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Submitted by: Tanya Armstrong

On February 21, 2020

Reaching out from: Cayman Islands

I want to thank Jim for agreeing with me today, first he encouraged me with the Love of God, then he gave me a scripture proving God’s love (1st Pet:2:24) and before Jim was even able to pray the pain left my neck immediately! Halleluyah, God is so Good…..Jim didn’t even pray, he only spoke God’s word and I received my healing instantly!!! I am so blessed to be a child of God…1000 THANKS TO JIM for believing with me! I am holding on to God’s promise…Thank you, Andrew Wommack, for your amazing teachings. Transformative.

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Thank You!

Category: Encouragement | Name: Dawn Auble | From: Charlotte, NC
Posted On: September 23, 2015

Thank you for coming to Charlotte, NC to the FCC Camp Meeting, every year. It is a great blessing!
Philippians 1:3-11


Category: Encouragement | Name: Margie Hanly | From: MI
Posted On:

A zillion thanks for your ministry. I became an alcoholic 12 yrs ago. Listening to the truth on how God loved me even in that state, gave me hope. I began to desire to please Him and have been delivered for 14 months. I thought I would have to go to AA everyday to remain free, but hearing u speak the truth set me free. I went for 2 wks and believed God to deliver me. He did and I never had to go back to AA. God is amazing. Thank you for not slacking in speaking truth. The harness your emotions is phenomenal !!

Thanks for the Prayer

Category: Encouragement | Name: Brian Stewart | From: arizona
Posted On:

Thanks for your support

We Made It!

Category: Encouragement | Name: Alan and Lori | From: Colorado Springs
Posted On:

Hi Andrew,
We are correspondence students, but felt God leading us to CO. early to get into position for 2nd year! We just arrived 2 -1/2 wks ago and are in Escrow with a home in Woodland Park, only 1 mile from the CBC campus! Preparation time is never wasted time.

Hernia Healed

Category: Healing | Name: Floyd Easterman | From: Milwaukee, WI
Posted On:

I was amongst 1700 whom attended, “Healing is Here” two summers ago, on your new campus in Colorado.
During that week of the most awesome teaching, two of your students whom had been instructed in your Healing School, had prayed for me. For the healing of a Hernia in my left groin and above the belly button. Also there was another visitor whom also had prayed for me while in the book shop. I am acknowledging that I have been healed and have had to change my own perspective because I had not seen instant results, and being discouraged about it. Knowing God’s Word is absolutely true and will not return void, those prayers in my behalf were not in vain. I am believing in faith that my healing has taken place in God’s provision for my health. Respectfully, floyd easterman

Thank You

Category: Encouragement | Name: Cynthia Brandt | From: Danville, CA
Posted On:

Thank you so much for allowing .me to pray with you in Charlotte. Hows your new tooth?


Category: Encouragement | Name: Thelma Bregg | From: Surrey, BC
Posted On: September 22, 2015

I have UNlearned so much from Andrew’s teachings. Thank You for making them available Via Internet.

A New Life in Jesus

Category: Encouragement | Name: Sara | From: Europe
Posted On:

Hi! I just want to say thank you. Thank you Andrew Wommack and his ministry that are sharing God’s word. I have got a new life after listening to teaching of Andrew about God’s love. From to be a person with suicide thoughts and with lots of fears I’m now a brand new person in Jesus Christ. If you are out there and wondering if this is for you too then I can tell you, Jesus sitting already and waiting on you and He wants to give you His love and change your life. Jesus is the Lord <3 Blessings to you all!

Removing Hindrances

Category: Financial | Name: Eileen C. | From: Richmond
Posted On:

On August 18 2015 I called the prayer line and talked with Doug about a job, but not just any job, because that is what I could do under my own steam. But, I wanted THE job that God had for me. I had been praying for over two years (and unemployed by design for all that time) for the Lord to bring me the job He wanted for me. I tried several things but all the doors shut tight on me.
Well, Doug lead me to speak positive confessions over my situation and to remove hindrances. Less than two weeks later, the perfect job, that threaded the needle of my crazy schedule, arrived. I’m now working with a Holy Spirit filled, tongue talking gal who just blesses me every day we’re work together!! We even pray for and lay hands on her friends, as part of my ‘job’, and I get paid to go to church and sing in the choir, since she attends my church and needs me Sunday mornings. It was a long wait – but God made me laugh and cry that day I was hired. Thank you LORD and thank you AWMI and Doug! When in need…call the prayer line!! God is Good!!!

Praise Report

Category: Healing | Name: Lipp | From: NJ, USA
Posted On: September 18, 2015

After putting up with pain in both my wrists for 6 months, I called the prayer line yesterday for prayer. I know my healing was obtained at the cross, it didn’t make any sense that I wasn’t getting better. I spoke to Rhonda who shared with me and prayed with me. I took my healing and it was settled.
The pain doubled throughout the day and into the night. I just kept thanking Jesus that I was healed by His stripes. I put on my headset to listen to a teaching tape and about 10:30 pm, I felt a very warm sensation from my shoulders, down my arms and into my hands. The feeling was heavy and warm. It was a very strong sensation and I remember feeling so peaceful and I said, Lord, I receive my healing. I moved my hands and there was no pain at all.
I have been thanking Jesus all day for my new hands. I can move, the swelling is gone and since I am cleansed from all unrighteousness, there’s no more reason to be sick again!
I thank God for the privilege of partnering with your ministry!
Love you, Carmela