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Audio Teachings

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• Anger Management
• As I Have Loved You
• Authority Series
• Believer's Authority
• Better Way To Pray
• Christian First-Aid Kit
• Christian Philosophy
• Christian Survival Kit
• Church Discipline
• Discipleship Evangelism
• Discover The Keys To Staying Full Of God
• Don't Limit God
• Effects Of Praise
• Effortless Change
• Faith Builders
• Faith Series
• Family Series
• Fear Of The Lord
• Finance Series
• Financial Stewardship
• General Teaching Series
• God And Country
• God Wants You To Succeed
• God Wants You Well
• God's Kind Of Love Through You
• God's Kind Of Love To You
• God's Kind Of Love: The Cure For What Ails Ya!
• Gospel: The Power Of God
• Guidance Series
• Hardness Of Heart
• Harnessing Your Emotions
• Healing Scriptures
• Hebrews Highlights
• How To Be Happy
• How To Become A Water Walker
• How To Deal With Grief
• How To Deal With Temptation
• How To Find God's Will
• How To Flow In The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit
• How To Follow God's Will
• How To Fulfill God's Will
• How To Hear God's Voice
• How To Prepare Your Heart
• How To Receive A Miracle
• How To Receive God's Best
• How To Stay Positive In A Negative World
• In God We Trust
• Killing Sacred Cows
• Knowing God
• Lessons From David
• Lessons From Elijah
• Lessons From Joseph
• Lessons From The Christmas Story
• Life's 3 Most Important Questions
• Living In The Balance Of Grace And Faith
• Love Series
• New You & The Holy Spirit
• Observing All Things
• Paul's Letter To The Ephesians Series
• Paul's Letter To The Galatians
• Paul's Secrets To Happiness
• Positive Ministry Of The Holy Spirit
• Power Of Faith Filled Words
• Power Of Hope
• Power Of Partnership
• Power Of The Cross
• Prayer Series
• Redemption
• Resurrection
• Righteousness Series
• Spirit Soul & Body
• Spiritual Authority
• Sure Foundation
• Testimonies Series
• True Nature Of God
• War Is Over
• Whose Righteousness?
• Word Became Flesh
• Word Series
• You've Already Got It

Audio Teachings
What's New In Audio Teachings?
How To Become A Water Walker   3 Topics   April 23rd, 2015
Don't Limit God   6 Topics   December 8th, 2014
God Wants You To Succeed   8 Topics   October 3, 2014
Paul's Secrets To Happiness   5 Topics   August 29, 2014
Observing All Things   5 Topics   July 12, 2014
Lessons From David   5 Topics   April 2, 2014

3 Topics Anger Management
Every person deals with anger. There is no escaping it. But are we dealing with our anger the way God's Word instructs us to? There is a type of anger that is godly, but even the more common, ungodly... More Info

5 Topics As I Have Loved You
Jesus commanded that you love others the way He loves you. Most Christians think that is impossible. That’s because you can’t give away what you don’t have. You need to personally experience God’s... More Info

4 topics Authority Series
This series shares what every believer needs to know about their authority. Authority and spiritual warfare are some of the most misunderstood subjects of the Bible. Andrew’s teachings... More Info

6 Topics Believer's Authority
Like it or not, every one of us is in a spiritual war. God is for us, and the devil is against us. The one we cooperate with is the one who will control us. You can't be... More Info

5 Topics Better Way To Pray
Prayer is something that every Christian knows they need to do but very few Christians feel like they have a successful prayer life. There are many reasons for that. It may surprise you to find that... More Info

6 Topics Christian First-Aid Kit
When you’re facing a crisis, remember what Jesus said to His disciples in John 14:1, the night before His crucifixion: “Let not your heart be troubled.” Imagine what it would have been... More Info

9 Topics Christian Philosophy
Everyone views life through a filter. For example, an optimist sees opportunity where a pessimist sees failure. What’s the difference? It’s the filter. The Bible calls that our philosophy... More Info

16 Topics Christian Survival Kit
This series is a verse-by-verse teaching from John, chapters 14, 15, and 16. These are Jesus' instructions to His disciples the night before His crucifixion. He knew what they would go... More Info

1 topic Church Discipline
There is no description for this teaching

4 Topics Discipleship Evangelism
Many evangelists realize that only about 15 percent of those who claim to accept Jesus continue in the faith. What's the problem? Conversion is a one-time experience; discipleship is... More Info

