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Featured Testimony:

Submitted by: Grace Kimani

On May 14, 2024

Reaching out from: Kenya

My life has drastically changed since I encountered Andrew’s teachings in the year 2004! My understanding of our relationship with God has made everything around me take a new turn bringing fruitfulness in all my spaces!
Thank you Andrew for your teachings: you are a World Changer!!!

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Ministers Wives

Category: Uncategorized | Name: Lorraine Ainsworth | From: colorado springs
Posted On: September 14, 2015

. In the south, there are so many small churches that are hard on the woman submitting to the husband.. It was almost a type of slavery… But when you are born again and walking with the Lord, submission is a natural thing out of love… So many wives got so hurt. What I really like about Charis in the mts bible school is that these men speakers will in the beginning of their talks acknowledge that God is dealing with them to prefer their wife more and put her before the ministry… HOW TRUE… Not before God but the ministry. SHe is not a doormat, a rag, a slave, and it is so wonderful to hear… Please keep saying that… I love the conferences, and the fact that most of them are free and we can give as we have it… I am praying my grown adult kids will visit in these conferences too. thanks for breaking the cycle of idolizing the ministers and the wife is his side kick no more… but his rib… thanks…


Category: Uncategorized | Name: Gabriele Puchner | From: Leibnitz, Austria
Posted On:

Andrew is talking about “behaviour modification vs. NEW creature” on his Sep 8 program. I can testify to that personally, having been an alcoholic for 11 years due to severe sex. abuse during my childhood. Being in CA as an aupair I got born again and a few years later I entered a Bible College where I had to sign to withhold from all drug-like substances. 10 years later, back in my hometown in the middle of the Vineyards in Southern Austria, I started to drink a glass of wine once in a while and NEVER ever developed a problem with alcohol again for the next 28 years. Then the Lord told me in the middle of the night to abstain from alcohol altogether which I am doing now for a bit more than a year. I guess He did so bec. I had started to develop bad headaches after drinking even small amounts of alcohol and now they are gone.
I have been listening to Andrew over the last 27 years (he has even visited our tiny church in Austria around 1989) and can personally testify to everything he’s teaching as being true! Be it physical, emotional healing, renewal, finances… God IS true to His Word! If we come to Him totally depending on Him for everything he won’t let us down. Even though I’ve gone thru two broken marriages (not heeding His warnings) and raised my sons by myself (relying on Father’s promises in Isaiah 54) I feel closer to Him everyday, having experienced His grace and faithfulness! Looking forward to the days to come…

Ho[y Spirit Led Giving

Category: Uncategorized | Name: Doreen Ashley | From: Stafford. U.K.
Posted On:

Dear Andrew I have recently reconnected with your ministry via the TV broadcasts. I was a member of the tour when you toured England, Ireland and Scotland with Will Graham’s Victory Church some years ago.
Quite ” by chance” I saw your construction site on one of your broadcasts and I thought I would love to send you some money. I thought £100 would be my absolute limit but I gladly decided to “go for it”. However, the following day as I prayed about it the Lord put into my mind the sum of £500 which I had saved for new windows in my house. Although taken aback by this I knew not to question the leading of the Holy Spirit. I am delighted and priviledged to be able to sow into such good ground. I have sent it via the Walsall address with my very best wishes and prayers. Doreen.

Thank You!

Category: Uncategorized | Name: Pouran Moelller | From: Germany
Posted On:

Good Morning dear Andrew,
thank you for sharing Debbi’s Testimony on TV today! Thank you Debbi ! YES and AMEN to that JESUS bore our grief on the cross!
Thank You, JESUS!!!!!!!! Glory, glory, glory to Your Wonderful Name, JESUS!!!!!!!!

Amazing Grace

Category: Uncategorized | Name: Paul Gentil Hitimana | From: KIGALI, RWANDA
Posted On:

Praise the Lord Andrew Wommack ministries.This is Paul Gentil Hitimana from Kigali’s a great privilege to write to you this E-mail.I am a great lover of AWMI I almost always visit WWW.AWMI.NET due to various interesting teachings offered by Andrew Wommack.Even though I’ve never seen him face to face but I consider Him as my spiritual father, my teacher.I really appreciate the way He explains spiritual realm and the Bible in general.

