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Submitted by: Kathleen Loflin

On October 28, 2019

Reaching out from: United States

Thank you so much for all the free teachings. I listen for hours a day. Words will never express how much they have changed my life and the understanding of true Grace and the gift God has given Andrew to speak the truth the way he does with simplicity for me to understand. I’m now working a job that God blessed me with, bought my first NEW Bible and am starting to be able to give to God’s work. I’m just so so excited at the chance to partner with this ministry!!! Thank You!!

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My Unborn Baby’s Heart Had and Irregular Heart Beat That Has Been Healed

Category: Healing | Name: Chris | From: Georgia
Posted On: September 4, 2015

I just became a partner with AWMI!! I have been listening to the free downloads for months now. During that time I learned how to command/receive healing. My unborn baby’s heart had and irregular heart beat that has been healed as well as the baby’s spine has been straigtened. My 2 year old son has a speech delay that is resolving and he gets sty’s on his eyes often that has been healed. I have decided to give back so that others can continue to be taught through the free downloads.

We Are Excited to Partner With You

Category: Encouragement | Name: Alan and Lori | From: California
Posted On:

Hi Andrew, the construction update is awesome!! We are excited to partner with you. Thank you for keeping everyone updated!4C31

Thank You for Teaching Me How to Be Healed in My Older Years

Category: Encouragement | Name: Candace Fisher | From: Statesville, NC 28625
Posted On:

Your teaching is changing me every day! Wow! See you on several of the church channels; soaking in all I can just like a sponge! My standard Baptist teaching sure skipped a lot of the Bible; thank you for teaching me how to be healed in my older years! And all the gifts from God on that “table of His Grace”, just waiting for me to pick them up by faith, and receive them for myself! Hallelujah!Candy Fisher

It Was Good for the Soul!

Category: Encouragement | Name: Eleanor Lock | From: Bella Vista, Arkansas
Posted On:

Just got through watching the Healing School panel (Healing is Here conference, Thursday 8/13/15) and I laughed and laughed! It was good for the soul!You guys should take this act on the road! It’d be a sell-out! 🙂

Our Lives Have Been So Blessed and Changed Through Andrew’s Teaching

Category: Healing | Name: Debbie | From: Weed, New Mexico
Posted On:

So thankful for the fact that God’s Word Works! I am also so very thankful that one day over 20 years ago I “happened” to hear Andrew for the first time on a Christian radio station in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Having been raised Baptist, a lot of what I heard was very new to me. But oh how those words bore witness with my spirit! Our lives have been so blessed and changed through Andrew’s teaching. Events that transpired last night 8/19/15 caused me to want to share just how much this is true. I truly believe I would be a widow today if we had not had access to Andrew’s teaching. Last night my husband experienced what I can only describe as an attack from the enemy which surely would have resulted in his death if we hadn’t known the truth that we have authority in Christ. From my side it looked as if the enemy was trying to literally steal his breath from him. He was gasping for air, so weak he couldn’t speak much above a whisper. But when he could he spoke scripture. I continued to lay hands on him and speak the Word. Together we drew near to God and resisted the enemy. We both knew in our spirits that we were literally fighting for his life. But our God is faithful and His Word is true. We continued to stand, cursed the thing in Jesus’ and praised and thanked God that it was already done. Eventually he was and is breathing normally again. Not only that, but we are speaking that he will be stronger than he has ever been in his life! God is so good and he has provided so much for us! So thankful we are His and that He loves us so much! As a wife, I am amazed as I look back at this experience to see how at peace we both were through the whole thing. I guess that’s what you call peace that passes all understanding. Giving praise to our GREAT GOD! And thank you Andrew for being faithful to preach the too good to be true gospel! In His Love, Don and Debbie

The Test Revealed No Cancer!

Category: Healing | Name: Katherine Pickens | From: Knoxville,Tn
Posted On:

First of all I have to say every time I have called for prayer I have been so blessed by the wonderful people who have prayed with me. I recently called because my 95 yr. old dad was being tested for cancer in the right cheek of his face. I already had received a word from the Lord everything was okay. However Dad was still going to have the biopsy and I wanted someone to agree with me concerning everything. The test revealed no cancer! Dad and I knew deep in our hearts it would be good! We are praising the Lord with thanksgiving! Hallelujah! Katherine Pickens

Andrew’ Teaching and the Charis Correspondence School Has Changed My Life

Category: Encouragement | Name: Betty Hartman | From: Norristown, Pennsylvania
Posted On:

I watched The Inside Story with Andrew talking with Greg Mohr. How wonderful to hear about all the amazing things Charis Bible School graduates are doing all around the world. Andrew’ teaching and the Charis correspondence school has changed my life. I am so proud and happy to be a Grace Partner and to help Andrew continue to take his message around the world.

We Are Living in Exciting Times!

Category: Encouragement | Name: Laurie | From: Canada
Posted On:

I get so blessed when I read the testimonies on this page because I read the same testimonies over and over and they echo the same blessings I’ve received through this ministry. It proves this is a work of God. All of these different people from all over the world having similar experiences of the same God. This is unity. Wow! Thank you Jesus! It makes me think of Ephesians 4 where it talks about us all coming into the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ and and about Jesus making the body increase and edify itself in love. We are living in exciting times! Thanks be unto God, who always causes us to triumph in Christ, and makes manifest the savour of his knowledge by us in every place.

I Saw So Many People Blessed and Ministered to in Amazing Ways

Category: Encouragement | Name: Brian | From: raleigh north carolina
Posted On:

Andrew, I want to thank EVERYONE at Charis for the amazing time at Healing is Here!!! What a blessing!! There has to be tremendous cost to put on a conference like that and everyone was so loving! All the speakers poured their heart out and I saw so many people blessed and ministered to in amazing ways. We met wonderful Charis students and people from all over the country who will be lifelong friends! My wife and I consider it such a wonderful privilege to be able to attend the conference!! We love you so much and know GOD has great things in store for Charis!! Blessing to you all!

Shortly After Listening to Andrew’s Teachings I Fell in Love With God

Category: Encouragement | Name: Misty | From: Brighton, Michigan
Posted On:

Many thanks to Andrew Wommack and everyone who supports his ministry. His teachings have changed my relationship to God. I used to think God was just waiting to punish me for the next thing I did wrong and I lived in fear and condemnation. Shortly after listening to Andrew’s teachings I fell in love with God. I seek Him every day now and many times in a day He reveals himself to me. God’s love is so amazing and I am so eager to know him more. I now life by His Word and His Spirit instead of my feelings and I am becoming so empowered with His Power to be an overcomer.