4 Topics Discover The Keys To Staying Full Of God
Many Christians have powerful encounters with God that leave them energized and full of Him. But often, the cares of the world suffocate His presence in our lives. What happened? Did God leave? No!... More Info

5 Topics Don't Limit God
God has more for you than what you are experiencing, but like most Christians, you’ve limited Him in one way or another. Fear of success, fear of failure... More Info

3 Topics Effects Of Praise
Praise causes our faith to abound by keeping our minds stayed on the answer instead of the problem. Praise causes Satan to flee because he can't stand true worship of God. Praise actually ministers... More Info

4 Topics Effortless Change
Someone once said that the only thing constant is change. We are all changing, especially those of us who have tasted the grace and power of God. We are no longer content with being normal. We want... More Info

4 Topics Faith Builders
Without faith it is impossible to please God (Heb. 11:6). Faith is our victory that overcomes the world (1 John 5:4). Faith is essential to everything we do in the Christian life. Yet many Christians... More Info

10 topics Faith Series
Faith is based on knowledge (2 Pet 1:3); therefore, a proper understanding of what God's Word says on faith is essential to developing a life of faith. These teachings will provide a basic perception... More Info

13 topics Family Series
Satan has launched an all-out assault on families. However, God created the family, and He has the perfect answer for every problem confronting families today. For many years, Andrew... More Info

5 Topics Fear Of The Lord
If I was to quote the part of 1 John 4:18 that says perfect love casts out fear, I imagine I would get a hearty “Amen!” from nearly all of you. But if fear is a bad thing... More Info

4 topics Finance Series
This series covers proper New Testament giving and how to receive prosperity. What does the Bible say about the tithe? It’s all here and more. Prosperity is a part of the atonement, but we should... More Info

6 Topics Financial Stewardship
Prosperity begins with understanding our role; we are God’s stewards. Our lives, talents, abilities, and living in a nation of unparalleled opportunity are all gifts from God. In this... More Info

15 topics General Teaching Series
This series covers many miscellaneous topics. These single teachings address a variety of subjects that will greatly enrich your life... More Info

6 Topics God And Country
Many Christians know very little about how to restore America to its godly heritage. But you can’t restore something if you don’t know what it originally was... More Info

8 Topics God Wants You To Succeed
There is no description for this teaching

4 Topics God Wants You Well
Health is something everyone wants. Billions of dollars are spent each year trying to retain or restore health. It is a basic desire of all mankind. Anyone who likes sickness must be mentally sick... More Info

9 Topics God's Kind Of Love Through You
Once you understand how much God loves you, it will compel you to allow God’s love to flow through you. However, there are many misunderstanding about what that means and how to do it... More Info

5 Topics God's Kind Of Love To You
If asked the question, is our heavenly Father a God of love, most Christians would answer yes. If asked, do you think He loves you today; the answer is often quite different. It depends on... More Info

3 Topics God's Kind Of Love: The Cure For What Ails Ya!
Most teaching on the love of God is all about how we should love others. While that is certainly appropriate and needed, we often fail to emphasize how much God loves us. We can't give what we... More Info

4 Topics Gospel: The Power Of God
The book of Romans is Paul's greatest masterpiece on the doctrine of grace. Nowhere else in Scripture is the mystery of God's grace revealed more thoroughly or more simply. This series helps the... More Info

2 topics Guidance Series
Every Christian needs to find God’s will for their life. And once they’ve found it, they need to know how to get there. There is a right and wrong way. Andrew shares from the Word on how to... More Info

4 Topics Hardness Of Heart
The Hardness of Heart series deals with the crisis, the cause and the cure for a hardened heart. A hard heart is simply a heart that is more sensitive to other things than to God. It is caused by... More Info

4 Topics Harnessing Your Emotions
We all have emotions, but do they rule us or do we rule them? Psychologists and Christians alike agree that actions are the result of inner thoughts and feelings, emotions. But that is where the agreement... More Info

1 Topic Healing Scriptures
This teaching is a collection of healing scriptures with soft background music. As you listen, your mind will be able to relax, and your faith will be built to receive your... More Info

5 Topics Hebrews Highlights
Our approach to God under the New Covenant is completely different than under the Old. Most believers haven’t understood that; they still mix the old with the new, and it’s the reason they aren’t... More Info

