A Better Way to Pray Package

Have you ever wondered whether God hears your prayers or why you don’t see His will come to pass? Prayer should be one of the most rewarding parts of a believer’s life, but for many people it is frustrating and ineffective. There was a time when Andrew had many of the same questions you do, but over the years, he found a better way to pray.

Andrew shares the life-changing revelations he’s received on prayer in a series of Gospel Truth television broadcasts airing June 1–July 3, 2020. In A Better Way to Pray, Andrew dispels a lot of the myths that may have hindered the way you practice prayer, as well as many of the big issues you may have with it. He explains that the main purpose of prayer isn’t to ask God for things—for yourself or for others. The main purpose of prayer is to declare what you already have in your spirit.

In A Better Way to Pray, you’ll discover that God wants your prayers answered even more than you do. If you aren’t getting the prayer results you know the Lord wants you to have, maybe it’s time to consider a better way. Get these powerful A Better Way to Pray resources and begin to see your prayer life improve today! Order these products by clicking the buttons below or by calling our Helpline at 719-635-1111.

A Better Way to Pray individual products:

  • A Better Way to Pray paperback book — $15
  • Una Mejor Manera de Orar Libro Español — $15
  • A Better Way to Pray CD series — $35
  • A Better Way to Pray As-Seen-on-TV DVD series — $35
  • A Better Way to Pray study guide — $35
A Better Way to Pray Package

Change your perspective on life and prayer in this truth-filled series!


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