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Submitted by: Donna Volonnino Coday

On March 27, 2019

Reaching out from: Lindsay ca

I love Andrew Wommack ministries! I watch on tv every day. Such good teaching, down to earth. Has helped me a lot as I have needed the good Lord’s strength to make it through these past 6 years helping care for my 93 yr old Father. I have been very blessed, but also lots have come up. Thank you! It is a dream of mine to go to Charis Bible college one day. I highly recommend being a partner of this wonderful Ministry! That is truest reaching the world for Jesus!

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They Stole Our Stuff, but by Faith Through Grace We Took It Back !

Category: Financial | Name: Chanel Uboh | From: Fayetteville GA
Posted On: May 12, 2016

April 27, 2016


In April 2015, My wife and I were falsely accused of Mortgage Fraud and Racketeering. Our home was violated by a team of search units and they seized our vehicles and a great deal of our personal items. My wife and I were forced to turn ourselves in to the authorities and were held to a $120, 000 bond each. We were told that we could not use property for collateral but that we could only use cash. We stood on the word and took authority over this demonic attack and the forces behind it and we declared that when you surrendered we would not be handcuffed, not ride in police vehicle and not dress in any jail clothes. We saw everything that we declared we even walked ourselves out ! We began standing on the word where our properties were concerned and prayed with a few of our Partners; Creflo Dollar Ministries, KCM, Andrew Wommack Ministries, (where we were prayed for by an anointed sister in Christ) and Jerry Savelle Ministries. We declared that all our properties would be released and returned to us even though our attorneys and the DA’s office said we would likely never get them back. On June 21st our Pastor Creflo A Dollar called for a praise service after our regular church service (we believe it was just for us) the praise team ushered us in an atmosphere of peace and we by faith TOOK BACK OUR STUFF!! Pastor Dollar had been teaching on the Believers Authority (Flipping the switch) and we did that. The next day we received a call saying we could come on June 24th and retrieve all that was stolen from us! When we looked at the agreement signed my the Judge to release our property it was dated Sunday, June 21st!!!! We would like to thank your ministry for teaching the uncompromised word of God, being obedient at all times no matter what and standing in agreement with us for our victory. Our lives have been on a steady rise since we found and connected with this ministry and we are forever grateful.

Tunde and Chanel Uboh

Fear Teaching

Category: Encouragement | Name: Dianne Gallegos | From: Denver
Posted On:

Hi, I have been listening to one of your older lessons on Fear of the Lord and taking a stand for what is right. You were talking about righteous anger etc…. I love it!!! I heard a Pastor at a church say we should give to the beggars on the street and I could not justify that in scripture and have taught my children that is wrong to give to them to support their ungodly ways and lifestyles. You put the teaching and support in a great way. That we should stand for what God says is right and truth despite what the laws of the land are. It is so refreshing to find agreement in these things!!! Bless you brother for standing for the truth and teaching the uncompromised word of truth!

Healing From Conjestion

Category: Healing | Name: Howard Vail | From: Colorado
Posted On:

I was having problems with sinus and chest conjestion for about 6 months last year and was taking a lot of medication. I couldn’t lay flat in my bed at night and had to sleep in a recliner. The symptoms were closing in on me and sleep was a nightmare. I couldn’t rest or even think. I was listening to Andrew teach about healing in his message “You’ve already Got it” and quote II Peter 1:3 and how it says we already have everything that pertains to life and Godliness and that Jesus told his disciples to speak to their mountains. In my weakness, I prayed in accordance with what Jesus said and what Andrew was teaching. I also called the prayer ministry. That was the day I turned a corner. I started getting better and better until I forgot to take my medicine. I found myself telling my wife that I was going to sleep in the bed one night. It felt so good to stretch out and to rest fully. I couldn’t do that in the recliner. I have continued to see complete recovery until now I can regularly sleep in the bed and all of the conjestion is gone. I am healed through the stripes that Jesus received on His back and His word is true and the prayer ministry at AWMI was so helpful to me through its believing prayer ministers. Thank you so much and praise to our God for healing me!


