The Inside Story

Episode 56

Andrew Wommack interviews Clay Caldwell, Charis Recruiting Manager, a prodigal son who returned to his heavenly Father....Read More

The Inside Story: Episode 54

Episode 54

Andrew Wommack interviews Paul Milligan, CEO of Andrew Wommack Ministries and Director of the Charis Bible College Business...Read More


Episode 51

Andrew Wommack interviews Dr. Dean Radtke, CEO of the Ministry Institute and creator of the Maximum CEO, Discipler CEO, and...Read More

Inside Story 34

Episode 34

Andrew Wommack interviews David Barton, Tim Barton, and Mark Cowart about the new Charis Bible College Practical Government...Read More

Inside Story 25

Episode 25

Andrew Wommack interviews the businessmen behind the Charis Bible College Business School and upcoming Charis Business...Read More

Inside Story Episode 14

Episode 14

Andrew Wommack visits with Country Western music recording artist and minister, David Hinton. You can find more information...Read More

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