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Financial Stewardship

Jesus taught more about money than He did any other subject, yet He said trusting Him in finances was the least use of your faith. What did He mean?

In truth, it has to do with understanding the role of a steward. Jesus knew that the road to prosperity starts with being faithful with what God has given you. When you learn to handle your finances God’s way, you will have the key to unlocking His blessing in your finances.

Let Andrew show you how in Financial Stewardship

This teaching is chock-full of biblical principles on stewardship few Christians understand. The way you see, believe for, and receive finances will forever be changed as Andrew shares from the Word and from his own life experiences. Besides learning God’s purpose for your finances, you’ll also learn how prosperity isn’t selfish, the role of the tithe, and about partnership. You will be blessed, and so will your finances!

    The Financial Stewardship Package includes:

  • Financial Stewardship CD or As-Seen-on-TV DVD series
  • Financial Stewardship paperback book
  • Financial Stewardship study guide
  • Financial Breakthroughs DVD

Price: $115 $80

Financial Stewardship will revolutionize your approach to money. Andrew’s teaching will not only have you talking like you’re blessed; it’ll have you walking in blessing!

Get it today. It will help you get the most out of your finances!

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