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les ginanni jr
823 fishing creek rd new cumberland pa
August 26, 2016 Encouragement
charge your ministry
Please ask Andrew to charge his congregation to vote, that we might welcome God back to America, in all aspects of our lives.
Ron Dimmitt
Springdale, Ar.
August 26, 2016 Healing
Doctor Confused
My mom was recently in hospital with a chronic uti. Did bladder scan, found a mass, went to urologust for scopy, dr said she is old, not much quality of life left, she has a tumor in bladder, no need to scan. I said I want it anyway so I know what's going on. Dr said ok, come back in 3 days. Started watching archives of 2015 healing conference, and believed she was well. Went for scopy today, dr. was confused, there was nothing there, completely clean.
Jan Fox
Phoenix, AZ
August 25, 2016 Healing
I am grateful and thankful and very much appreciate the teachings of Andrew. Thank you for doing so much work for ALL of us.
John Magarya
August 24, 2016 Healing
Total freedom and understanding God
I am so overwhelmed by the revelation I have got from God's Word by listening to Andrew Wommack teaching. This ministry is and will always be a blessing to me. I can't thank you enough here but I got one thing to leave for you - "you are making a greater impact on people's lives than you think you are.

Thank you.

Shermaine Menser
Oklahoma City
August 23, 2016 Healing
healing of face and teeth pain
last week I was healed from the pain in my mouth from my teeth that where hurting, And God healed, restored and tightened my sagging face. I called Your prayer line and Howard prayed for me. Howard was amazing, so kind and gentle. We agreed in prayer together and God restored me. Thank You Jesus
Tamara Hines
August 22, 2016
Thank you for your service to God
Tinu Ola
Lagos, Nigeria
August 22, 2016 Encouragement
Increase in the Knowledge of God
I want to bless God for the ministry of Andrew Wommack. I have been downloading the free audio messages for a while now, and I have grown tremendously in the knowledge of the love and grace of God. I have an increasing understanding of my status in Christ and I have also been able to teach and encourage others. Thank you so much.
Helen Marie Driskell
August 21, 2016 Encouragement
the Love of God
I have finished three years at Charis (Woodland Prk) and have relocated to Checotah OK. Oh, how difficult it is! In Ephesians 3, I find that I need to understand the four dimensions of God's Love more fully! Have you noticed there is an extra dimension in that measurement? I know no one here, and the nearest Charis Bible Study is nearly two hours away! My heart is with you all. He is faithful always. Helen
Santa Suzanne John
Abbotsford,BC Canada
August 18, 2016 Healing
All of the Above – Gospel Truth
Thank You for revelation and true understanding of God's WORD
Donna McQueen
Thompson Falls, MT
August 18, 2016 Encouragement
Dependence on God
I want to thank you, Andrew & Jamie, for taking the stand you are, Though I'm not surprised, I am very pleased. I've kept up with your ministry most of 30 years (1986). I began by receiving free tapes way back when, and they were lifesavers for me. You are the solidity I needed in my walk with God. I tell everyone I know about you. You're more like a pastor/teacher to me than anyone I know or whose teachings I've sat under. You don't deviate from the Word of God, and I truly appreciate that! I love you both!!!
Merlyn Gaspar
Connecticut USA
August 18, 2016 Encouragement
Stand UP!
Dear Andrew, No. 1! I so appreciate your down to earth (up to heaven!) teaching; but the other day I heard your message (& was moved to tears) on how far our nation has slipped; it is about time we speak up (I couldn't remember if it was that or what I said in Title) for what is right; I'm so glad to be a part of a ministry that will not compromise the truth! It will change our nation for the better! We can believe God for this great nation that the enemy is trying to destroy; because of you and many others, Father is going to hear and answer our prayers! AMERICA WILL ARISE AND BE A GREAT CHRISTIAN NATION ONCE AGAIN!! In the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD!! THANK YOU!!! and keep speaking the Truth, it's what this nation (& each of us) need!
Elizabeth Holland
South Korea
August 18, 2016 Encouragement
Prayer Language received
For my whole adult life as a believer, I had been asking God for the gift of speaking in tongues. I wanted be closer to the Lord and to feel His presence more, but I had been waiting for so long I was content with the possibility that I might never receive this ability.

I called the AWM number and one of the ministers prayed over me, and I received my prayer language that very hour (2AM, my timezone)! I felt so loved by the Lord, so close to Him. I thought the gift was for me alone, as a confirmation that the Lord was listening to my prayers.

But later that day, I got a desperate phone call from a friend who needed me to come pray for her. She had been suffering from a painful illness for many years and was finally feeling as if the Lord had abandoned her. I told her that I had received a gift from the Lord that morning, and that it seemed like He gave it to me to share with her at her exact moment of need. After I prayed for her in prayer language, she told me that she felt the Lord saying to her that he hadn't forgotten her or left her side.

That's God's perfect timing! A gift that made me feel loved, and made my friend feel His love, too. Thank you for letting Jesus work through you.