Sir Isaac Newton also had to practice social distancing during the Great Plague of London. As the pandemic took many lives, he and other students were asked to leave their college in Cambridge and study at home without supervision. It was during that time that he formulated early calculus and his theories on optics, gravity, and motion. After a year-plus of working in isolation, Isaac Newton emerged a genius!

While you might not be in total isolation, most of us have unexpectedly found ourselves in restricted situations. This is an excellent time to grow and develop in ways that we might not have otherwise. To help you make the most of the unprecedented period, we have teamed up with an alliance of ministries and Christian businesspeople to offer you free access to wholesome premium products through what is being called The Isaac Newton Project.

We will be offering our premium products below free, for a limited time only! To see what we’re offering, read below. For the awesome products other organizations are offering, check out the Isaac Newton Project website!

Premium Content Free for a Limited Time

As part of this Project, Andrew Wommack Ministries will be giving away the following premium products:

Charis Bible College Courses

Receiving from God 1

taught by Andrew Wommack
Charis Bible College Course: Receiving from God I

Open your life to receive all that God has for you. You’ll discover important truths about prayer and how to begin to see consistent results. You’ll also learn about the foundation and laws of healing, why people are not healed, and the three levels of healing.


taught by Barry Bennett
Charis Bible College Course: Healing

Discover the principles for health and healing, and understand healing in terms of the spirit, soul, and body of man in this course. You’ll learn about your part and God’s part in the process of receiving health and healing in your body.

You can watch the first four lessons of these courses here. If you would like to access these online courses in their entirety you may enroll in one or both courses for FREE by clicking here. You can then choose to complete each course for full Charis credit or simply enjoy the content without completing the course exam. This is an amazing opportunity! The normal tuition for these courses is $120 each but you are receiving them at no charge!

Premium Videos

God with Us and Heart of Christmas are breathtaking musicals by Robert and Elizabeth Muren! These unforgettable biblical musicals will transport you back in time and give you a new perspective that will strengthen your faith in God.

Plus, in The Making of God with Us, you'll go behind the scenes to see how God with Us was produced.

Prepared especially for you, Biblical Worldview: Foundational Truths is a not-yet-released curriculum by Andrew Wommack! Be equipped to defend your faith with confidence and begin to view life through the only lens of truth—the Bible—with this authoritative resource.

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