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Submitted by: Nora Stewart

On June 25, 2020

Reaching out from: United States

I have been watching Andrew for several years now and I really enjoy his teachings on a Better Way to Pray. Today, June 24, 2020, I noticed that my daughter’s right eye was red and watery. I asked her did she realize that it was red and she stated yes and that is was bothering her. She also watches Andrew on a regular basis. I told her that we were going to pray for her eye and I placed my left hand over her eye and my right hand on her shoulder. I prayed and spoke to her red watery eye and commanded the redness and watering to leave and for her eye to be healed. I told her body to fight any infection that may be trying to dominate her eye. I ended the prayer by saying that before the day was over that her eye would be healed. We agreed and I went on about my day. About an hour later, I looked at my daughter’s eye and the redness and watering was gone.
Thank you Andrew for teaching me a Better Way to Pray!

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Category: Uncategorized | Name: Janet Faroh | From: Colwich ks
Posted On: September 30, 2015

I am so blessed by AWMI. May God continue to build what has begun, so glad you don’t limit God!

Healing Power of God

Category: Healing | Name: Moira French | From: Atlanta, GA
Posted On:

This past Saturday morning, my husband and I did a large landscape installation in the pouring rain on a house up a very steep hill. It involved a lot of up and down with the wheel barrows filled with dirt and rocks and I worked for 10 hours straight!

That night, I noticed a pain on the inside and outside of my right thigh. I lay down and could not get comfortable. I got up and it became a shooting pain and I started screaming and gasping for breath. It wasn’t a cramp, and I’m still not sure what caused it. But it was excruciating. For about 30 seconds I contemplated having my husband drive me to the hospital. And all of a sudden, God broke through my thoughts and said, “Moira, you know what to do.” So I started praying in tongues and speaking to the pain, commanding my thigh to return to normal and quoting scriptures like “Say until this mountain, be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea” and “He sent his Word and healed them.” After about five minutes of praying intensely in tongues and quoting scripture, the pain just suddenly stopped! This excruciating pain that was making me scream and writhe in agony just evaporated. I climbed in bed and went to sleep! And it hasn’t come back since! I just thanked God over and over that I didn’t have to go to the hospital. Thanks to Andrew I knew EXACTLY what to do.


Category: Healing | Name: Tony Okpe | From: Lagos, Nigeria
Posted On:

Praise the Lord! I am full of thanks to God who has enlightened my eyes of understanding of the truth of then Word of God. This has brought amazing healing to me and my wife and the brethren close to us.
Our relationship with the Lord is great and we have been communicating same to others.
Oh and after 9 years of marriage, all the while struggling to have a child, we now have a goodly son, because of our new knowledge and relationship with God.


Category: Encouragement | Name: Paula Perkins | From: Illinois
Posted On:

Hello, Andrew
Thank you for your obedience in teaching the Gospel Truth. The Truth has made me Free!! Praise God Almighty
with Love in Jesus Name,
Prosperous Paula

Janet Boynes

Category: Encouragement | Name: Mary Ruehle | From: visalia, ca
Posted On:

Hi Andrew, love the new website. I just viewed the entire week of your interview with Janet Boynes. She answered many questions I’ve had since I’m involved in ministry, however, I still work in a salon and instruct at a beauty college where both have homosexuals. One thing I’ve noticed is that their biggest defense is they claim we (Christians) hate them. Maybe some do but I believe the majority don’t. Hating sin is one thing, but loving the person involved in sin is a totally different thing.
While working at a school in Palm Springs a young man, who was involved in homosexuality, became close to me and he would tell me how his mom would sell him to men beginning at the age of 4 in order to supply her drug habit. His mother would give him drugs so he could be with these men. He was so broken, and miserable. (Many won’t admit they’re very miserable in this lifestyle. Many drink heavily or do other things to, it seems try to numb themselves and convince themselves that they’re okay, but I can tell they’re not.) One day this young man had his arm around me, and with tears in his eyes he asked, “can I come to your church?” I said, “yes of course you can, and you can bring your partner too.” Now before anyone reading this gets upset or disagrees, my point with this young man was to show him and his partner the unconditional love and grace of God demonstrated by His church, then turn to God and live the lives they were meant to.
He knew where I stood regarding homosexuality, yet he knew I loved and cared for him regardless.
The young man was excited when I said he and his partner were welcomed at my church, which I was co-pastoring at the time. He asked, “will your church welcome me/us?” I said, “Yes, of course.”
A few weeks later I shared this with my church, and I was so proud when a lady seated in the back broke the silence by shouting out, “Yes, tell him, Yes he and his partner are welcomed! The rest of the church afterward spoke in agreement. Unfortunately they never came.
I like what Janet said about letting them come , and this includes all people in sin, let them come to your church but do not put them in leadership and do let them influence your kids. If they do then tell them they have to leave.
I like what you said about helping your neighbors that are homosexuals, but you haven’t talked to them regarding the topic since it hasn’t come up. I can relate being around this lifestyle almost daily. I believe part of the reason is we’re given the opportunity to show them God’s unconditional love.
I remember you teaching us at Charis the importance of establishing a relationship with a person in order to be able to speak into their lives.
Thank you, thank you, for having Janet on your broadcast. The mouth of two or three witnesses is impactful!!!
Love you Andrew, keep up the good work on making our world a better place:-)


