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Joy Wanjiku
January 4, 2016 Encouragement
The LORD God Bless you Andrew & Jamie Wommack and all that co labor with you together with The LORD In His Vineyard to release the Truth to millions. Am a beneficiary of your free Ministry Resources and I thank The Holy Spirit for continual Mind renewal and life has thoroughly changed, Thank You Jesus! I look forward to passing on these truths by The Help of The Holy Ghost. HalleluYah. I thank God for you, may He continue using you and many others for His Glory. As you pour into many and as we receive the deliverance and truth may He use us to set at liberty others for the expansion and furtherance of His Kingdom. Thank you Jesus for these dear brethren. Thank you Abba Father that you meet their every need in Jesus Name and their finish every assignment well and excellently for your Glory Lord Jesus, Raise intercessors for them who will birth your purposes for them in prayer in Jesus Name. Thank you Jehovah God, You are Awesome and Glorious
David Reynolds
Huntsville Arkansas
January 3, 2015 Encouragement
FaithFilled words
U asked to say something good.positive. Thank you for teaching the truth. God bless u and your staff. David Reynolds
Dave Shirvis
Ocala, FL
January 3, 2015 Encouragement
Bible study
fellowship-- any 'Andy fans' around Ocala, Florida?-- let's meet-up -- there's a Charis Bible study in town available that is a blessing! -- let's connect-- isolation is a tool of the enemy-- blessings to you! google on or look up 'Charis Bible Studies' then look for Ocala, FL! we're looking for more to join us!
Jean Gordon
January 2, 2015 Healing
Thanks to God ahead of Answered Prayer
I want to thank God ahead of time for bringing my close Friend , Justin, a wounded Soldier with a broken left ankle, safely home to the US from Damascus, Syria by special plane. Thank You Lord
Paula Perkins
January 2, 2015
Happy New Year
HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2016!!!!!!!!!!!
Dina Samarsky
January 1, 2015 Encouragement
You're a sweet man.
Sharon Pickett-Williams
Chesterfield, NJ
January 1, 2015 Healing
The Hiding
I was in the Military for 21 years and a homosexual. I almost married a woman, and I was trying to interject God in a situation that He just would not be a part of. By the grace of God He led me to one of your Broadcast with Janet Boyner on and my God my eyes were open and so was my heart. I thank God for the healing and I want to serve Him wholeheartly. I pray that God uses me to help others in everyway possible.
Fawn Marquez
Minneapolis MN
December 31, 2015 Financial
Goal for 2016
My goal for 2016 is to tithe all my income completely - I have not done this yet. I want to give back to the Lord - because he has blessed me x 1000 and I didn't deserve it at all. I listen to Andrew Wommack & Creflo Dollar, but mostly AWM. Also, Andrew Wommack television shows have been such a wonderful source of education - it's free and I have grown so much in the Lord listening to his lessons - it's a blessing that this is free, real and obviously God's workers to the world - Thank you so much for being there - Being able to watch Andrew Wommack helped me through forgiving a unfaithful born again husband, who divorced me - and God helped me get through a bitter divorce, helped me raise three teenagers alone,(I still have 2 to go, lol) the ability to find employment that has promoted me from a regular hard working community worker making 3 x more over past few years - and being able to rely completely on the Lord to pay my rent, bills and take care of my children in a wonderful neighborhood - in a huge five bedroom home with 3 bathrooms. Only the Lord could provide this to us. This ministry has provided me with a wonderful look into the Gospel Truth, and continues to be a huge influence in my life. The prayer lines have been such a huge blessing, it got my little 7 year old through his severe panic attacks, brought my 25 year old daughter home after being on hard drugs for two years, this xmas - she celebrates 3 years of sobriety because she is a new person in Christ. This is what we were taught through Andrew Wommack Ministries, The Lord has power to help us overcome what the enemy tries to dish out. It's amazing!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!
James Muchiri warigi
Nairobi Kenya
December 31, 2015 Encouragement
Total transformation
After having been a Christian for a quite a long time I was struggling to live upright, I struggled with alcoholism for more than 7years alongside musterbation yet being married but today as we close the year 2015, I want to testify of being wholistically changed . I was introduced to your materials by a friend and after listening to the free audios and reading Afew books im experiencing break through in all areas . I now have direction over my life. You are a blessing to me and hence many generations to come.
Ruth Wilson
December 30, 2015 Encouragement
Ruth called and ordered some product and then said how blessed she was every time Andrew wears the light denim shirt with the khaki collar because it reminds her of how unassuming and down-to-earth Andrew is.
Carol Moorby
Ballston Lake N. Y.
December 30, 2015 Financial
God blessed me this week. I found a$100.00 bill on the floor of a parking lot. Thank you JESUS.There was no one else around .
Joseph Patak
Kettering, Ohio
December 30, 2015 Encouragement
Thank you for fulfilling God's purpose for you. Your teachings have strengthened my relationship with Christ and solidified my calling. Thank you! May God continue to bless you!