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Featured Testimony:

Submitted by: Laura Dragotoniu

On May 8, 2020

Reaching out from: Romania

Since I discovered Andrew’s teachings 7 months ago, my life completely changed. I fell in love with God’s Word, and I began believing for healing, prosperity and victorious life. Results came sooner then I expected. I am simply in love with God and I live a daily, wonderful relationship with Him. And after listening to the teaching “Don’t limit God” I started believing for prosperity. As a result, this month my salary doubled without me doing anything special. God is so faithful. Thank you!

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Category: Encouragement | Name: Lisa Headen | From: Jackson, TN
Posted On: September 25, 2015

Thank you Andrew for your ministry and for all of your staff of wonderful anointed people that further the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I’m so grateful for everything that ya’ll do to teach people the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I see Charis as equipping an army to go out into the world to cast out demons, heal the sick, open blind eyes deaf ears and raise the dead. I’ve never heard teaching the way from anyone else that tells you God wants you well and that we can SHOULD rebuke pain, that we have the authority to do it through Jesus!! Thank you so much AWMI for your positive spirit infused impact on this world!

Trusting in the Lord

Category: Encouragement | Name: Laura Merrithew | From: Illinoi
Posted On:

I just wanted to say, the Merrithew family loves Andrew Wommack ministries. We believe God will supply all our needs to become debt free so we can move to Colorado Springs area. Thank you for giving to the Lord


Category: Encouragement | Name: Charmaine Earnest | From: Atlanta, GA
Posted On: September 24, 2015

Discipleship Evangelism and Spirit Soul and Body are the two main discipleship books that i use to disciple others and it has changed my life and the life of others. Keep doing what you do by getting the Gospel of Grace out to the World.

Journey With Christ

Category: Encouragement | Name: Nandini Charles | From: India
Posted On:

Thank you Andrew for what you are doing with People lives, I am so blessed and every Teaching Material on your website and your message on Tv broadcast is so amazing .
like two edged sword word of god is penetrating into people Heart and changing their lives.
I cant wait to enroll for correspondence Bible course and i am believing god, by the time i finish the correspondence course god will open doors for me to come to Colorado springs for 2nd and 3 rd year.
God is touching Many people lives and Harvester like you are plowing heart of the people so that the word seed will grow and multiply.
Bless you and your ministry.

Thank you

Kudos on Site

Category: Encouragement | Name: Luningning De Jesus | From: Fairfield, CA
Posted On:

I just wanted to congratulate the AWMI team for the site’s new look. Great graphics, peaceful color scheme, beautiful clean lines and all the various elements work well together, including the redesigned logo. For all the people that worked hard on this, at least one user says THANK YOU for a much more pleasurable visual experience to complement the rich spiritual offerings on this site.


Category: Financial | Name: Samson Belayneh | From:
Posted On:

I started to listen to Andrew for almost one year and it has greatly affected my life for better. His integrity in every area has created assurance of what he is teaching is of God.
But of all I have seen impact on my life after I heard the financial stewardship series. He helped me to see prosperity from a different angle which I haven’t heard before. After I heard him I decided to sell my phone and give to the church where I minister and after I did that I experienced a great joy. After that I received a gift from a friend. I never expected anything from him and at the time I was looking for it and it was a miracle. With the money I was able to register for a training which will open a door of financial breakthrough. I am a minister and from that teaching I learned that I must be working until the ministery grow. So I decided to find a part time job and here I got one with the money I received. And at last I got a better phone miracleously. Even though it’s little I learned a great lesson from this that God is faithful for his word. I have decided to partner with your ministry and I believe it will happen soon. Love u all.

The Gospel Truth

Category: Encouragement | Name: Linda Cowart | From: Powder Springs, GA
Posted On:

I want to thank Andrew for conveying the word of God in such a way that is easy to understand. I watch The Gospel Truth every morning at 6:30 a.m. and it starts my day off in a very positive light. Today’s message spoke directly to me in that Andrew explained that God communicates with our spirit person through his Word. I do not believe I have ever heard that before or if I had, I was too hardheaded to hear it; however, I understood it today and I want to thank Andrew for speaking directly to me daily to express the love of God and Jesus.


Category: Encouragement | Name: Olicia Brown | From: Charlotte, NC
Posted On: September 23, 2015

I had strayed away from God but for the past month I’ve been trying to get my life lined back up with God’s will. One morning I was watching a Christian channel and Andrew Womack came on. I usually turn the channel when his show comes but then he begin to speak on Faith. Something in me lit up when I heard him speak and then I became more drawn to hear more of his message. It was like God gave him a word that I needed to hear. I got so excited and the message he delivered gave me hope that God will get me another chance. So later that day I googled Andrew Womack and found the website and I was so amazed at everything that was on the site. I felt bad that I would turn the channel everytime he would come on to teach. I saw that he was coming to Charlotte to do a revival at Freedom Christian Center which is located on the same road I lived on. I knew it was God!!! I went to the revival and I feel like that revival was the beginning of a fresh start for me. I went to the front for prayer every night I was there. I didn’t care what people thought of me I knew I couldn’t let this moment pass me by. I was having problems with my throat and a lady prayed for the first night and I got healed!! Not immediately but the next day I woke up and it felt like God gave me a new throat. Then the last night of revival Andrew said (paraphrasing) “There is someone here that strayed from good and he want you to know that he hasn’t given up on you and he is waiting with open arms for you to come back. God has great plans for you”.(It was something in line with that) That was confirmation. I knew God was calling me back. That was my confirmation that God had not given up on me and he was giving me another chance. God is so good. That revival made a big difference in my life. It did more for me than years of teachings I receive in the past. God is so good!!! Thank you Lord for a second chance and for using Andrew Womack and his team to minister to the world and to set the captives free.

Glory to God

Category: Financial | Name: Madhuri Singh | From: INDIA
Posted On:

I had interview on 14 sept 2015 . i did not have business suit but panel has selected me for goverment job. i m so blessed to have this job . glory to GOD

Life Changing

Category: Healing | Name: Chong Culbertson | From: PENSACOLA, FLORIDA
Posted On:

Good morning Mr. Andrew!
I wanted to thank you for your true teaching of Word of God!
Months ago, I down loaded your teaching messages thru podcast and I have been listening daily when i have a chance.
Word of God inspiring me so much and i am changing my life thru Him.
You are the true teacher who speaks true and be boldly say what it is!
lots of people in ministry, don’t deliver the what God said in Bible, but you say boldly what God said and you are not afraid what other people’s opinions or thinking’s. I have been seeking a true meaning of Word of God and i am so happy to learning from you teaching.
My family is now going thru a tough time due to not knowing love of God. My husband has been battling with an alcoholic and he said he is not.
Few years ago, we were going thru a divorcing process but we came back together to make a better life.
He stopped drinking for 6 months then started drinking again excessively.
I can say he drinks more than eats. He and my daughter had a big fight that really bad and ugly.
Daughter moved out and we are going thru a difficult time.
I am in peace and full of joy in the Lord no matter what my circumstance surrounding me but my husband is not.
I am putting all my burdens to the my Lord Jesus and i thanking Him everyday!
I am learning so much from your teaching and it is changing my life completely inside out.
I hope and pray that my husband will know the love of God then it will change his life completely.
I started to give on to your ministry and I am sure i found the right place to give and grow.
I ordered your Cd’s for me to listen and hopping my husband will listen.
I listen your teaching when i ride my bike or walk and i enjoy so much.
God is awesome and great!
I wanted to know you are doing a wonderful job!

Chong Culbertson