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Denice DeLong
Bridgewater Maine
April 1, 2016
I have just finished your online tv broadcast on body soul spirit. I watch online ministry daily hours at a time and i have never been so filled, empowered, educated as i have today with your message. You clearly spoke God's word and clearly explained just how & why we struggle. I cannot wait to share this. Thank you Andrew
Denine Hebert
March 31, 2016 Encouragement
I am forgiven
I am forgiven from the Almighty God and love Him I am His and He is mine...I love Jesus Christ my Savior and will take up my cross and follow Him to the very end....Love your show
Scott Laney
March 31, 2016 Encouragement
The Power of Prayer
My family’s life is a portrait of God’s healing love and the power of prayer.
​Two years ago, as I walked to a gas station early on a dark winter morning, I was struck by a passing vehicle going 60 mph. I immediately died and was dead for at least 30 minutes. I found myself at Heaven’s gates and then returning to a broken body with only Jesus at my side. He carried me into the ambulance and stayed with me while I witnessed his healing power and love, resurrecting me back from the dead. My body was broken. I had broken legs, a broken skull and a broken arm. My first physical therapist informed me I wouldn’t walk for 2-5 years. Because of Gods love and mercy, the prayers for my recovery were answered and I walked in less than 1 year. Because of God’s love and healing power, I am alive and well today and can spread His word and witness to others who may not know Him.
​My grandmother had a heart that was dying and unable to beat for itself. Every step was difficult, every breath was a struggle. With the wisdom God has given to our doctors, she would survive with a pacemaker. Our family’s prayers were again answered and she is now living a healthy life, able to walk and breathe. Thank you Father.
​My mother has suffered her entire life with asthma. After I started praying for her eyesight and her asthma to improve, they both showed a marked improvement. I can only say, prayers are answered but we do need to ask our Father in Heaven and pray for those in need.
​Addiction was a futile battle for my father. It raged through his life destroying his marriage to my mother and any other relationship that was in its way, including ours. By the grace of God and through the power of prayer, he overcame that 35-year demon in his life. He has been sober for 5 months now. Only God can perform a miracle such as this. A true testament to the power of prayer.
​One of the gift’s of the Holy Spirit is prophesy. It can come in the form of a dream. My mother had such an experience. She awoke from a prophetic dream that my sister was going to have a baby girl. One week later, my sister had confirmed that she indeed was having a baby girl.
​Whether it is resurrection, spiritual gifts such as prophesy or healing, God is there for us all the time, every minute, every second. Just remember to pray and keep yourself close to Him. Do not lean on your own understanding but trust in Him with all your heart. Proverbs 3:5.
Johnny Chao
March 30, 2016 Encouragement
Dynamic Animation
Spirit, Soul & Body : Spirit, Soul & Body is truly Andrew’s signature teaching from God’s revelation. Your book coined with three concentric and intersecting circles along with a valve certainly sets you apart from others. Again this week’s dynamic animation reminds us of early cartoons to illustrate and help children grasp the process change. As a career engineer, graphics, diagrams, and flow charts are always part of my toolkits to aid in rendering the finished product. We’d hope animations be part of your teaching to illustrate (16) laws of God’s operation just like many laws taught in math, physics, and engineering. Creation, from any angle of engineering science, is beyond any doubt. Thank you Lord!
Alise K
United States
March 30, 2016 Encouragement
Dear Andrew, I have been listening to you for over 12 years. I am the first person in my family to leave the Mormon religion. I mean in all of my family, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and I have moved to a third world country where I believe I am called to live for the rest of my life. On Easter I did not receive a phone call from my family and in many ways because of my decision to follow my faith, they have abandoned me. I just want to let you know that I am sitting here in my room, thinking of all the funny things you say. Praise God for Jesus! and this is just Andyology.. and I just think to myself, I wouldn't trade this for the world!! The truth I have learned from all of your teachings has made my life complete! I know what I'm called to do in life, I have a vibrant relationship with God, and I'm not held to these dumb religious ideas anymore... guess I could have been sad that I've lost my family but I feel like I have gained something entirely priceless from your teaching and ministry. I've received God in the truth of his nature and I'm in the greatest adventure I've ever had in my life. I have more purpose and joy and hope than I would have had if you didn't exist to help me get a greater revelation of the nature of God. Thank you for your life!! Extending a big hug your way!! And thank you for being you!!
Rev. Doc King
March 29, 2016 Encouragement
Spirit, Soul & Body -We are a triune creation!
