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Submitted by: Donna Volonnino Coday

On March 27, 2019

Reaching out from: Lindsay ca

I love Andrew Wommack ministries! I watch on tv every day. Such good teaching, down to earth. Has helped me a lot as I have needed the good Lord’s strength to make it through these past 6 years helping care for my 93 yr old Father. I have been very blessed, but also lots have come up. Thank you! It is a dream of mine to go to Charis Bible college one day. I highly recommend being a partner of this wonderful Ministry! That is truest reaching the world for Jesus!

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Bible Study

Category: Uncategorized | Name: Jean Wyble | From: Amarillo Tx
Posted On: February 20, 2017

Thank you so very much for listening to God and starting a Bible Study online. There are so many of us that can use this in our lives. It was wonderful!!
This week I heard about this from your home page . I got all excited and then of course (I should’ve been watching for a distraction!) I had to go get some shopping done for groceries and a list of other things which delayed me getting home!! One person wrote in to go to fb and we could probably see it. Well , I waited till I got it up and then asked my husband to please do this Bible Study with me, I have missed the companionship of studying the bible together as a couple…He said okay and we both listened together. We so needed this , we believe in healing yet this time we have 2 long standing things going on….a neck surgery on my husband from feb.1st 2016 in which he was healing good for 9months and then his endurance and strength just started getting much worse….and then I am scheduled for a CT scan feb 9th and will be going to Mayo Clinic soon after is the way it looks… we are not old enough for this to be happening! We will not ever be old enough. Dying in our sleep WELL is how it should be!! So all of what was being said applied!!! Thank you so much Greg Moher and assistant (sorry I didn’t hear your name) you were both great and we loved it!! We prayed together afterwards and I just feel refreshed! Thank you again for starting this , it is necessary for lots of people!!
Jean and Larry Wyble


Category: Healing | Name: Rosemary Ajike | From: Enfield Unite kingdom
Posted On:

Praise God after recieving prayers from the devoted i am pleased to healed from a long term problem.

Awesome Men

Category: Encouragement | Name: Chris Gayle | From: Stafford
Posted On:

Andrew and Men’s Advance Team,
Thanks for having all the great speakers. I really enjoyed James Brown. James had some great insight. I was greatly encouraged by his practical insight and his willingness to answer questions. Great job all around! To be God be the glory! Men if you have not seen his sessions online, I recommend that you check it out. Thanks.
Pastor Chris


Category: Healing | Name: Becky Durr | From: Gainesville Fl
Posted On:

February 9, 2017

I watched a few on Andrews messages on YouTube this particular one was called “God wants you well” and it left me puzzled I was taught God could heal but sickness was Gods way of getting the glory out of our lives. I had been sick now 3weeks with 7 ER visits doctors had no clue as to what it was. I was extremely fatigued, nauseous, weak upon standing, headaches, loss of appetite, fast heart rate upon standing, dizziness, entire body felt as if it was fire! I was really ill I decided to call into receive prayer as howard prayed for me I began to fell warm all over andamp; crying as he spoke to every symptom one by one the disappeared! Im so grateful for this ministry because without it I wouldve never known these gospel truths! Praise God I am healed!


Category: Healing | Name: Amanda Burgess | From: Lindale, TX
Posted On:

I had a hard time even leaving my house for close to 10 yrs. due to severe panic attacks/anxiety. I got a hold of Andrew’s teachings and have never been the same. God called me back to school so I stepped out on faith. I received my degree and am working full time and doing what I love! It’s been a total 180. Staying in the Word and under Andrew’s teachings! Thank you Brother Andrew!!!!

Thanks to Andrew and Jaimie

Category: Healing | Name: Jeanette Andrade | From: Texas
Posted On:

Dear Brother and Sister:

I was inspired to write you a note simply to tell you how precious and valuable your marriage is to so many people. It is making an impact on countless people just because it has endured, and because ministry gifts are flowing out through it and touching so many lives. Your marriage is a great testimony and example to many, many people, and I just wanted you to know how much you are appreciated and to thank you for your faithfulness to your covenant.

May the Lord continue to richly bless you both in your private life and in your ministry.
Jeanette Andrade

You Already Have It

Category: Healing | Name: George York | From: Pinson
Posted On:

Flowing in the Spirit

Category: Encouragement | Name: Larry Budgewater | From: Dallas
Posted On:

I just got so filled with God , I found a Place to hold Church service on yesterday, got too excited, my job let me go today. Thank tou Jesus !!!!!!


Category: Encouragement | Name: Gladys Bertrand | From: NJ
Posted On:

Thank you for your teaching on sure foundation
Now I understand
what seed is. I was led to believe that money is the seed but the best seed is the Word. Thank you for clearing that up

Homepage Interview

Category: Encouragement | Name: Cindy Edwards | From: Ga
Posted On:

I want to encourage everyone to listen to the interview Andrew did this month with the young lady named Emily. It is on the homepage of Awmi. I was so encouraged and blown away by this young woman’s faith. Even Andrew didn’t know the full extent of her testimony. Amazing. If God has done something amazing in your life or healed your body please share. We all need to encourage each other. I love this ministry.