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Zkmain Moreno
El Paso, TX
December 30, 2015
Finally made it to Colorado Springs and I didn't have to quit my job. Yayyyy ME! God Surprises!
john sekwati
South Africa
December 30, 2015
Thank you for obeying the Lord.
Rev. Rande Muscatell
North Carolina
December 30, 2015 Healing
Restored finger
While helping a fellow minister build a rm add. Using a pwr saw I cut thru base of my fingernail cutting the end of my finger to the bone. Grabbed a paprtowel & duct tape & wrapped it up. The pastor offered to bring me to the Hosp. I said without hesitation; "wouldn't it be a tremendous testimony for God for Him to just restore my finger?" He said then that's what we'll agree on & we prayed the prayer of faith. Satan began teasing me with gangrene and losing my finger or hand. I resisted and though it looked BAD I believed. 3 weeks I took off the bandages and it was ruff but healing. I lost 2 nails in the weeks but when I looked I saw a scar under the 3rd nail and chewed up skin. I said Lord I can live with a scar and almost audibly I heard wrap it up for 1 more week. I did and at the end of that week as I removed the bandages the end of my finger from the first knuckle began to come off like a cap including the nail. There was another nail under it. The skin was new and soft like a baby and as I examined further I noticed no scar. God said you were OK with a scar but I wasn't. I can't see because of my tears of joy every time I share this event. God's blessed me with many. Perhaps one day I can share the one about my fight with God and the Ford Country squire station wagon falling on me and crushing me to my death!! Praise be to God. Let me know if you would like to hear more of God's miracles in my life. Thank You, God Bless You all. Rev. Rande Muscatell
Linda Smith
North Carolina
December 29, 2015 Healing
Difficult Christmas
I must praise the Lord. My family and I had a most difficult Christmas this year, but God is good regardless. My darling daughter, Amy passed away on Nov. 16th. She hadn't been sick that we knew of, but when her Dad looked in on her, she wasn't with us. She passed away in her sleep which most believe to be the best way and perhaps that's true, but at 33 yrs. old with 2 teenage sons, ages 16 & 13, I don't believe that. I believe we were robbed of a most precious child. There have been many prayers lifted for us and I do appreciate these precious saints for that. I guess I'm still in the flesh with this and by His grace, I will overcome, but my dear husband and grandsons need a move of the Holy Spirit to help us.
Christiana Sonuga
Atlanta, GA
December 29, 2015 Healing
God is still healing
After a normal first few months of pregnancy at my 20 week ultrasound appointment the doctor noticed that baby's heart rate dropped critically low. At that moment I couldn't pray I was stunned (my first born child died 12 days after birth - she was diagnosed at my 20 week appointment with a heart defect), I texted a few people to pray. The doctor also noted that my baby's spine looked curved. The doctor started talking about termination. I quickly let him know that termination is not an option. He even stated that I may have lupus because that can cause the baby's heart to have trouble. They sent me upstairs to be checked out by the pediatric cardiologist - he checked and everything was perfectly fine. Praise God, a miracle in minutes. They wanted to do an amnio test to see if there were anything abnormal to cause the spine to be curved and a blood test to check for lupus. Results would be back in two weeks - and you better believe Satan messed with my thoughts the entire two weeks. Thank God for Andrew Womack's teachings. I knew this was an attack from the enemy and I knew he was trying to steal another child from me. This time I was ready with the Sword of the spirit. I kept my mouth closed (I did not go repeating what the doctor said except to a few people who I knew would pray) and I commanded the baby's spine to straighten and heart to stay normal. I professed that there was no lupus in my body. I called the prayer line at Andrew ministries and had someone to agree with me. Two weeks later, the amnio came back perfectly normal, the blood test came back perfectly normal, no, lupus. God is awesome. The doctor did a follow up ultrasound and baby's spine is perfectly normal. Satan was not finished and still tried to attack. During delivery baby swallowed some fluid and it got into his lungs. He had a 9 day NICU stay...I knew it was another attack from the enemy and I was not even moved. I prayed and proclaimed health the entire time. The medical team kept giving me the worse case scenarios, but I refused to let my mind ponder them. I kept proclaiming health. I now have a 3 month old perfectly healthy baby and all Glory to God!!! Thank you Andrew Wommack ministries for teaching the true word of God. I am now a Grace Partner and have enrolled in Charis Bible College online for personal growth.