We appreciate your ministry so much! Your teachings are such a blessing to us. Not only do we get encouragement in and confirmation of our faith, we learn and grow as well! Our God is a good, good God!!!! Thank you for providing enrichment that we can carry with us in our day-to-day walk.
mary ruehle
March 29, 2016 Healing
Spirit soul and body
I remember in school when you taught that our Spirit was fully grown up. That we didn't need to feed it so it could grow or mature, (something I had always been taught). I was dumbfounded and relieved to know that it was a gift from God to give a new creation, my born again self was already at full capacity. That it's always experiencing the fruit of the Spirit, that's it's always fellow-shipping and One with God .
Something else you said; mind you I was going through a divorce while in school so I was licking my wounds and sulking (pity party) so it's a miracle I even heard you say were talking about there not being anything negative in our Spirit Man....but this is what really caught my attention: You said, "there's no divorce in your Spirit!" I said, "WHAT!(within). I asked God, "is that true? But instead of answering me, He showed me. INSTANTLY He transferred me to what it feels like to be totally in the Spirit and He cut off the Soul and the Body! I was frozen...I didn't want to move an inch or even blink because I didn't want to lose that beautiful, wonderful peace and intense Love that I was experiencing! Before that I was in so much physical pain from a broken heart that It was literally difficult to breath. All the pain was was just as you said, there was no brokenness there. It was just as if I wasn't going through a divorce, not even the memory of it was there. Only pure love and acceptance. In fact it was totally the opposite of what I was experiencing in the Soul and the Body. God literally flipped the switch for me and let me experience heaven on earth. After that day I was never the same. Anytime I would start getting those negative emotions, God would tell me I was living out of my Soul and not my Spirit. So I would flip the switch and cut off the negative power source! Yea!!!! There's TOTAL freedom in the revelation of SPIRIT, SOUL, AND BODY!!!!
Mary Ruehle
March 29, 2016 Encouragement
Spirit soul and body illustrated
Hi Andrew....I'M SO EXCITED about the new dvd explaining spirit/soul and body. I'm always trying to make some kind of visual explanation when I teach this, so it is a must have. I can't wait to get it. I literally live by this teaching everyday. The Holy Spirit always takes me back to this as my foundation for everything. It has truly set me up for life! Thank you thank you, Andrew... God blessed you!
David Sibb
March 28, 2016
You helped me to understand the gospel.
Thank you Andrew and Jamie , for teaching me the gospel truth .I started watching your show when I stumbled upon it one early morning. I was saved when i was a teenager but didn't understand the depth of that conviction. I played in rock bands, fell into all kinds of sin, had bad luck lost marriages and relationships etc, made bad choice after bad choice.Then i was reunited with a childhood sweet heart, who was praying and very active with the lord, she changed my life and made me see how I had missed the mark with god, a kind loving god . It took awhile but now with your teaching and Lisa's help, I have found the love of Christ and life will only get better I'm sure of it , I have even considered preaching the word but I need a good foundation , you have helped me a lot thanks again and good bless.
Esther Skoglund
March 28, 2016 Healing
The healing touch
Hello...I want to praise God for keeping me well . In December I attended a session in Arizona with friends on healing.
I have a history of epilepsy, back stenosis, degenerative disc disease, schogrens disease, osteoarthrisits, IBS, and on and on. I wrote down 24 issues to have prayer over. I usually see a doctor every month or more for my neck, or back issues. Since being at the conference I have not gone once. It has been 3 months, I have the ablilty to care for my grandkids, do my work, and strength to just live life. Praise God for this wonderful time. I have been reading the healing verses you have written as well as others. I look forward to better and better things. Esther
Dave Shirvis
March 28, 2016 Encouragement
Thanks AWM for the latest interview on 'Inside Story' with Andrew, David and Tim Barton and the new director of CBC school of government-- exciting interview, about exciting upcoming school to redirect this country back to our Biblical roots- hallelujah!!
Dean Baubach
Rossville, Ga 106 Baylor Ln 30741
March 27, 2016 Encouragement
Muren Interviews Ending Easter Sun
Andrew, WOW, these 3 interviews are life changing...I know my life will be changed forever! THANK YOU for doing them. My request is that you make available these 3 interviews on DVD so people can purchase them! I am a partner and love it I can`t express how much I have learned, changed, love GOD on and on. I have many of your teachings some I have given to people, I love giving your stuff to others. I am saying all of this as to why I would love to give this DVD to as many people as I can. When I make my gift to you each month I thank GOD that I can give and that HE lead me to your ministry. I call in each month instead of using automatic because I love talking to your wonderful people on the phone and sometimes I tell them how much I love giving to Your Ministry plus I usually order a teaching and often have a prayer request. I truly Love ALL you are doing and I hope you can make this wonderful interview on DVD, but if you can`t you know I wont miss a beat. HAPPY EASTER and THANK YOU ANDREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!