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Submitted by: Renske Geertsema- van Dijken

On September 3, 2019

Reaching out from: The Netherlands

After years of renewing my mind, with the help of Andrew’s teachings (and later other teachers of Charis Bible College, live Bible studies, healing school and recorded conferences), I declared my heart was healed of what was done to me in the past. I named everything Jesus did for me at the cross by name. After that, I saw very painful things of the past, but without pain. And I forgave the one who did it and blessed the person. That was a miracle! Then I felt a heaviness fall from me and a fresh energy filled me. I am free of something profound, and it’s because of the revelation that Jesus already healed my heart. Thank you, Andrew, for helping me receive that revelation!

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I Believe, He Was Touched by Jesus

Category: Healing | Name: Kb | From:
Posted On: September 4, 2015

Hi!Thank you Manuel (I hope, I remember your name correctly) for the prayer for my husband, who had high blood pressure. I believe, he was touched by Jesus. After prayer and after walking with the dog, he measured a blood pressure of 129/90, as before it was much higher. Thank you Jesus!

Thank You for Tapping Into That Power in You to Present This Revelation Boldly

Category: Encouragement | Name: Anu Ram | From: India
Posted On:

Hi Andrew,If God wanted Paul to write another book it would have been “Spirit soul n body”. I believe God chose you for him. Its deep,revolutionizing yet easy to grasp. Thank you for tapping into that power in you to present this revelation boldly. I recommend every born again believer read this before you read any other book. Thanks Andrew again.

I Was Instantly Healed of Many Things

Category: Healing | Name: Vanaja | From: India
Posted On:

Dear Andrew, Healing is here conference is a real blessing in my life.I watched some of the sessions In archives.The opening session on 11th August was really a wonderful blessing to me and I was instantly healed of many things. Your ministry is really helpful to us to learn simple truths of God and see the benefits after implementing them in our lives.Healing school archives are of immense blessing and thanks to the ministry staff.

I’ve Received So Much Healing and Am Able to Walk in the Truth by Partnering With You

Category: Financial | Name: Charlotte Smalley | From:
Posted On:

Power of Partnership! Thank you for enlightening me of the power of partnership that provides the giver with the anointing of your ministry! Many Christians are givers, but don’t realize the benefits they receive in specific areas of their life according to the anointing on the ministry they partner with. I’ve received so much healing and am able to walk in the Truth by partnering with you. What a life-changing truth you shared. And discipleship. I’m bold to witness , minister healing and share Gospel Truths now!! Your teaching is so easy to understand. Thank you for not backing down from the Truth in the Word.

He Woke in ICU With a Big Smile and Is Doing Just Fine

Category: Healing | Name: Vera | From: England
Posted On:

Hi Andrew, I would like to give a praise report, I phoned for prayer for my brother who had been waiting for a heart operation, He collapsed and was taken into hospital, I phoned the prayer line and asked for prayer for him. I prayed also and asked the Lord to amaze the Doctors and nurses, then I sang How great is our God. The Doctors told my family they thought he wouldnt make it it was so bad. But he did and when we talked with the nurse she said we are amazed with your brother he woke in ICU with a big smile and is doing just fine. The next morning mys sister was also taken into hospital with an angina attack, I panicked at first but then remembered your words Andrew.Take control of your emotions, so I did with tears and prayed the way you have taught me and praised and thanked the lord. She is out now but has damage to her heart . I am still doing what I know how and would appreciate you praying for me Andrew I have been praying for so long for my needs. God bless, Vera . Great to see see the healing school on line I love it so much.

Test Title

Category: Healing | Name: Julie O Gorman | From: Ireland
Posted On:

Went to Colorado for healing conference. We travelled with great enthusiasm for the healing of my 24 year old son oppressed by a bad diagnosis since he was 17.He is strugglingo believe but I and his older brother are standing and believing that the prayer Charlie and Duane and countless others at the conference prayed over him will manifest . We really enjoyed everything and thank you all for a rich time of sharing teaching and encouragement.Julie

I Could Eliminate 90% of My Medications

Category: Healing | Name: Eleanor Lock | From: Bella Vista, Arkansas
Posted On:

Andrew and all who made ‘Healing is Here’ so awesome!I am healed! Watched Andrew’s sermon on Tuesday August 11th and it built my confidence in the Lord to the point I could eliminate 90% of my medications. A friend asked me today if my healing still held, and I was happy to tell her that I was still 90% medication free and free of pain as well.It was a wonderful meeting! Thank you so much! I will be 74 this fall and life is better than ever! Praise God!

GOD Has Really Helped Me to Focus Through Your Teachings

Category: Encouragement | Name: Madison James | From: Tacoma, WA
Posted On:

Hi,Thank you so much, GOD has really helped me to focus through your teachings, I know I am VERY BLESSED! My computer was broken, so I missed “you’ve already got it”, but I’m going over and over it, so much power in JESUS!!!Madison

Andrew Is the Man of God I Have Trusted for More Than 16 Years

Category: Encouragement | Name: Mick Parkes | From: West Bromwich, West
Posted On:

thanks Andrew for all your teachings, over the years, Andrew is the man of God I have trusted for more than 16 years, I have got DVDs CDs of Andrews, the true teachings, thank you again Andrew and Jamie with love and blessings to you, love Nick

I Received My Healing of MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS Which Had Ravaged Me for 22+ Years

Category: Healing | Name: Jeffrey Carpenter | From: Eugene, Oregon
Posted On:

The very first afternoon of the very first Healing is Here conference in August of 2014, I received my healing of MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS which had ravaged me for 22+ years! One year later, while attending Andrew’s Gospel Truth Rally in Portland, Oregon the Spirit put a verse in front of me:”For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.” HABAKKUK 2:14 (NKJV) I was promptly given related revelation about Andrew Wommack Ministries:As the waters of the sea cover most of the earth with visible waves, AWM covers most of the earth with invisible waves of television signals filled with knowledge about the true nature of our God!