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Submitted by: Rachel Philbrick

On December 12, 2019

Reaching out from: Maine

I wanted to reach out and take a minute to let you all know how much you have blessed me, and the way the Lord has blessed me through your ministry recently. For the past couple of months, I have been spending time trying to learn more about who God really is. How he thinks of us, how he cares for us, and how he loves us. When I would pray, I would tell God I wanted to truly know Him, and to help me get the scriptures, resources, anything I needed to help me have this revelation/understanding.

About two weeks after I began to really come to the Lord with this, I came home to a mailer from Andrew Wommack Ministries on my kitchen table. I hadn’t made a special donation or requested any sort of materials anywhere around that time, so I had no idea what was inside. When I opened the envelope, I was completely blown away by what had been sent to me, ‘The Nature of God’. I was so taken aback and humbled by God’s love and care for me, and that He was able to use the generosity of this ministry to bless me so directly and supernaturally; it brought me to tears.

It is because of you all that I received this book, and I have loved reading every page of it. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the ways you have blessed my life, and those of millions of others, The Lord uses you all to prosper and bless God’s family of believers, and I can’t tell you how grateful I am.


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God Is Working Wonders in My Life

Category: Encouragement | Name: Ken Macpherson | From: Red deer Alberta
Posted On: September 4, 2015

Bless you For all the helpful videos,God is working wonders in my life and the wife.I think the best book and video a person need to start with is the nature of God!Again thank you May you and your staff have the Blessing of the Lord!

It Came to Me Had It Not Been for All Your Effort, I Would Not Have Known the Grace Message

Category: Encouragement | Name: Lucia Dagdagan | From: Chicago, Illinois
Posted On:

I was watching inside edition #9 and I was so blessed watching the beginning of your ministry. So blessed with Larry Yonker being interviewed. It came to me had it not been for all your effort, I would not have known the grace message.Now I graduated from Charis Bible College-Chicago and leading a Charis Bible Studies here. I thank God for you.

Insomnia, Multiple Areas of Pain Healed!

Category: Healing | Name: Charlotte Smalley | From:
Posted On:

Watched healing school today and was delivered from demonic curse, financial curse, spirit of infirmity and my heart was renewed!! Insomnia, multiple areas of pain healed! Full motion in my knees. Jesus blessing is greater than any curse! I recieved. we overcome by the blood and our testimony. Praise God. thanks awmi and healing school.

Now I’m Fully Following Jesus With My Whole Heart

Category: Healing | Name: Jay Sunderland | From: Lake Stevens, Washington
Posted On:

Two years ago, the Chief Operations Officer of Electric Mirror gave me the book A Better Way to Pray. I read it and began praying and God responded! Now I’m fully following Jesus with my whole heart. My eyes are now open to the truth of the Bible and I’m totally in love with Jesus!

I Really Like What You Said About Fasting Last Week!

Category: Encouragement | Name: Mary Ruehle | From: visalia, ca
Posted On:

hi Andrew, great news!!! I found a bible study that teaches just like you!!! yeah finally I don’t have to filter and counter teachings. Praise God for answered prayers. I had just told the Lord I’d drive a ways just to get the right teaching. I don’t want to fall under law again.Thanks again for all your awesome teachings. I’m able to listen almost daily. Oh and I really like what you said about fasting last week!!!Love you God blessed you

I Have Really Been Blessed by Listening to the Healing Conference Online This Week

Category: Encouragement | Name: Donna Lagarde | From: Live in Richmond,
Posted On:

I have really been blessed by listening to the Healing Conference online this week.Powerful teaching. I also loved the format. Great Job everyone!

God’s Word Works Even if Your Not Paying Attention

Category: Healing | Name: Karen Cummings | From: Queens,NY
Posted On:

I have been immersing myself in he Word of God for a financial miracle. Not in my house I was without the word too long, so I pulled my tablet out in he bank and went to awmi. Healing school was streaming live, so I did. I continually looked saying to myself I need financial faith growth not healing. After two days of immersion I had a dry patch of skin on my arm just peel off. God healed what I felt was minor. Funny I had just left the dermatologist when I started looking at healing school. God’s word works even if your not paying attention. GLORY TO GOD!!!

Thanks to the Teachings I’ve Received, I’ve Been Able to Speak Life Into Other People’s Situations as Well

Category: Encouragement | Name: Audrey | From: America
Posted On:

Thank you soo much for all you do Andrew Wommack ministries! I am fifteen years old and instead of filling my self up with silly worldly stuff, I am able to watch The Gospel Truth on my computer! God has done amazing stuff in my life, including stretching out my back. For most of my life I had been unable to touch my toes, but one day I finally took authority over it and within seconds I could not only touch my toes, I could touch the floor! Praise God! He cares about the little things to! Thanks to the teachings I’ve received, I’ve been able to speak life into other people’s situations as well. Anyway, I am soo grateful for this ministry. Even my parakeets love Charis Bible College praise and worship; they start singing loudly when I turn it on. 🙂 I think all teenagers should listen to Andrew Wommack; He’s super easy to understand. May I suggest an online pre-Charis Bible college for those of us who are highschoolers? I don’t want to have to wait to join Charis until I graduate!

I Believe This Is the Best Teaching in the Body Today

Category: Encouragement | Name: Sweetjoey | From: canada
Posted On:

I first heard about Andrew and his program in early 2014. I was very skeptical due to being repeatedly hurt deeply by ‘ministers’. my faith was shipwrecked for many years. I scrutinized this ministry with a magnifying glass. 18 months later, I fully stand and support the work. I just returned from the 2015 healing conference to get ‘boots on the ground’-I will be a student. I believe this is the best teaching in the Body today. too many faith and prosperity ministers have went in the ditch or went out of balance. too many of them are bragging about their Bentleys and private jets and that just makes me want to vomit. Andrew is rightly dividing the Word and the people who love Truth will be attracted to the teachings. it is your mission statement -‘God has raised me up to change man’s opinion of Him”…that I identify with. that is exactly what you did; you preached the true Gospel and my life was forever changed. I never knew who He was all of these years. God, through you changed the course of my life and may have even saved it. God Bless you Andrew and stay the course-this is the final push and the last act of this age and the disciples you are raising up are the ones who are going to fill the nets.

I Was So Blessed the Way God Is Using This Ministry Not to Exalt a Man but Himself

Category: Encouragement | Name: Emmanuel | From: Illinois
Posted On:

Watching the Healing is Here Conference Online was such a blessing for me. I was so blessed the way God is using this ministry not to exalt a man but Himself. It is such a blessing that the ministers are out to glorify Jesus. Thank you for making yourselves available and encouraging me to also do the same.