6 Topics How To Be Happy
Happiness is a goal many people long to achieve. Why are some people happy and others seem miserable? In this powerful series, you will learn the secrets of being happy. Andrew shares that it is... More Info

3 Topics How To Become A Water Walker
It's not just fate or luck that Peter walked on the water, while the other apostles stayed in the boat. Any or all of the disciples could have joined Peter in making history. A fatalistic philosophy... More Info

4 Topics How To Deal With Grief
Grief is something that each one of us encounters sooner or later. It cannot be avoided, but it can be dealt with in a positive way. Some of the most influential people in history became better and... More Info

5 Topics How To Deal With Temptation
Everyone faces temptation. The question is, how do we deal with it? Judging from our results, most of us would have to admit that we need to learn more. There’s a right way and there’s a wrong way to respond... More Info

5 Topics How To Find God's Will
Most people have lost a sense of destiny, God’s will for their lives. This five-part album is the first in a series of three that will help change that. They are called How to Find God’s Will... More Info

3 Topics How To Flow In The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit
The gifts of the Holy Spirit are some of the greatest benefits of the Christian life. They enable us to reach out to others with supernatural... More Info

5 Topics How To Follow God's Will
Most people have lost a sense of destiny, God’s will for their lives. This five-part album is the second in a series of three that will help change that. They are called How to Find God’s Will... More Info

5 Topics How To Fulfill God's Will
Most people have lost a sense of destiny, God’s will for their lives. This five-part album is the third in a series of three that will help change that. They are called How to Find God’s Will... More Info

3 Topics How To Hear God's Voice
Hearing the voice of the Lord is probably the single most important element in having a victorious Christian life after being born-again. The Lord knows all things and will show us things to come... More Info

3 Topics How To Prepare Your Heart
True believers don't plan to depart from the Lord — they just fail to prepare their hearts before temptation comes suddenly upon them. Be prepared for the storms of life by learning how David... More Info

3 Topics How To Receive A Miracle
Most Christians do not know how to receive a miracle from God. Learn how to grab a hold of miracles and make them happen. Believing God's Word is the most important step to receiving a miracle. We do... More Info

5 Topics How To Receive God's Best
Have you settled for less than God's best? If you have, you'll never receive it always looking for a miracle. It's time you learned how to walk in the blessing of... More Info

5 Topics How To Stay Positive In A Negative World
If you haven't noticed that we live in a negative world, you're not paying attention. It seems most people would rather talk about a problem than offer a solution, or complain rather than... More Info

2 Topics In God We Trust
In what or in whom do you trust? Most believers would say their faith is in God. Yet, when faced with difficult financial times, fear grips their hearts, and they fall apart like a two-dollar suitcase... More Info

5 Topics Killing Sacred Cows
A sacred cow is protected from the butcher, even when people are starving. Religion has its own “sacred cows,” wrong beliefs that are kept alive no matter the cost... More Info

5 Topics Knowing God
Every truly “born-again” Christian knows God as Savior, but there’s more to knowing God than forgiveness of sins. The Apostle Paul, after decades of walking with the Lord, said that he longed to know... More Info

5 Topics Lessons From David
First Corinthians 10:6 and 11 says all the things that were written in the Old Testament were written for our learning and admonition so that through them, we might learn what to do and what not to... More Info

5 Topics Lessons From Elijah
We can all learn from hard knocks, but it’s a lot less painful to learn by example. First Corinthians 10:6 and 11 say that the experiences of those in the Bible were reordered for our examples. Elijah’s... More Info

5 Topics Lessons From Joseph
How many of life’s lessons do you learn through the "school of hard knocks"? They make great testimonies, if you survive them, but it’s not recommended. There’s a much less painful way to learn... More Info

4 Topics Lessons From The Christmas Story
Christmas is a time of wonder for young and old alike. Despite all the commercialism, the message of God's love for mankind rings louder at Christmas than any other time of the year. You can go into... More Info

3 Topics Life's 3 Most Important Questions
These three questions are the most important questions you will ever ask yourself. Most people have probably never written them down, but I guarantee you that every single person has pondered these... More Info

5 Topics Living In The Balance Of Grace And Faith
Grace and faith are often seen as opposing forces. Many of those who emphasize God’s grace believe once we are saved, His blessings, (peace, healing, prosperity) are then distributed sovereignly... More Info

