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Elisha Francis
July 13, 2016 Healing
Declaration of Dependence
I feel that this is a worderful idea 15 stars!
Judy Bartsch
July 12, 2016 Healing
Love to all.Stay strong.
Jo Jean Knard
July 12, 2016 Healing
Breathing Free
Starting in January I could not breathe through my nose, only through my mouth. I saw my doctor and she gave me a different inhaler, I tried it with no results. I was snoring and life was miserable. It felt like there was a big ball of something in my head behind my nose. On a Wednesday night in May I went to church and had hands laid on me. Thursday I was very slightly better. Friday I was a LOT better, and by Sunday I was breathing free. Yay, God, and thank you, Jesus!
Connie Sylvester
July 12, 2016 Encouragement
Healing is Here Conference
I came across Andrew by "accident" in Sept 2011 on tv when I had to make an emergency trip home to Mobile, AL. At Thanksgiving I came across his book "Living in the Balance of Grace and Faith". At Christmas of that year I found him on tv locally in KY & started watching on a daily basis. It was so freeing- what he said brought such peace to a very weary, religion drained soul. He confirmed what the Spirit had already begun to speak to me & the chains that had held me in bondage my whole life began to snap so fast at times I just stood in awe. & the journey keeps getting richer & fuller every step of the way. I could go on & on of the testimonies of the inner healing that has happened & is happening in my life-the strength & power to do right even when it is hard. I feel my character being changed & am actually beginning to LIKE ME! (something I have NEVER done-I have lived with self-hatred for the greatest majority of my life). but today I want to give thanks to Abba b/c last year my friend, Linda Dees, whom I met b/c of Andrew, invited me to attend the Healing Is Here conference with her. I was on the fence about making the long trip to Mobile & then driving to CO with her but then a friend lost her 11 year old son tragically in an accident involving a drunk driver. I felt so helpless at the hospital as my friend dealt with the grief of having her son's life drain away in her arms. I wanted so much to raise that boy from the dead & restore him to his family as my Jesus did for the widow in Nain. That incident propelled me to step up & say to myself that I will join the "greater works than these" army that God is raising up to show the world His GREAT love & power. While there I was so blessed by all the ministry, Andrew-walking around talking to us-attendees- like we actually mattered to him. I imagine Jesus like that, being 'accessible' to people. The friendliness of staff & volunteers was so warm & inviting, the experience truly was healing for my broken heart & soul. BUT the blessing continues-I met a woman there from Lexington, KY & thru her found my heart's desire- a church "home". I had been praying to find a church that believed what Andrew taught knowing that my Father is faithful & that He just HAD to have other people out there somewhere who believed what I was learning. I jokingly tell everyone now that I had to go all the way to CO to find a church that is 15 min from my house! the healing continues in my heart & I am so blessed to not only have found AWMI but now to be PLANTED in a church that believes & preaches the GOSPEL TRUTH! Thanks so much to all of you at AWMI. I am a life that is changed b/c of your giving to the LORD. God bless
July 12, 2016 Healing
Praise The Lord ,

I am 34 years , originally from India but live and work in Dubai, UAE
I have been suffering from severe acid reflux issues for many years and during past week i was sleepless at night due to the problem, it affected me mentally , my work and all aspects since it is was very painful and even lost my hope .

I read the message and watched the testimony of Niki on the website about " By his Stripes you are healed " , I prayed with faith sitting in my office and this time i believed with faith as per Pastor Andrew Message .

For Gods Glory its now 2 days and i am healed and i have slept well in the night after many days and i am holding to the faith and not doubt anymore even though the devil is trying hard to remind me or doubt the healing I

I repented of my sins and recognized that i am nothing comparing to the suffering son of GOD Jesus who bore everything on the cross so that you and me are blessed .

we have been already blessed , we need to just receive it by Faith.

I truly believe that God has made me to find ANDREW WOMMACK website to read and receive the healing .

God Bless.
Thank you .
Leaann Taylor
July 11, 2016 Encouragement
Sir, thank you for speaking the Word into my life. I was listening to your series that had to do with my pride, and after a month of struggles in the workplace it actually clicked within me to tell pride to buzz off. That pride was not allowed to show itself (not through me, anyway)! I started showing compassion and forgiveness. Things are changing. Whew hoo. I'm changing and I feel GREAT and ENERGIZED! !!!! LOVE YOU TEACHER!
Jerome Michael
July 9, 2016 Encouragement
Word Of God is Alive
Hi Andrew , I thank God for you ..Your teachings on the too -good- to -be -true -Gospel has impacted my Life and my understanding of God... I was caught up in religious thinking and did not understand the Love of God and the importance of the Word Of God in my Life.. Through me listening to your teachings the Holy Spirit in me has convicted me and is constantly bearing witness to the Gospel. I have started to understand that God loves me and through Jesus Christ - The Living Word of God, i am able to love others with the same love that God has shown me through the understanding of the Gospel.. I am now able to forgive people and love them better. I am excited about growing more and more in the love of God as the Holy spirit in me is teaching me . I praise God for you preaching the Gospel...Thank You Andrew.
Marie Coletti
July 9, 2016 Healing
Thank you so much for your teaching
I've believed in healing but now I understand more clearly how to receive it
I thank God for your ministry & teaching
I want more and more of truth!!
I want to learn more about partnering
Johna783 Johna783
July 9, 2016 Financial
Cheap goods
Very well written article. It will be helpful to anyone who usess it, as well as yours truly
Valerie Evans-Smith
Los Angeles
July 8, 2016 Encouragement
God put on my mind to give into His Kingdom and the person I thought of was Wommack , He does not ask for me to give my whole pay check. The next day I seen an email on giving from this ministries, had not looked at an email for about a year form Wommack. Could this be devine, well let me commit and without any money. Today is my payday now 3 days later and I only had 34 dollars left from money already taken out. God I am trusting You to meet my need and give my the desires of my heart. I thank You!!!
Frank Minicucci
Charlotte, NC
July 8, 2016 Financial
I just wanted to encourage folks that since I have been giving to Andrew Wommack Ministries my IRA has increased $45,000 since 11/2015. God is faithful.
Laurel Tucker
July 8, 2016
Have been set free
I watched God wants you Well that a long time friend sent me years ago. It was April 3rd of 2016.
After being a saved spirit filled christian for 39 yrs going through churches that thought they were teaching the good news, but sending forth with give and get spiritual adultry. Eventually bring caught up in a home church that turned into a cult. One that brought so much shame hurt and sickness. Something was way off inside. My heart cry was always, "use me Lord, Jesus"... create in me a clean heart. Life continued. Long story made short. I have been through alot of dryness but God is faithful to those that believe. I stand today with Him using my story to reach out and touch lives. I continue to seek him in all humility every day.