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Bethany Miracle
September 10, 2018 Healing
Back Pain, Neck Pain, Arm Pain
Howard prayed with me this morning. When I called, I was suffering from back pain, neck pain, pain in my head, and shoulder - all resulting from might have been a whiplash. Before we even began praying, the back pain was completely gone!!! After we prayed, the pain in my arm, which was at an above 10 went down to a 3 and then gone when I swung my arm forward and backwards. Praise God! I decree and declare this pain and shock will never come on my body again - in Jesus' name!!!
Gwen Watkins
Mayo Florida
September 10, 2018 Encouragement
Standing for healing
I would like to thank Andrew for playing the testimony of Deborah McDermott and having her on the program. Hearing the whole story really freed me in my own walk. Unlocking specific keys to standing and recognizing unbelief of even well meaning people and how it can affect things in taking a stand against the enemy, and how important having the soil of our hearts prepared to recieve, thanks and God bless you!
Mary Thompson
September 9, 2018 Healing
Miracle womanSec 7
I've grown as a Christian by following the word of God at the leadership of Andrew Wommack. Thank you so much. Your prayer line is the very best; thank you for training them and picking the people that you know God wants in that place. They're all great
Richard Dominguez
Gate City, Va
September 8, 2018
Just received the free book "The Believer's Authority" that you were so generous to send and am already half way through the book. Thank you so much, I am eager to learn all I can about your ministry
Sytauri Donald
Gloucester, Virginia
September 8, 2018 Encouragement
A New Way
I am just thankful for the Lord loving me so much that He made sure I would get the truth through the teachings of AWMI. God has used this ministry to transform my heart and give me a new way of living, thinking, loving, giving. I was already born again, but I learned that I had an incomplete understanding of the true nature of God. The gospel truth has freed me to just live for my Father in a new way. Everyone at AWMI, thank you for simply doing what God tells you to do.
Chris Omobude
September 8, 2018 Encouragement
I can't even recall how I stumbled into Andrew Wommack's ministry and resources. But I strongly believe that God led me because I have been so hungry for God. Andrew's teachings have changed my life. I now have a vibrant relationship with God that nobody is able to talk me out of... I enjoy so much peace and joy. Plus, my knowledge of God's Word has greatly increased... Thank you Andrew and Jamie. I love you. To God be the glory!
Elaine Whipple
Fort McCoy, Florida
September 8, 2018 Financial
We have been struggling in our finances and we know after watching your program, that help is coming .Thank you and praise God
My husband and I watch your show every day and sometimes in the evening. You have inspired us both so much it is unbelievable how much better our lives are becoming. We hope there might be a teaching center here in Florida not too far from us so we could learn more.
September 7, 2018 Healing
I am a partner of AWMI for years, met Andrew several times and even got a special tour of Springs buildings. I have listened and gotten his tapes for over 15 years or so. As a result, my wife and I have started several ministries, Christan Coffee shop, Christian Healing room with many healing, Pregnancy Center with saving many babies lives,Teaching an as hoc course END TIMES researched by me and in progress now, Satan has repeatedly attacked me, first by GI BLEEDING which rested in a death experience with prayer recovery, and most recently three different attacks by Satan, this year, they are attack by another GI BLEEDING and emergency as hoc surgery, then months later another attack on water body retention most recently two weeks ago, Satin booked my urine flow by stones, which resulted in severe Urine tract infection and a major case of Blood poisoning. this required 2 surgreies, the stone could not be removed on first surgery because of the infection, but a week later on second surgery the Doctor et al could not find any stones, removed the stint and in 30 minutes declared me healed as no stone was found by all of the X-rays. I had received healing prayer by my pastor. He and I met you last fall for the Healing meeting in 2017, The miracle healing was so fast, the recovery and release from the hospital so sudden, and most of all the thrilled RN'S and Doctor when they debriefed me after the second surgery. in summary, Satan has his eyes on me, and is defeated, both by death recovery and now the missing mystery kidney stone. The fight may continue but Satan is a defeated foe because GOD WANTS YOU WELL... BLESSING AWMI, AND ANDREW'S CONSISTENT TEACHINGS....I would love others to receive this message as this small town and world needs a lift above their wake up God attitude in prayer.
Omolara James
September 7, 2018 Financial
Reading different messages right now and it's just like I know ingredients God for the first time...thank you sir for sharing the truth, I mean the real truth.
MagicWandbunse MagicWandbunse
September 7, 2018 Healing
Magic Wand
Quite right. It is good thought. I support you.
Gladys Rogers
Calgary Alberta Canada
September 6, 2018
Calgary Alberta Canada
Andrew, I watched you on TV. So I looked you up on YouTube. I listened to your message about the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. Talking to the pain in Jesus name. I accepted the Holy Spirit to speak In tongues. Thank you just started watching you lately. I am blessed. I am a child of God. Thank you for listening to God and Teaching his word. Gladys
sherry harris
Rancho cucamonga
September 6, 2018 Encouragement
Thank You Andrew Wommack for healing series! I'm walking through my healing of breast cancer and I'm so grateful to learn all the Bible and help from you in directing us on the right path!!!!