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John Wendler
Atlanta Georgia
December 8, 2015 Encouragement
A little over 5 years ago, my father took his own life after a long struggle with colon cancer, and turning to alcohol in the end. God has used this ministry to radically transform my life since then, it is not even recognizable. I just want to thank Andrew and the whole team at AWMI because what you are doing is truly a blessing! Thank you Jesus, for the faithful folks doing what God has called them to do.
Tsion Tesfaye
December 8, 2015
Blessed by the truth of the Gospel
Every time i hear the teaching of Andrew Wommack, i rejoice inside of me and only yes and Amen comes to me. I am so thankful for Andrew teaching. I am a grace partner of 25euro and now i want to double it to 50euro a month.
Joe Faler
Grand Rapids, MI
December 8, 2015 Encouragement
Thank you
Andrew,I just want to say thank you for your transparency when you recently read from your personal journal about how you had felt reluctant to publicly share God's big plans for Charis Bible College & the magnificent property that you all have been blessed with. It was very refreshing to hear you be so open about your fear of potential persecution due to the size, scope & success of CBC. While it is not the type of persecution that most Jesus followers think of or face, I'm sure that it is very real. While watching your broadcast, I believe that God told me that there is at least one person watching that could fund the whole $170 million, but that this probably won't happen....not that it can't, but if it did it would deprive the rest of us from giving & sharing in the Blessing! I'm guessing that you probably already know that, but I just wanted to confirm & agree with you that $170 million is peanuts to God, seeing as how He created & owns the whole universe! Thank you again for your obedience over the years, and thank God for how many lives have been eternally (& temporally) changed through your ministry. Blessings upon you all, and I hope to see you again this side of heaven! Merry CHRISTmas!!!
frances ross
December 7, 2015 Encouragement
Dear Pastor please forgive me for not writing sooner as God prompted me too. I was watching the Monday tv show on BVOVN as I do every morning and heard your share your struggle with the finances for the plan of God for the property God has given you to build up for Him and received such joy in my heart to see the boldness rise up in you. I really believe God is taking you to such an amazing level of prosperity in Him that is going to knock your socks off. And I am so thankful to Him to give me the opportunity to partner with you as you soar. Be blessed in the Lord at ALL times thank you for your time. I will be praying for you and the vision God has given you till we see it come to pass for His glory and your walk be bold. Thank you
Patricia Saulsbury
South Carolina
December 7, 2015 Healing
Understanding God
After suffering from chronic diseases (diabetes, pancreatitis, kidney disease, gastric disorders, autoimmune issues & others) for years, my mindset and confession was that God doesn't always choose to heal us. I often used Paul's thorn in the flesh as what I thought was a great example. I simply related his thorn to my ailments. However, after being introduced to Andrew Wommack's teaching on healing, that old mindset and confession are dead!! I now understand that it is God's desire that I be healed. In fact, He's ALREADY healed me! Now, when I feel a symptom, I simply command it to go. I'm not begging, pleading and crying for God to heal me, over and over again. I AM HEALED! Experiencing a symptom does not negate that fact and praise God, thanks to Andrew's teaching, I know that for myself. Because of the chronic pain I've suffered, I started a life group at our church for others who suffer chronic pain of any type. My intent was to teach us how to still be a blessing to others while we're going through our pain. I didn't want this to be a time of us griping about how bad we feel or of just commiserating with each other over the different ailments we've been diagnosed with. Thanks to the revelation I've received from Andrew's teaching, our life group is catching hold of the Word in such a way that we understand that there really is "Power in the Pain". Now, we meant that title to mean one thing, but God has shown us that what it really means is that yes, there is power in the pain alright, but not the power you're thinking of. The power in the pain is the power that Jesus Christ took over the pain when He died on that cross for you and me. The power in the pain is the power that took away every disease causing pain as His body was being beaten for you and me. Because of His pain, we've got the power to speak to EVERY disease that attacks our body and command it to leave. Since I've received this teaching as truth, as God's will for us, the symptoms have worsened and what they've caused is an increase in my faith. I am not governed by the sense realm. My confession remains steadfast, I AM HEALED and that is what I continue to teach in our life group, WE ARE HEALED!
Joan Vetter
Arlington, Texas
December 7, 2015 Healing
Resurrection Life
After 3 days in the hospital it looked like my mother was ready to pass away. Her heart was stopping for as much as 9 seconds at a time. At almost 101 we knew a pacemaker was out of the question - so she was released on hospice - bedfast and on heavy oxygen. Suddenly the Lord spoke to me - "Think life and not death". I called a prayer minister and he agreed for healing and deliverance from the hospital trauma. She has continued to improve and was released from hospice last week. They said, "She no longer has any end of life issues!"
Dale Wooten
December 6, 2015 Financial
Keeping It Real
WOW!!!! What a great ministry... GO GO GO No limit on GOD's awesome power... Thank Andrew for staying real in face of all adversity he has been through....over the years...keep up the fight of faith....we are in it with you...all the way....AMEN!!!!
Eva Granzow
Phoenix Az
December 5, 2015 Encouragement
Thank you for your work.
Louisa Settlemire
December 4, 2015 Healing
Just want to give God glory. It is five years ago this month that my wonderful Father supernaturally healed me from an 11 year addiction to crystal meth. I have been meth free for five years, no desire what so ever for that horrible drug. And that was a bonus miracle because I originally sought the Lord to heal my marriage, which has been wonderfully restored, HALILUIJAIA! Also since that time my husband has become a Christian as well! What a Awesome father and wonderful friend in Jesus we have. God used AWM teachings to make the Word come alive for me and I have never been the same. Thank you Andrew, Jamie, and AWMI staff for all that you have done and continue to do.
johnny chao
December 4, 2015 Encouragement
Baptism of the Holy Spirit
Thank you for today’s teaching on Baptism of the Holy Spirit as part of your 16 core revelations. We love your Texan English, although we are not native but came to Texas as soon as possible. Back in 2012, first time attended your local Gospel Truth seminar in Irving, Texas. It was filled with Holy Spirit never been experienced before as opposed to typical religion style without turbo-charged dynamics during Worship singing. Charis Praise and Worship team sets an example to be spirit filled. Holy Spirit upon us to draw out the joy (fruit of the Spirit, Galatians 5:22) already deposited inside of us by naturally lifting our hands high to praise the Lord regardless of our emotions or circumstances, let the spirit to control over our mind. We are certain that your ministry will be led to enlarge around every corner of the world. Hallelujah!
John Galavan
December 4, 2015 Encouragement
Andrew, because of your 12-4-15 Baptism in Holy Ghost message I am now baptized! I walk and pray to God and this morning I said that I want to be like that man... like you Andrew! May God continue to bless you because it all rolls downhill to me! Glory to God.
Claire Lee
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
December 4, 2015 Encouragement
Dear Andrew, I'm a baptized Catholic. I believe I got reborn recently. Ever since, I felt dissatisfied within. I wanted to grow. Around 10 November 2015, I spoke to God, telling Him I needed to know His Words. I read the Bible, but I could not learn from it. I was frustrated. I searched the Web and your ministry website appeared at the top of the list. I started listening to your Faith Series. I could not believe that there is such a ministry like yours, giving free teaching materials. I had to pay for classes and I didn't learn the meaning of the Word of God from those. But when I heard your audio lessons, I couldn't stop listening. I listen on the way to work, on the way back home, and before I fall asleep. I thank God for you, Andrew. For your generosity. For doing what you do. Claire