Category: Encouragement | Name: Shirley McFarland | From: St. Louis
Posted On:

We are so grateful for these messages, you were instrumental in saving our lives. Thank you so much.

Ministering in Today

Category: Encouragement | Name: Pastor Chris | From: Fredericksburg, Virginia
Posted On: May 3, 2016

Thank you, thank you for this week’s programming on Ministry in Today’s Culture. You, Pastor Duane and Pastor Bob have provided some well reasoned replies to and explanation of the believer’s responsibility to stand for truth at all costs. I love the candor of the responses. I particularly loved Pastor Duane’s response to your question about the Pastor taking pictures with his homosexual daughter and her partner and posting them on Facebook. As Pastor Duane rightly stated – Sin is sin. All sin needs to be treated the same. Sin does kill. Also the explanation of the use of the sword is priceless. Thanks again for the candor, the clarity, the balance and the boldness. The timing of this program is so appropriate especially with the decision by Target stores to allow employees and customers to use the bathroom they identify with.
I believe that just like Goliath taunted the children of Israel and defied the armies of Israel, Target and those influenced by the anti-Christ are doing the same thing to believers today. As believers we have a great opportunity to be like David and, ‘come to (Target, etc.) in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel who (those who follow the spirit of anti-Christ) have defiled.’ We have the victory as long as we stand strong for Truth. He (Truth) died for us the least we can do is to live boldly for Him. God bless you Andrew and your ministry. You have helped this Pastor. God bless you! Keep doing what you are doing. You are making an eternal difference.


Category: Encouragement | Name: Subo Jana | From: Canada
Posted On:

Thank you Andrew Wommack! I can not pass a day without listening your teaching. I am so blessed


Category: Encouragement | Name: Wayne McGinnis | From: Englewood, CO
Posted On:

Good morning Believers!
God uses Andrew and AWMI like a funnel to pour out His blessings! I have listened to Andrew since 1982 and have ALWAYS been blessed by down home, no frills, tell-it-like-God-said-it teaching, edifying and encouragement!
In 2015 I decided it was past due to be a Partner with AWMI and I was blessed from the moment I took that step of faith!
Having divorced my spouse I was in Florida, away from my family and living by the grace and mercy of God.
Andrew sent me a copy of the True Nature of God and it sparked a learning curve that continues to this day.
I now know He is my Dad; I am no longer an orphan, unloved or alone!
I’ve known Christ since 1972 but through God’s love, I discovered how much I did not know Him!
So look at me; I’m the guy soaked to the bone with the washing of water by the Word…
…God’s Word delivered by Andrew, Jamie and the entire AWMI organization! Blessing in Him,
Wayne McGinnis

Mario Left His Wheelchair Behind!

Category: Healing | Name: Mario Martin | From: Wills Point
Posted On:

Mario was diagnosed with guillain-barre syndrome in April of 2014. The doctors had him in rehab, alternating between using a wheelchair and a walker, but were giving him a grim prognosis of spending the rest of his days in assisted living care. He has his daughter-in law order God Wants You Well. Mario listened to it and within a month he walked out of the facility. It has been over 2 years and he has never gone back!
– as told to the AWM family during a customer service call.


Category: Encouragement | Name: Mary Helen Ruehle | From: visalia
Posted On:

Hi Andrew, I have exciting news! The pastor from a small church I attend has asked me to take the service this Sunday. I’ll be doing the worship and sermon. I’ll be teaching Spirit Soul and Body, unless the Lord leads otherwise. I don’t normally sing so I’ll be stepping out in faith along with another sister and prerecorded music. I’m very excited and wanted to let you know since you’re the channel God used to teach me this amazing truth that has set me free for life!!!
I love you and appreciate you Andrew and Jaimie


Category: Encouragement | Name: Gola Lewis | From: Golden, MS
Posted On:

Thank for your stance on these ungodly issues! I became worried because I had never had heard you express your stance! I know what the bible says about homosexuality, and it has not changed! Again, Thank you for your work; God bless and comfort all of you!