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Willa Hammonds
April 8, 2016 Financial
I was encouragds by your semon The Spirit, Soul and body. God is God 24/7
Evelyn Sabugo
April 8, 2016 Encouragement
Been watching A . Wommack and his teaching is helping me a lot
Jacqueline Trent
April 8, 2016 Healing
I Dont Have Time To Listen To The Devil
I look forward to visiting your ministry. God has done and is doing great things in my life since I ordered my first course lesson as well as began listening to your teachings. I tried to make it for Campus Days 2016 but dealt with all kinds of attacks. I will get there for service on Sunday come h*** or high waters. God is truly AWESOME!!!
Dwight Reeves
North Carolina
April 8, 2016
Saw you teaching on TV. on Spirit, Soul, Body...went to your sight.
John Hager
Wichita, Kansas
April 7, 2016
Hi, my name is John Hager. I wanted to share a testimony that I believe stems greatly from seed sown during the Summer Family Bible Conference last month. I returned to Mexico on Sunday, July 5th, after having spent an utterly amazing, blessed week at the new campus. Tuesday morning my boss sent me a message that he needed to speak with me about something important. He called, and then proceeded to inform me that I had been awarded a pay increase of over 4% (after three years with no cost-of-living updates or any other sort of raise)! God is so AWESOME!!!
Jack Smith
Elkhart, Indiana
April 7, 2016 Encouragement
I just can't get over the truth that is in your teachings! I have been saved for over 33 years and in the ministry at some capacity for over 30 years. I am currently pastoring a church of about 200 and even though I have been a "faith" person most of my christian life the teaching of your ministry is totally setting me free and building my faith like never before. I just ordered the "spirit, soul and body" book and study guide and I will start to teach a series on that among many other faith teachings from your website. The revelation I have been receiving from your ministry has gotten me more on fire for the things of God than ever before. Thank you SO much!
April 6, 2016
Keep Praising
KEEP PRAISING THE LORD, even when you can't see it, and it WILL manifest!! Whatever you are believing for! Praise GOD!
April 6, 2016
Praise the Lord!! He is faithful. Your ministry inspired me to keep seeking truth about healing, restoration, miracles and authority we have. God is Awesome!! I have a strong keen physical body, used to have fibromyalgia, and horrible pain. I have a strong, keen mind, delivered from racing thoughts that distracted me. I sleep great every night, delivered of insomnia, God has restored my family, finances, and career. God moved, and is still moving, in EVERY area of me and family's life!! Take the Limits OFF!! God is so much bigger than we can know, and Praise Him even when you can't see it. Praise God!! I am leading others in Peace and Victory!! He set my heart free, and replaced years of sorrow with JOY. Praise the Lord and Thank you, AWMI!
Linda Boykin
April 6, 2016 Encouragement
Born in Hell, but Saved by Grace
God Bless you! Every time I watch your program on TBN it's like you are directly speaking to me. The Lord has had His hands on me as far back as I can remember, but it has been a ruff and hard roller coaster ride, with many ups and downs. I know now that the Lord has always been there with me not just when I had the highs on the mountain, but even in the lows valleys. I thank you for your words and resources. that are much needed and very helpful. This time I will not let satan still my joy and happiness in the Lord, as he has so many times in the past. I am now 63 yrs. young, and I know it is never to late, for ALL things are possible for those who love God and are called according to HIS purpose. I will continue my Testimony at another time for now it's 11:30 here in Sumter,S,C. Time to rest..Thank you and God Bless.......Linda B.
April 6, 2016 Encouragement
Mike Hoesch story
My son is in the 4th grade and had a friend tell him at school he did not believe in God. I called the prayer ministry for prayer to come into agreement. One day, I shared the healing testimonial video about Mike Hoesch with my son. Unbeknownst to me, my son shared Mr. Hoesch's story with his friends at school. His friend (nonbeliever) came back telling my son he now believes in God. Praise God! God is greater than all things coming against us. Thank you Andrew Wommack and the entire prayer ministers for all you do. Catherine
April 5, 2016 Encouragement
Enter Boldly
Andrew Thanks for your free teachings on your website. I've been listening to "Enter Boldly" from Hebrews and it has impressed me how the early church was beset with those who wanted to bring back the law and we today face the same effort to dilute the new covenant to take us away from Jesus......Thank You.
Tammy Wulf
Timmonsville, S.C.
April 5, 2016 Encouragement
Hearing and Knowing the Truth
As I listen To Andrew. I have learned so much about the God's Word and the true meaning in His word. It is encouraging to hear the truth and not watered down religion. As my day begins and I watch and listen to the broadcast it helps me with my walk throughout the day. Thank you, Mr. Wommack for preaching and teaching the truth.