Anyway, I live in Rwanda, Kigali , believer of the true Gospel. am righteous not because of my good deeds or my efforts to overcome sin but because of Jesus’s finished work. I always strive to know every piece of what Jesus did for me(through scriptures) and I hopefully believe that with the presence of AWMI, I and the whole world will continually get changed hence the development of the body of Christ on Earth as well.

In Rwanda, there is a small number of believers of the true Gospel.Many of Rwandans are said to be Christians (90% of the population) but most of them are church goers.I too was born in a named christian family confessing my sins all the times in order to be forgiven, I didn’t know that Jesus was bruised for all my guilt and iniquities, I didn’t know that Jesus wounded for all my transgressions, I didn’t know that through His(Jesus) stripes and wounds am healed of all the diseases, sicknesses. I was thinking that Jesus is sitting in heaven with a pen in one hand and a correction fluid in another hand.

After I met a man of God called pastor Eric Sultan. This man of God told me about this finished work of Jesus and I said woooow!!! Is this real?can I now get a chance of having eternal life?He explained all to me and as Andrew Wommack stated in the today’s article” why, when, and where to give” I was in a local Church that was not truly feeding me, then I got out of there and found a good one in which am part of’s called” Zeal of the Gospel Church”.

It’s a small church with few members (fortunately most of us are youth) but with a strong message.we do our best to preach the Gospel of Grace in its fullness regardless of the circumstances. in fact it would be a divine blessing to have you (AWMI) as our mentors, partners, and our teachers.we really need your possible support as so as to strengthen the body of Christ not only in the USA but also in Rwanda coz the whole world deserves to hear the good news of joy(Luke 2:10). For any feedback you can directly E-mail me on or use one of the following ways:

Name:Zeal of the Gospel Church
phone: +250785553503 or +250788617031
facebook page: Zeal of the Gospel Church – Rwanda

Thank you!!! stay blessed


Category: Uncategorized | Name: Gail Given | From: Alaska
Posted On:

Your early morning show has become my morning wake up call, each day! I a! Recovering from TBI., after 5 years memory loss, and know that He who loses his life saves it, and he that saves it loses it! Gohasgicen !e a new beginning at age 55.. Praise Him! I am venturing from Alaska and hope to ministry along my teipo to MI and then TX. Thanknyou for your divinely inspired truths ! You have grown an helped me greatly!!

Awesome God

Category: Uncategorized | Name: Clint Redus | From: PEARLAND TX
Posted On:

Thanks !!


Category: Uncategorized | Name: Tina Marulli | From: Chicopee MA
Posted On:

In response to RT ‘s comment on psychology, I have to agree that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is very good as far as psychology goes, but it only goes so far. I got off of antidepressant medication via cognitive behavioral therapy, and refuting thoughts and thought processes helped a lot, but it was not until I bowed my knee to Jesus that I was completely delivered. The concept of changing ones thinking makes CBT the closest secular parallel to renewing your mind to the word of God, but it is only the Word that is Spirit and life. Anything else is shifting sand. I pray God give you many opportunities to minister the Word in your practice.


Category: Uncategorized | Name: David Peterson | From: poughkeepsie,ny 12603
Posted On:

Dear Andrew, We became partners this year, and are so thankful for your daily teaching(s). We were amazed at how much we had to unlearn. I have been born again since 1965, ( I am now 71) and my wife since she was a child. You’d think that going to a charismatic church, we would have had proper teaching. Well, now that is over, the having directed us to you through my daughter. Thank you for your faithfulness to the body and to us. You are truly a blessing from God.

Test Title

Category: Uncategorized | Name: Lorraine A. | From: colorado springs
Posted On: September 11, 2015

Thanks. Please expose more on the psychology/psychiatry stuff. A daughter is going from much trauma- she has 4 kids…in her 30s. She started blaming me for being a horrible parent, saying stuff that was not true… But she will stand by what she says. I knew she was beat up by drug dealers.. but this hatred on the parents is so off. Then when she became a widow, they put her on prozac, and lots of horrible meds.. she was so out of it.. then her meetings got to where they were filling her with lies to be the victim and her parents especially me, the mom – the target for blame… That is because I once spoke up against these false professionals… INtervention should be the whole family not just the victim… i am not allowed in her home. we are crying out for a voice for us, your teachings are soft spoken compared to more wrongs done to us by these educated arrows.. Keep speaking up more to show the deception. Psalm 1… don’t sit in the seat of the scorner, the mocke, the ungodly counsel… thanks… speak out more…

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