There’s more to being a disciple than having faith in Jesus. That might sound hard to believe, but that’s exactly what Jesus said. A disciple is a person who observes all things that Jesus has commanded (Matt. 28:19–20). However, most Christians don’t let the Bible get in the way of what they believe. They compartmentalize their faith so that their Bible beliefs have only a little influence over other areas of their life. If your attitude, doctrine, or worldview doesn’t line up with the Word of God, that needs to change, not the Bible.

Andrew’s Observing All Things teaching, airing April 27–May 15, 2020, is a rerun of his timeless teaching that includes interviews with creationists Dr. Carl Baugh and Dr. Grady McMurtry. As Andrew explores a biblical perspective on controversial topics like economics, abortion, homosexuality, and creationism versus evolution, you’ll be equipped to know and stand up for the truth.

Learn how to be a true disciple, instead of just a convert, when you get the Observing All Things CD or DVD series. You’ll also get the Observing All Things booklet—containing commentary as well as statistics and graphs on homosexuality, abortion, and evolution—free!

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