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Linda L Bishop Earls
Altamonte Springs, FL
February 2, 2016 Encouragement
Linda Earls
I want to take the opportunity to say thank you, for being such a blessing in my life, since 2005. I watched your DVD, (Andrew and Jamie) telling me thanks and that I'm a blessing to you for partnering with you. It is your ministry that is such a blessing for the Kingdom. The Lord, said it was time for me to do this. Love in Chris Linda Earls
M. Brown
February 2, 2016
Good Report
I called in for prayer for good report for mammogram screening. Just the normal yearly test, but I like to pray for these things. Rhonda prayed with me and the report was normal. Praise God. Thank you AWMI for always being there.
Sylvia Byerly
Fort Collins, CO
February 1, 2016 Encouragement
“Mustard Seed”
Many times in the Kindergarten classes a mustard seed is used to demonstrate to the children the growth of plants because it has an almost immediate germination. Within a couple of days or sooner, the sprout of the plant is above ground & growing = much like the WORD of God (Mark 4:30-32).
Sylvia Byerly
Fort Collins, CO
February 1, 2016 Encouragement
Declaration of Dependence on God
I heard your interview with James Dobson on the radio several weeks ago & how you want to take an ad out in some major news publications. The last interview day with him J Vernon Magee was sharing about Ezekiel 37 and the dry bones arising , coming together, and being a mighty army. I felt in my spirit that for you to publish full page ads about our "Declaration of Dependence on God" is a wonderful-great thing for you to do. ONWARD & UPWARD!!! (I hope you decide to do so.) I agree - people are most likely to come out of the woodwork when they find out they're NOT alone in this spiritual battle!! 2 Chronicles 20 = time for us to Praise The Lord, so HE can do HIS bestest Work & we can rake in the spoils!! His 3 days below completing HIS work, gives us LOTS of spoils - Ecclesiastes 2:26; Prov 13:22b; Ps 37:11, 105:43-44. Blessings!!
mary ruehle
February 1, 2016 Encouragement
Hi Andrew, I'm so excited to see everything that's going on there at the Sanctuary!! Glad you're not limiting God and giving us the opportunity to take the limits off God and believe Him for the seed to sow into this awesome ministry! It's very timely for me to be stretched beyond what I believe I can do. Well after waiting for many years the Lord has opened the doors for me to start a bible study. A lady from a bible study I was going to and I began getting together 3 weeks ago. I taught her my personal favorite, "Spirit, Soul and Body." She sat there crying in the restaurant thanking the Lord for His great kindness and mercy. The love of God was revealed to her in a way that she couldn't hardly believe. We've stayed up until 1 am sharing the good news. She was so excited she invited a friend and I taught her the same thing. She sat there with her mouth open in amazement. (She was formerly of the Apostolic faith.) She was asking so many questions I could hardly keep up. In tears she said, I've been praying for this for years, for someone to teach me the truth, and finally here you are. Why isn't anybody teaching this? Will you come and teach a bible study in my home? I will invite my friends and family. We've been praying for someone to come and teach us." Of course I responded, "YES!! I've been praying to teach a bible study. When she was here I played the Healing video from your recent t.v. broadcast on "Sharper than a Two Edged Sword." She was taking notes, asking questions. She had seen you on t.v. but was searching so much for the truth she was watching everything and wasn't sure who she should be listening to so she was a bit confused. The next morning she text me that she listened to you on her MP3 player nearly all night long. She's hooked on your teachings and only wants to listen to you and Joseph Prince. Praise God!!! I ordered the Sharper than a Two Edged Sword book and and going to begin the bible study with it along with showing the videos of the same. I'm so excited Andrew for the opportunity to pass on the truths that God has revealed to you. You truly are making disciples and now I will be too. Like you said, "You're not a true success unless you're making disciples (duplicating yourself in Christ...or something like that... I'm praying that eventually it can turn into a Charis Alumni Bible Study. I'll look into that soon. ttyl God blessed you, I love you much
Anne Jernigan
January 31, 2016 Encouragement
Andrew, I can't tell you how much I am enjoying my Charis student experience. I am an online student and am in awe of the quality and amount of information in each class. They just keep getting better and better and my favorite instructor is which ever one is teaching at the time I am watching the video! I have watched you for several years now but had no clue the value that the Charis classes would bring to my life. Watching Arthur this morning I could literally feel joy just welling up inside me as he spoke about my identity in Christ and everything that is changed with salivation. Thank you SO much for making this available to us online. The value for my tuition dollars is truly and consistently amazing. At no time have you skimped on quality and quantity delivered and it takes things you have taught me on tv to a whole new level. Please thank everyone involved in making this available !!!
Becky Hansen
Savannah, GA
January 31, 2016 Encouragement
Construction Update
Just viewed your construction update Andrew. Be of Good Cheer! While I, too, was disappointed by the mere appearance of things, I know that we will indeed look in the rearview mirror - with better understanding. For example, things aren't always as they seem... I was late in sending financial support to my partnerships at AWMI -- not for lack of funds, but rather from computer issues. Imagine that? LOL It will all come to pass, my friend, just as God has laid upon your heart. God Bless! Becky H.
Pfunzo Nefale
South Africa
January 31, 2016 Encouragement
i enjoy listening to Andrew teachings here on daystar and i wish God can make a way for me to study in his bible collage.
Mark Kinnard
Billings, Montana
January 30, 2016 Encouragement
Thank you Pastor Andy! I started hearing of awmi and watching the half hour program on Daystar Network I believe spring of 2012. As a grade schooler and teen. I was an extremely shy and timid (wallflower). So, I can easily relate to your testimony. I have struggled along the road of God's will going into the ditch on either side. THANK YOU SO MUCH for letting the Holy Spirit use you and bringing into my life the book and workbook, "Effortless Change." It was the extra second springboard I needed that helped support what I was hearing through all 102 cassette tapes of Duane Sherriff's that I would listen to while I was driving semi keeping my truck upright and staying between the weeds along the road of life! Now just within the last three years my heart and soul are so much more eager for hearing the Lord in my life! one of the best corner stones of my life is Psalms 37:4&5 with colosians 3:15. It so blest me when I heard you teach on that this last Thursdays program just confirming what I knew in my heart! Thank You!
Andre Du Toit
Rep of SA
January 28, 2016 Encouragement
Latest Construction Update
Listened to the latest "Construction Update" and I just want to encourage the AWM Team that the future of the Sanctuary in Woodlands Park is so bright that I have to squint my eyes to see it. Thank you GOOD Father that all that you have spoken and revealed to Andrew will come to pass. Amen! I am so excited...all is well and God's good, acceptable and perfect will for the Sanctuary will be accomplished over the next 60 months. Thank you AWESOME Father. Hallelujah!
Vera Ward
January 28, 2016
Hi Andrew just want you to know that I think you are such a blessing. You are the most genuine person sharing Jesus that I know. I listened to you today and said Lord I really love Andrew you lift me back up, encourage me to go on, and make me laugh. God bless you Andrew, Vera from England
Gina Terrado
United States
January 28, 2016 Encouragement
Please preach more . On the "Illness" of drugs and alcohol. This morning . I heard your program. I felt some would not feel worthy . It is not like you preached. Millions of saved. Return to their sickness. Yet the only hope . The Road Back To The Cross