In God We Trust

A must see video!

Our country needs this now more than ever.

This God-anointed video will stir you up. It has the potential to stem the tide of ungodliness that is trying to sweep over our nation.

A letter from Andrew Wommack

I recently watched the final edit of our new musical, In God We Trust. It moved me to tears. It is powerful.

This is a patriotic film with a focus on the godly heritage of this nation.

I would love to have law enforcement, military, and politicians all over our nation see this. I need your help to do that. It would touch most of them more deeply than they've experienced before; at least in recent times. They need this. Our nation needs this RIGHT NOW.

I would like to ask you to get this for yourself and also help us send this to people outside our normal audience. This could be a deal-changer for individuals and our nation at a time when it appears to be coming unraveled at the seams.

As one of the lines from the musical says, “What Lincoln understood, better than most is that one person, in the right place, can make all the difference. One decision can have far-reaching consequences, and one single act can reverberate across history.” Lincoln’s decisions changed things, and your help with this project could help change things too.

This musical is a God-anointed tool that has the potential to not only stir individuals but stem the tide of ungodliness that is trying to sweep over our nation. We just need to get it in front of more people. I pray you help.

Thanks in advance for all you do to be the salt and light that this nation so desperately needs—now more than ever.

You are a blessing,
Andrew Wommack

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