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Submitted by: Judy and Pat O’Casey

On July 15, 2019

Reaching out from: Eustace, Texas

First heard teaching of Spirit, Soul, and Body when we attended a meeting with Andrew Wommack in Stephenville, TX, February 1995! He drew on a white board the illustration and it has stuck forever in my soul! It transformed our thinking. It changed our life. Andrew also personally ministered to my husband that he was and had been delivered from cigarettes 2000 years ago. A 40 year habit was laid down. He has not smoked since! Thank You Lord for Your Word and for faithful Word teachers!

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Thank You

Category: Encouragement | Name: Bryan Feitsma | From: Belgium
Posted On: March 10, 2017

Dear Andrew,
I just want too bless you and your ministrie.
Me and my wife started too follow your lessons about 6 months ago, and the knowlegde and truths you give us is so encouragement. We want too thank you and thank God He lead us too this truths.(We like your jokes much)

My Life?

Category: Encouragement | Name: Thiagan De Croos | From: Sri Lanka
Posted On:

Dear Bro Andrew andamp; Sister Jamie, Thank you both for the thank you card I received by post today 8th March 2017. I am not sure if I did Order anything. But very surprisingly I decided to dedicatedly seek God when I was around, I believe 4 years old 🙂 I am only 73+ now. I was born into a deeply Roman Catholic family, where my late father and Brother are Doctors and my sister is a Dental Surgeon. I very painfully decided to leave the RCC due to many discrepancies I noticed and am also deeply concerned about the over 43,000 denominations who call themselves as Churches.
Will chat with you when and if, you have the time. My wife Charmaine and I have been much blessed by God with three great sons, Steve, Tavinne andamp; Jahn. Steve is married and we have been blessed by a beautiful angel of a grand daughter Rebecca who will be one year on the 24th of this Month. May God love, Bless and be with you both and families.

Praise God

Category: Healing | Name: Catherine | From:
Posted On:

Praise God for healing prayers. Thank you Patricia for praying for my back to be healed within 5 minutes my back was better. God bless you and all the prayer ministers.

Prayers Answered

Category: Healing | Name: Catherine | From:
Posted On:

Thank you Luwana for your prayers over my son. Praise God and thank you to all the prayer ministers. God Bless you for all you do at AWMI.


Category: Healing | Name: Ruth Langham | From: CHATSWORTH
Posted On:


So Blessed by Your Ministry

Category: Encouragement | Name: Edward Bussmann | From: St. Louis, MO
Posted On:

Thank you Andrew for your faithfulness over the years! I have been watching the broadcast since 2006 and your simple and effective style of teaching the Word has changed my life forever! I never heard the Gospel taught like this before and never had the Word on fire in my heart before I met you. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you do. I also had the pleasure this past summer to meet one of your colleagues, Greg Asia, who came all the way from the Springs to thank me personally for being a partner on your behalf. I was touched that he set up a meeting with me and it was truly a pleasure to speak the Word with him over lunch. He is a great representative for the ministry and for the Lord. May God bless all of you guys at AWM and Charis and all the great work you do for the Lord Jesus! Thanks again…

Sturman Property

Category: Encouragement | Name: Becky Hansen | From: Savannah, GA
Posted On:

The Lord woke me up this morning telling me how Faithful and True Andrew is and how I can trust him and his word. Well, I already knew that so I just thanked God and praised Him for bringing forth Andrew to all of us (and specifically, me) in sharing God’s Word. The Spirit inside of me welled up and I just basked in it for a long while. It was a GREAT way to wake up!

After I got up, I jumped online and found out about the Sturman property. Hmmm… All I could think of was “Of course – the AWM employees SHOULD be adjacent to Charis!” That’s really a no-brainer. Then I looked at the pics – and I shuddered.

Why the shudder? I imagined for a moment the possibilities of “what ifs” involved if AWM does NOT acquire the property.

I encourage everyone to prayerfully consider the same.

COUNT US IN, my Brother in Christ!
Thank you and God Bless!!!

HEALING of Tri-Geminal Neuralgia

Category: Healing | Name: Paula Hammond | From: Belfast UK
Posted On:

During my daily bible reading Mark 15:1-32 the word “Crucify” stirred my heart and I started to think about what it was like for Jesus to go to the cross and what he endured for me. Read Isa 52:14 and 53:3,4,5. Jesus died such an horrific death (it was NOT quick and painless.) He had a purpose in mind for ALL humanity that they would never have to experience the sickness, pain, disease, affliction, sorrow, grief, fear, shame guilt, condemnation etc. In otherwords, there was nothing left ( bad stuff from the devil) for anyone else to experience in their life. Jesus has paid it ALL there is nothing left for anyone to pay. Jesus gave ALL for ALL. His purpose was to destroy the works of the devil (1 John 3:8) and He has through the cross. No sickness has been left out….. ALL sickness with whatever name has been paid for in FULL. As from today 10th March 2017 I have received my healing that Jesus paid for 2000 years ago. No longer will the devil and his cronies steal my life anymore! 🙂


Category: Encouragement | Name: Roy Lee Campbell | From: Middletown, Oh.
Posted On: March 9, 2017

Have been following your ministry for seven years. Just released from prison


Category: Healing | Name: William F I Squireslll | From: Nort Chchiago
Posted On: March 8, 2017

Glory to g od