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Love, sex, and marriage are topics that are seldom discussed in the church, and in the absence of truth, lies proliferate. God is the author of all relationships, and He wants you to know the truth about them!

Join the Relationship University—Live on Campus audience via live stream on Mondays at 1 p.m. MT starting in 2021. This is a safe environment where you can learn what Godly relationships look like and ask questions anonymously—feel free to text us questions at 719-212-2555 to participate! Your questions may be answered live and could be integrated into the curriculum for this new course.

Join us online as we discover the truth at Charis Relationship University—Live on Campus at Charis Bible College! Our experienced instructors will boldly show you God’s view of love, sex, marriage, and other related topics that many shy away from. As you discover the truth, you will learn how to identify, expose, and be set free from the lies that have pervaded our society.

This new program will be the foundation for the next course in the Charis University Series. Healing University, the first installment in the series, answers all the questions you’ve ever had about healing. Relationship University, likewise, is your first step toward a healthier understanding of godly relationships.

How to Submit Your Questions Anonymously

Text: 719-212-2555

How to Submit Your Questions Anonymously: Text 719-212-2555

Live stream speakers include:

  • Mike & Carrie Pickett
  • Duane Sheriff
  • Tannera Garvin
  • Barry Bennett
  • Rudi & Naomi Mitutoiu
  • Bob Yandian
  • Daniel Bennett
  • Jacob Sheriff
  • Jeremy & Sarah Pearsons
  • Bryan & Sue Nutman
  • Rick & Joann McFarland
  • Greg Mohr


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