laurie lea
brooklyn, new york
December 29, 2015 Healing
Healing is Here 2015
This has been a long time coming, partially because it has been unfolding over months, but I believe I can now convey some of the phenomenal emotional healing which began at the 2015 healing conference. A prayer minister named Wendy had a strange vision of me whirling round and round holding a gigantic plastic garbage filled with crap, as she described it. God had been dealing with me about codependency, and when I returned home I had a vivid dream in which the Lord revealed the meaning of that vision. Ever since college (I am 67 now) I adapted a pose, a false identity if you will, of being a "savior" to those with pain and problems. This attitude and behavior was camouflaged under the guise of Christianity and confused with a real gift of ministering . I would listen for hours to people's tales of woe, and scores of people were drawn to my helpful, sympathetic attitude because it made them feel better. This made me feel important and worthwhile. I think I've had a huge sign up for years that said "come unto me all ye that are miserable and in pain and dump it all on me, - no judgment or condemnation. " However, they may have felt better but didn't get better because I'm NOT their savior. I was encouraging them to dump their toxic emotions, anger, rage, misery, pain, fear on me instead of pointing them to Jesus. No wonder I have always found people exhausting - I was relating to them in this destructive pattern. God has been healing me, delivering me from some toxic relationships and restoring others. Its been a learning experience, learning to depend on the Spirit with each relationship, breaking years of bad habits and creating healthy new ones, watching the Master save, heal, deliver and restore. I noticed when Wendy prayed for me she would ask me what the problem was I wanted prayer for, but then stop me when I started to go into detail and depth - I am learning to do this too- and point people to God who is the only one who can meet all their needs. He may inspire us to convey His love and impart some word of wisdom, but I now find its usually pretty brief and simple. This is changing my life, lightening a lifelong burden Christ never meant for me to bear, and actually helping people I love as I get out of His way, release them and let Him do the real work. Thank you and God bless all of you prayer ministers who offered yourselves sacrificially that week that God might come in and do a mighty work in us. He did and that work is ongoing, praise God!
John Galavan
December 29, 2015 Healing
Thank you Andrew for your messages of praise and the "sandwich" format of prayer. I have been locating healing verses and praises verses to use asking God to return my sight to the eyes of my youth and God did that for me. Glory to God! This success is because of Andrew's urging about the importance of praise and my heart and my esteem of God. Thank you Andrew and may my Lord and my God continue to bless you.
Dane Wiese
Willow Springs, MO
December 29, 2015 Encouragement
God Delivers
My wife, Emma has limited mobility and has a hard time going to church but finds inspiration in Andrew Wommack's teaching daily. A few years ago my wife fell into a deep depression, she was a general manager for a large clothing store chain, she had to quit her career because she was unable to fulfill her duties. Shortly after she attempted suicide a number of times. We had went to church most of our married lives and were youth group leaders for a few years so I had trouble understanding her feelings and actions. My son passed away accidentally at the age of 21 in 2013 and sent my wife and myself spiraling into a dark place. I had some deep Christian roots that helped me bounce back and my wife gave her life to Christ in 2014. I always thought she had already gave her life to Christ but she now has the hunger for God's Word and we have a prayer life that has changed our lives. Praise God.
Dave Shirvis
Ocala, FL
December 28, 2015 Encouragement
fellowship-- any 'Andy fans' around Ocala, Florida?-- let's meet-up -- there's a Charis Bible study in town available that is a blessing! -- let's connect-- isolation is a tool of the enemy-- blessings to you!
Sharleen Perera
United Arab Emirates
December 25, 2015 Financial
Praise Report
My family and I were believing God for a House and within just six months time God Blessed us with two beautiful houses with good land space, everything was according to our hearts desire. Gods favor was on us in every dealing we did. the seller reduced a million from the sale price and even the lawyers reduced their charges. All glory to God. Thank you so much for Teaching us the true word of God we are truly Blessed to be partnered with this ministry. Thank you We love You and Pray for you everyday.
Loretta Boutot
Deerfield Beach, FL.
December 23, 2015 Healing
Blood Cancer Miracle
I just prayed with Linda in the prayer call center. We are standing on the word of God for a miracle for my sister-in-law , Gloria, battling blood cancer for 2 years. She is hospitalized right now because her blood has been totally destroyed by the chemotherapy she has gone through. Her doctors are now asking siblings to donate DNA samples for possible stem cells. My husband and I are believers and have lead her in the prayer of salvation. We are standing in faith and will be writing back with miracle testimony. Thank you Andrew for showing us a better way to prayer. Jesus be Glorified! Loretta Boutot
Anthony Rose
December 23, 2015 Encouragement