Category: Encouragement | Name: Natalia Sukhova | From: Russia, Nizhny Novgorod
Posted On:

Hello, Andrew!
My name is Natalia Sukhova. I’m from Russia, Nizhny Novgorod, study in your Bible College..
I thank God for your ministry.
I want to share with you a revelation that changed my relationship with God.
Before I open it, the Lord was preparing me and gave me information that helped me to take his word.
First, I learned the purpose of family ministry family. What creating a family man and a woman together are the image of God (Genesis 1:27) I took it, but did not know how it is? However, like many things in writing – we accept them, but do not understand ..
A few days later, while reading the Gospel of John 5: 19-24, I could see that what Jesus was describing a very reminds me of family relationships between parents and children. Children do not do anything themselves, but are doing so, as do parents. Children are included in the image of their parents.
Arguing on these verses, I suddenly realized:
They have a family !!! Heavenly family !!!
Seriously? – I asked God?
God showed me the connection between the relationship:
God the Father – Jesus – Holy Spirit and the man – woman – children
We are created in the image of the heavenly family. That is why the family is so valuable to God.
I only had time to think, “Scripture …” Lord immediately began to remind me of the Bible verses:
Genesis 1:26 Let us make man in our image and after our likeness …
I immediately had the idea that the son needs a bride, and the bride – the Church!
God confirmed it all in verse:
Genesis 2:24 a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife; and will become one flesh
Paul in Ephesians 5: 32 adds: This mystery is great; I speak concerning Christ and the church.
«Why are you giving me this?» – I asked. “You are able to take” – he told me the Lord.
God asked, “What changed? – I saw you on the new
That is why a woman’s brain is so constituted as an assistant, she can do a lot of things at once, as the Holy Spirit))
Now, when I study the scriptures, I see things differently. God became for me even more real and close.
After all Scripture takes this theme of God’s family, especially in the New Testament, when Jesus himself said about his relationship with the Father.
Even more clear and serious for me was the Lord’s Supper.
The phrase “In the name of Jesus” is also now has a different meaning. Realizing that I feel when I talk about my daughter, I am now more aware that God the Father means when he say about his son.

Now I am even more aware that no revelation must not contradict Scripture.
We do not need to invent images. Scripture itself explains the Scriptures.
We are created in the image of the heavenly family.

Sorry for the English, I use Google translator 🙂

Who Would

Category: Encouragement | Name: James Wharton | From: Ellenwood, Georgia
Posted On:

I know this may sound strange to some, but at the age of seven, I began to use drugs. So if you’re not convinced that the devil will attack your children, I’m living proof. My drug use continued for over twenty five years. If there were a drug on the market, I probably used it. By the time I was eighteen, I was arrested over ten times. At age twenty six, I had to get help going to my gate at the airport because I couldn’t read the signs. But who would’ve guessed that Christ could use a broken vessel like me. It was my introduction to Christ that would send me on a course beyond my wildest imagination. Through studying the bible and going to bible lesson, my reading skills began to develop; along with my self-esteem. Then one day God told me He wanted me to be His preacher. So, I began to preach the gospel in May of 2000. Since then, I have served on several ministries and have helped churches develop some outreach ministries; prison ministry being my favorite. But God wasn’t, and is not finish with me yet. In February of 2014, God woke me up and charged me with derelict of duty. He told me He has “Set me for the defense of the gospel,” and I have allowed His first institution–marriage, to be made a mockery. Thus, He appointed me to set the record straight on the many myths about relationships permeating society. As a result, in May of 2015, I published my first book on relationships of a two-part series titled: You’ve Been Hoodwinked. Who would’ve thought God could use a lowly fisherman like me for such an awesome responsibility. Finally, I want to thank all Christians for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself.

Receiving the Holy Ghost…

Category: Encouragement | Name: Tina Bogan | From: Cowpens, SC 29330
Posted On: September 25, 2015

WOW! Receiving the Holy Ghost was the most exciting experiences in my life. It started one Sunday during “The Potter’s” sermon. God was letting me know he had the wheel, but releasing the wheel was very difficult. I didn’t understand the power of the Holy Ghost and it scared me. Since then, I’ve become familiar with the power and can use the gift. I live for my Lord Jesus Christ. Even in my most difficult situations, I give praise to my Lord knowing He has something wonderful planned. I ask God to look at the situation and tell me how can I make the situation better…Thank you for allowing me to sign your guestbook. Blessings…..YHWH is GREAT!

Saved and Delivered From Cohabitation/Sin

Category: Healing | Name: Vernetta Warren | From: Maryland
Posted On:

Thank you for your ministry and how you minister with the Word coupled with transparent testimonials and helpful information . Phil 1:3


Category: Encouragement | Name: Lisa Headen | From: Jackson, TN
Posted On:

Thank you Andrew for your ministry and for all of your staff of wonderful anointed people that further the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I’m so grateful for everything that ya’ll do to teach people the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I see Charis as equipping an army to go out into the world to cast out demons, heal the sick, open blind eyes deaf ears and raise the dead. I’ve never heard teaching the way from anyone else that tells you God wants you well and that we can SHOULD rebuke pain, that we have the authority to do it through Jesus!! Thank you so much AWMI for your positive spirit infused impact on this world!