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Michael Asrat
July 21, 2016 Encouragement
Wow! God bless ur ministry, I just read an article about Paul's throne and so inspiring & revealing the word of God.
Brian Marshall
July 21, 2016 Encouragement
Thank you brother Womack! You were such a blessing at GRACELIFE2016! I had only heard one of your messages years ago, but your talk on humility resonated with me- I was led by the Lord to pick up your Spirit,Soul, and Body book in the World changer's bookstore and it is truly a blessing! God bless, Brian
July 21, 2016 Healing
Migraine Healed
Dear Andrew, May the Lord bless you for your healing ministry across the nation! My daughter's migraine headache was healed when you called out it out on your tv program. Thank you Lord!
Emily Doyle
Colorado springs co
July 21, 2016 Healing
I just want to praise Jesus for the revelation and knowledge of His Word that I have received thru Andrew's ministry. I do not know anyone that teaches the way Andrew teaches. I listened to him years ago and really liked his teaching, but now that I am consistently listening, it's like everyday my eyes are opened more and more. THANK YOU JESUS FOR ANDREW WOMMACK MIN.
Cynthia Miller
Round Rock, Tx
July 20, 2016 Encouragement
He is with you
10 Years ago I went through a divorce. A devastating time in my life for myself and my 3 children. I remember sitting in my car one day and it was rainy and dismal. As I sat there I prayed to the Lord to take me home. I told Him I was tired. I was so tired and I just wanted to go home. I didn't want to leave my family, I just wanted the hurt to go away. I then began to talk with the Lord and let Him know I needed desperately a sign from Him that He was there. I said, "Lord I see pennies everywhere. Show me dimes so that I know you're there. I need to know you're there." It was not long before I began finding dimes everywhere. Sometimes more than one! Some in the mud, in pants pockets, on top of an armoir I was dusting and found it covered with dust and other places. Now this is just dimes and no other coins. And every time I found one it increased my Faith and Belief in Him!! I have a small box with my dimes which always remind me that He is there!!! And the Best part of all, is that each person that heard this testimony began to find their dimes. My husband who is an awesome man of God and a Teacher of the Word found his dime and said he found it in a plastic Walmart shopping bag. He was now seeing himself that what I was saying was true and was the Lord showing him He was there for Him. God bless you who are reading this testimony and I pray the Lord our Father Blesses you with many years of Love, Peace, Health & Happiness. In Jesus Name. Amen!
Katrina Santos
July 20, 2016 Healing
I was just reading this article about autism and it amazed me that kids were healed. I also have a son on the autism spectrum also with adhd and I'm praying he will be healed too.
Christine Esposito
West Babylon
July 19, 2016 Healing
multiple myeloma cancer diagnosis
Dear Andrew, I don't think I will ever be able to express in words how much your teaching "You've Already Got It" has helped me. I had fallen away from the Lord, back into drugs (prescriptions for what I thought was bursitis on my left shoulder) because I was really struggling in my marriage. I believe that stress brought this on because I was probably the worst pharisee ever born, but never realized it. I had radiation and then after a mri test they wanted to start me on chemo. I did so for 1 week (beginning of July) and had to stop. I felt like this was going to kill me. I kept losing weight (I was thin to begin with). Mentally I was falling apart, I was extremely hyper and hadn't slept for 3 days. The Dr's wanted to put me on anti anxiety meds and sleeping pills-to add on to the chemo and the 120 mgs Oxycontin. How crazy is that! I am back on track with Jesus and am so happy that I don't have to ask God to heal me...that I can get take it and say "thank you, Jesus-it's mine. I have gained a little weight the following week so far. Night sweats have stopped and I believe I am totally healed!
Kathy Gross
July 19, 2016 Encouragement
Hit True With Me
I have been praying to get to a place with God where I praise Him in the good times as adamantly as the not-so-good times. The message on Elijah hit home with me. God has miraculously moved for me on a couple of issues recently. But, I have been very 'aware' that I need that close, yearning, personal time and relationship at ALL times. And that the weak link there, is myself, certainly not my Father. He is there at all times. Thank you for addressing this and God Bless this ministry.
Shirlene Gray
Indian Trail, NC
July 19, 2016 Encouragement
My heart is full of gratitude towards Andrew and the group that gave Ken and Patsy Brown, Charis Bible College-Charlotte permission to allow local churches to share 9 classes of Charis Bible College for 6 weeks this summer!!!
Scott, then I, started coming to Freedom's Camp Meeting in 1994 or 1995. Scott has been Spirit-filled since he was 18 and I since a very early age. Scott had been receiving revelation of the Finished work and you were ministering what the Spirit was showing him. (In fact that happens quite often. We would receive something from our devotional time and think, "Is this really what this is saying?" and then you would teach it. Or, like Elizabeth when John the Baptist leapt upon hearing Mary's voice - when the "Spiritual Truth Light Bulb" goes off in my mind it is like I can sense what Elizabeth might have felt. It is like the Spirit LEAPs within me. )
We have been grace partners for many years. In 1999 God called us to start Hope of Glory Family Church (HOPEChurch). It took 10 years for us "to get" as to how to start it.
One way we minister to others at the church is being able to give your materials at no cost. We have done this in the community at a festival, at a 5K, as well as, ongoing in our own church. It is such a joy to have to reorder quite often.
This summer we have been able to give our body the Bible College. (Scott attended one year at Freedom Christian-Gastonia about 12 years ago.) What a joy to see people excited about 6 weeks of Bible Camp. In my own family this has been an answer to prayer. My mom and my sister say, "Life Changing!" My son said it was an answer to prayer he had last summer. It is an answer to a prayer I prayed several years ago. My 16 year old niece, is enjoying every minute of it. She took a book of yours to a Duke Engineering Camp and her Asian-Indian roommate asked what she was reading and she was able to share about the Bible before the counselor told her it was past time to talk. The camp is giving my niece answers to questions she has had coming from a strong Presbyterian influence. This Bible camp, if for no one else, was for her and my oldest daughter. My daughter was already planning on pursuing Charis after graduating from ORU, but now she is most definitely going. In my own life, there have been Spiritual Light Bulbs going off left and right! Andrew, your faculty is AMAZING!! Arthur and Barry, Barry and Arthur are soooo real just like you!! That is what is so AWESOME. The difference of this style of teaching that I have seen since 1996, is that when I hear it, I realize I can go to go to the Bible and receive revelation knowledge for myself. I know that the Holy Spirit wants to reveal the knowledge of God to me, personally, through His written Word! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for allowing Charis-Charlotte to do this!!! Andrew and Jamie, THANK YOU for pursuing God for these many years! Thank you for not limiting God! Your pursuit of Him has been an encouragement to me for many years! Even though it has taking me 20 years to "know that I know" some of these truths - Praise the Lord for revelation knowledge!!!!! See you at Camp Meeting - Also, hope to go Durham in September and be with your Healing faculty!
walter smith
india Chennai
July 19, 2016 Encouragement
I like to read books of Andrew Wommack
Edward Sentongo
July 19, 2016 Encouragement
Bible reading
I did not enjoy reading the Bible until I landed on Andrew Wommack's messages. God bless this ministry and live long and prosper in the Word.
Smithb668 Smithb668
July 18, 2016 Encouragement
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