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Amber Miller
Baltic, Ohio
September 11, 2015 Encouragement
Thank you
Andrew, I just wanted to say thank you for always being bold and speaking the truth, regardless of how others may receive it. Particularly in this area of harnessing your emotions, people can get very offended because they don't want to think they have any part to play. Many people claim they can't help it because they don't want to feel any responsibility, and our modern day culture encourages them to be that way. Thank you for going against the grain of society and speaking the truth in love. Those who can handle the truth benefit greatly from your ministry, and you are an encouragement to me to not shy away but to boldly speak the truth in love because that is what truly helps people. God bless!
Peter Travis
September 11, 2015 Encouragement
Andrew was awesome today.I admire his boldness so much.Anytime you talk about race in this country,you're opening yourself to vicious criticism,but when you speak the truth through God's word -well let the critics have at it.Andrew-there are more with us than those against us-Amen.God Bless you and see you in November!
George Bagley
Atlanta GA
September 11, 2015 Encouragement
Test Title
I really have enjoyed the current series on Harnessing Your Emotions. In the beginning, I didn't think much of what you had to say would apply to me, but the Holy Spirit said otherwise.
Thank you for tackling hard issues and letting God's word be true and every man a liar.
Please keep teaching the undiluted word regardless of the backlash. I know it has changed my life and looking at the growth of your ministry, it's changing the world.
Praise God and thank you Andrew for the sacrifice you've made in dedicating your life to change the life of others.
lorraine a.
colorado springs
September 11, 2015 Encouragement
Test Title
Thanks. Please expose more on the psychology/psychiatry stuff. A daughter is going from much trauma- she has 4 her 30s. She started blaming me for being a horrible parent, saying stuff that was not true... But she will stand by what she says. I knew she was beat up by drug dealers.. but this hatred on the parents is so off. Then when she became a widow, they put her on prozac, and lots of horrible meds.. she was so out of it.. then her meetings got to where they were filling her with lies to be the victim and her parents especially me, the mom - the target for blame... That is because I once spoke up against these false professionals... INtervention should be the whole family not just the victim.... i am not allowed in her home. we are crying out for a voice for us, your teachings are soft spoken compared to more wrongs done to us by these educated arrows.. Keep speaking up more to show the deception. Psalm 1.... don't sit in the seat of the scorner, the mocke, the ungodly counsel... thanks.... speak out more...
Isaac K Isaac
September 11, 2015 Encouragement
Test Title
I would like to thank God for Andrew and the work he is doing. I. Learned about him from my wife, she used to listen to him before we got married, every morning she would listen to him. After marriage she encouraged me to listen to him, wow wow! My spitual has never been the same, the massage of grace he presented freed me from many years of bondage, condemnation and self effort trying to please God. I got the teaching articles, listened to the tapes and my relationship with God improved. I am a grace preacher now, I have been able to share with others on one to one which has been very efective the massage of grace. I'm seeing lifes change.
May the Good. Lord bless Andrew and his family.
philip wafula
September 11, 2015 Healing
Test Title
God bless andrew wommack ministry.
blessing ogbonda
September 11, 2015 Encouragement
Test Title
Pastor andrews teaching is a blessing to my life,it has transform me from religion to know Gods love. Please how can I list and download more teachings
Jim Rehm
Omak Washington
September 11, 2015
Test Title
Just thought you would like to hear our report.. We have experienced the worst fire in our states history the last two weeks or so. We live on the edge of a field that reaches out to the mountains west of us. The fire traveled about 13 miles in one day and when it jumped the highway that is about a mile behind us, we had to evacuate. We left, but as we did, we both asked God to watch over our home, thanked him and then spent the night in town. We returned the next morning to find four of our neighbors houses gone, but there was a big green ring around the back of ours. Some people tell us how lucky we were, I think I know better. Our Father watched over us that night. The fire continues to burn to the north of us and I will be back on the lines Sunday. A lot of people in our county lost everything, and as you can expect, there are a lot of emotions. Your prayers will be greatly appreciated...Funny that you are teaching on harnessing your emotions now.
Pamela Moody
Garland, Tx
September 10, 2015 Financial
Test Title
It has been on my heart the last couple months to come to Colorado and attend CBC. I know that when God put something in your heart and you move when He tells you He will provide. I definitely don't have the money to attend but I am believing God for a financial breakthrough that will position me and I will be able to attend. I have been a little concerned about it because I really want to come. But I know I have to be at peace with everything that I am up against. I ask that you keep me in prayer and I will see you soon.
Pamela Moody
September 10, 2015
Test Title
I turned on the TV this morning to watch your program and I was taken aback by some of your comments in which you compare psychology and Christianity. I am a spirit filled Christian, and I am also a psychologist. You stated that from a psychological viewpoint an individual's environment dictates their emotions; therefore they have no choice. I respectfully disagree, in that a psychological view would argue that while our early environments might impact our reactions to life events and circumstances, we are the one's who ultimately choose our responses. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (the most widely used psychological treatment approach) is based on the premise that if we change how we think about a situation, we change our emotions and as a result change our behaviour. Thank you for allowing me to share my perspective.
Eleanor Risser
San Diego
September 9, 2015 Healing
Test Title
I watch the videos from my smartphone.
Thank you.
Vicky Ockwell
New Zealand
September 9, 2015 Encouragement
Test Title
I was about to finish Andrew's awesome book on financial stewardship and so was talking to the Lord about wanting to read another. I had planned on asking a friend to borrow one of his. I came home from work a few days later and what is sitting on my couch?? An awesome book by Andrew called 'The true nature of God'. Wrapped in a matching blue ribbon with a thank you note for being a partner. I was so happy, nothing could steal my joy at that moment. It was a love gift straight from my Heavenly Father, through his wonderful people at AWM. Thank you :) :) The content of the book has already impacted me greatly.