5 topics Love Series
Many Christians think they know what God's kind of love is, but they don't. This series will make a clear distinction between human love and God's kind of love. More importantly... More Info

4 Topics New You & The Holy Spirit
In this series, Andrew addresses the two most important events that will ever take place in a person’s life—first, receiving salvation through faith in Jesus Christ, and second, being filled with... More Info

5 Topics Observing All Things
There’s more to being a disciple than simply faith in Jesus. That might sound hard to believe, but that’s exactly what Jesus Himself said: Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations... More Info

10 topics Paul's Letter To The Ephesians Series
There is no description for this teaching

6 Topics Paul's Letter To The Galatians
This series is a verse-by-verse study of the book of Galatians. Paul pulled no punches in this letter to the Galatian Christians as he countered the legalism that was stealing their pure faith. This... More Info

5 Topics Paul's Secrets To Happiness
Many Christians strive to achieve happiness. Few, however, have understood, much less followed, what the Bible says to get there. Needless to say, they aren’t “happy” with the end result... More Info

5 Topics Positive Ministry Of The Holy Spirit
On the night before His crucifixion, Jesus spoke to His disciples and told them that He would send them the Holy Spirit: the Comforter. The... More Info

5 Topics Power Of Faith Filled Words
God created the world with faith filled words. He demonstrated that words have the power to create and that creation responds to words. If you can understand that, it will change your life... More Info

5 Topics Power Of Hope
The anticipation, or the constant expectation, of good is how most people define hope. But the Bible says in Romans 8:24 that hope is for that which is not seen. How can you see something... More Info

2 Topics Power Of Partnership
There are spiritual dynamics involved in partnering with the Gospel that most people don't realize. Learn how true partnership will change your life once you understand its biblical purpose and God's... More Info

5 Topics Power Of The Cross
What Jesus accomplished on the cross is far more than the avoidance of hell. This teaching will change the way you see the cross and will help you more fully understand what Jesus did on the cross... More Info

6 topics Prayer Series
A successful prayer life is something many Christians struggle with. It may surprise you to find that one of the big reasons is because of all the wrong teaching they’ve... More Info

4 Topics Redemption
It’s more than theology; it’s practical. Your understanding will determine what you are able to receive from God, not just in eternity, but here and now... More Info

1 Topic Resurrection
There is no description for this teaching

11 topics Righteousness Series
One of our biggest problems in the body of Christ is a lack of understanding of our righteous position in Christ. The effectiveness of our faith is directly proportional to our acknowledgment... More Info

4 Topics Spirit Soul & Body
This teaching is a foundational truth that is essential for understanding how much God loves you and believing what He says about you in His Word. Each person is made up of three different parts:... More Info

6 Topics Spiritual Authority
Understanding spiritual authority is vital. Many of us are confused and defeated because of a lack of understanding in this area. We passively wait on God to do what He has already told us to do. Or... More Info

4 Topics Sure Foundation
This series is a summary of the first four teachings Andrew gives in the U.S. Charis Bible College. They were taken directly from his Gospel Truth television broadcasts. God's Word has to be the... More Info

5 topics Testimonies Series
This is a series of personal testimonies including Andrew Wommack’s, the history of Andrew Wommack Ministries, Niki Ochenski’s, and more. You’ll be blessed by these... More Info

5 Topics True Nature Of God
Often, human perspective and the mechanics of Christianity eclipse the true nature of God - the God who wants nothing more than to share an intimate friendship with His children... More Info

5 Topics War Is Over
There have been many wars throughout history, and more are yet to come. However, the most important one is over... More Info

3 Topics Whose Righteousness?
What is the true meaning of righteousness? You will discover that this biblical term refers to your relationship with the Father. Learn how to apply it to your daily life. This series will also... More Info

5 Topics Word Became Flesh
Through His spoken Word, God created the earth and everything in it, put the heaven into place, and formed man. Most importantly, His Word became flesh, and Jesus (God in the flesh) was born. His... More Info

11 topics Word Series
It is so vital that we as Christians know God’s Word and know what to do with it. It is like a seed that goes into our hearts and produces a harvest. This series is on a number of different... More Info

6 Topics You've Already Got It
Most Christians believe God CAN do anything, but they don't believe that He HAS done very much. They live their whole Christian lives seeking, trying to get the Lord to heal, deliver, bless, and... More Info

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