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Submitted by: Joyce Wilson

On October 14, 2019

Reaching out from: Kansas

I called in and asked for the book “A Sure Foundation” that Andrew offered for free during the bible study last week. I received my book today and took time to read a few chapters. I have ordered a lot of books from the Ministry, but I feel this is the absolute best one Andrew has ever written. I feel that it will catapult me into a whole new level of understanding in the importance of a sure foundation. I called my sister and we talked about the book and then I went on line and ordered one for her and also the CD – A Sure Foundation for myself, so I can listen while I am at home and on the road. I cannot thank you enough Andrew for listening to the Holy Spirit prompting you to give the book away during the bible study program that evening. It will be a game changer and Bless so many lives! Thank you Andrew Wommack Ministries! P.S. I did give a donation for the book, but your free offer prompted me to act immediately!

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I’m Praising God for His Former Employer Which Reinstated Scott to His Place of Employment

Category: Encouragement | Name: Denise Iwanski | From: Phoenix, Az
Posted On: September 4, 2015

Prayer center believed with me for my nephew Scott during the time of his incarceration. He accepted the Lord again. He didn’t know at the time a new baby was on the way, until a couple months before his release date. Divinity Jade was born 1 day after on 8/18. I’m praising God for his former employer which reinstated Scott to his place of employment. Thank you believers at the prayer center for agreeing with me in prayer.

I Realized I Had No Pain and No Discomfort Anymore!

Category: Healing | Name: Debbie Kulbeth | From: SW Oklahoma
Posted On:

Oh, my brother Andrew and all you at the Bible College, me and my family are a long time partner with. Our son just graduated and is doing your correspondence classes. Besides a huge thank you I want to tell what happened this weekend as I listened to your healing school. We have walked in healing for many years and when things come against us we know the Balance of Grace through Faith … we walk right on in health. Something came against me and I even ordered the new study guide to encourage myself … then I watched Duane Sheriff … his last visit to your school … he said that as we go our healing would manifest and I had peace flood me and I got up, walked away, went about my ministry to others and a few hours later I realized I had no pain and no discomfort anymore! Duane said we should tell in an atmosphere of faith so I’m telling you all! Leading up to this moment with Duane was Greg, Barry, and you Andrew! I was lead to listen to all the last month or so of your healing school . The praise and worship! Matthew Ward’s visit! Your TV program … and a precious little sister that attends our church that just came back from your fist year college and is now enrolled in the Moore, Oklahoma school … all of this has been flooding my soul and my body walked away in the manifestation of healed!!! I love you all and thank you … we increase our partnership … as I wouldn’t miss being part of the best I’ve ever seen or heard!!! My whole spirit, soul and body leaps with joy and thankfulness!!! To understand is JOY!!! Debbie Kulbeth and family

I Believe God Is Using Him to Heal Me and I Am So Blessed

Category: Encouragement | Name: Lisa | From: PA
Posted On:

I just discovered the power of Greg Morhrs teachings (healing school archives) and what a blessing. He is so real about all the emotions he had when his son was ill and that he wasn’t detached but, he was able to overcome. I believe God is using him to heal me and I am so blessed. He is a gift beyond gifts: from the bottom of my heart, thank you Greg Mohr

I’m Still Meditating on the Seeds of Truth That Were Sown Into My Heart

Category: Encouragement | Name: Prosperous Paula | From: chicago
Posted On:

Hello Andrew, Jamie, and GTS staff, and volunteers. Thank you for a wonderful time in Chicago! I’m sure many lives were changed mine included. I’m still meditating on the seeds of truth that were sown into my heart. May God Almighty continue to bless you, keep you, make His face to shine upon, protect you, and give you peace, in Jesus name.

Thanks Andrew for Hiring Such Amazing Teachers

Category: Encouragement | Name: Lisa | From: Philadelphia, PA
Posted On:

Dear Andrew,I have been so blessed by listening to Carlie Terradez videos from Healing Is Here conference as well as her archived videos. She is a powerful gifted teacher: if she is willing , please increase her level of teaching at your school so we can listen more..Her sense of humor, the fact that she is so “real” about her issues and how the Holy Spirit lead her to you Andrew is so inspirational. In addition to Carlie, we want to hear more from Greg Mohr: wow, another spirirt lead teacher who is so “real;” and his examples/stories re: his healing journey, “types” of people (abandoned, etc) we need to hear from Carly and Greg more..Thanks Andrew for hiring such amazing teachers..Barry Bennet is great too and Danial Amstutz has such a sweet tender loving spirirt. He has such a soft gentleness about him that is so healing to listen to. He and Carly during the Healing is Hear conference were like love/grace in action. They were adorable and funny; I learned so much from them and they were a joy to listen to. Thank you Andrew too for making all these teachers/events available online via healing school, etc. Many blessings to you all:))

The Pain Is Gone and I’ve Also Began to Speak in Tongues

Category: Healing | Name: Brenda | From: Pa
Posted On:

I would like to give a praise report! Attended you conference in pgh ps a few months a ago and claimed the healing in my ears!! I’ve had pain in my ears all my life! The pain is gone and I’ve also began to speak in tongues! Praise God!!!!!!

I Dare to Say He Will Lay Down His Life for the Honor of God’s WORD

Category: Encouragement | Name: Emmanuel | From: Illinois
Posted On:

Hi Andrew,Just got back form the Chicago Gospel Truth Seminar. My wife and I had gone and it was a great time to learn form people that have experienced the kind of life I am seeking to walk in more and more. One thing nonetheless makes me to continue to hold Brother Andrew in high esteem. He is a man who believes in and is so convinced about what the WORD says. I dare to say He will lay down His life for the honor of God’s WORD. Andrew Wommack’s humility also blesses me. He is a man who is not insecure at all. I was amazed he will admit that he has had to fight an infection in his ears for six years even in recent times. I believe most men of God that teach what he teaches won’t admit to that. He is not out to please people but to help them and teach the truth. I see the nature of Jesus in Him and I believe He is someone I can follow as I see Him follow Jesus. Thank you Andrew for being an example to the believers. God’s blessings continue to rest upon you and the call He has given you. Thank you for all your teachings

I Just Discovered the YouTube Video of the CBC Version of Happy by Pharrell Williams

Category: Encouragement | Name: Mandie | From: AL
Posted On:

Andrew, I just discovered the YouTube video of the CBC version of Happy by Pharrell Williams. I love it !! I’m a long time partner and love seeing all of you at CBC have a good time. I watch all of you online and it is such a blessing.

I Believe, He Was Touched by Jesus

Category: Healing | Name: Kb | From:
Posted On:

Hi!Thank you Manuel (I hope, I remember your name correctly) for the prayer for my husband, who had high blood pressure. I believe, he was touched by Jesus. After prayer and after walking with the dog, he measured a blood pressure of 129/90, as before it was much higher. Thank you Jesus!

Thank You for Tapping Into That Power in You to Present This Revelation Boldly

Category: Encouragement | Name: Anu Ram | From: India
Posted On:

Hi Andrew,If God wanted Paul to write another book it would have been “Spirit soul n body”. I believe God chose you for him. Its deep,revolutionizing yet easy to grasp. Thank you for tapping into that power in you to present this revelation boldly. I recommend every born again believer read this before you read any other book. Thanks Andrew again.