Romans: Paul’s Masterpiece on Grace

Many Christians use the word “gospel” but don’t know what it means. Today, it is almost a religious cliché. However, in Paul’s day, using the term made a radical statement. It was a way of referring to the grace of God, the free gift that allows us to obtain right standing with Him (Romans 1:16).

In Andrew’s teaching Romans: Paul’s Masterpiece on Grace, you’ll learn the true meaning of salvation and how to walk in the grace, healing, and prosperity available to you. You’ll also discover truths and get revelation that could transform your life. It’s time for you to start experiencing the power of the Gospel working on your behalf and a closer, more fulfilling walk with the Lord.

This teaching is available in the following formats:

Romans: Paul’s Masterpiece on Grace individual products
  • Romans: Paul’s Masterpiece on Grace CD album—$75
  • Romans: Paul’s Masterpiece on Grace as-seen-on-TV DVD album—$75
  • Romans: Paul’s Masterpiece on Grace hardbound book—$29.99
  • Andrew Wommack’s Living Commentary electronic study Bible—$120
  • Grace Encounters, Vol. 1—FREE!
  • Grace Encounters, Vol. 2—FREE!
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