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Pixey-Louise Moore
New York
June 18, 2018 Encouragement
I feel the Lords presence in his spoken words.
I just want to thank Pastor Andrew for his teachings. I find it so easy to listen to him preach the gospel in such a comforting way. I look forward to hearing the words of the Bible and having them explained in such a clear way. I understand the Bible much better when Pastor Wommack speaks it. He reminds me of my Dad. His demeanor is almost Christ-like. Sholom
Pamela Banks
Morrilton, AR
June 16, 2018 Encouragement
Hello Andrew, Thank you for your many years of teaching. I have been watching you since the 90s and appreciate what I have learned. I heard David Barton say on your program that we all have a responsibility to vote and that we would have to answer to God if our vote was not to support Donald Trump's policies. I guess that includes the policy Session announced about separating children from their parents. I don't think so. I think Jesus would be more pleased if we were kind to strangers, took care of the poor and defenseless, took care of the little children, in other words, if we kept His commandment. If we don't do that, I wonder how much notice he will give to us trying to stack the federal courts with conservative judges. If you haven't done so already, please ask your friends who have influence with the current administration to please stop ripping children from the arms of their parents. This is a poor witness for Christ. My little donation is a love gift in appreciation of the hard work of you and your staff. Please pray for me as well as for all the people of this nation that we will have right hearts and minds. God bless you and yours, Andy.
Bess Haward
Cornwall UK
June 15, 2018
I just want to say thank you Andrew for the gift of CD's I receive for my partnership. I find them so good and enlightening - thank you. You are truly a blessing to the Body of Christ as you encourage and challenge us to live in and by the Word of God and to step out in faith and be bold and undivided in our allegiance to God and not man.
Judy Harte
Jensen Beach, FL
June 14, 2018 Encouragement
When desperation caused me to spend time with Jesus every morning, the Holy Spirit would speak to me. Then, when I turned on the TV at lunch time, Andrew would confirm every word He had said! This went on for months! Andrew and the Holy Spirit spoke about love and freedom in the New Testament. (The churches I've been to had the Old Testament mixed in with the New.) I had already spent the first 23 years of my life trying to be good enough for God to love me - I knew my good works wouldn't do it! It was an exercise in futility. I finally learned to just rest in what Jesus had already done. There are so many people who need this message about Grace!
Nira Achey
Waterloo IA 50702
June 14, 2018 Healing
I want to give our testimony to you. My husband, Dick, had 2 cancers. One is Multiple Myeloma and the send one is Renal Cell Carcinoma Stage 4 and was just recently told he is terminal. I kept asking what are we not understanding. I began my search for answers June 5, 2018. I brought up Charis Bible College and came across Healing Is Here 2016. My husband and I listened to Session 1, Session 2 then Session 3 where you spoke. You answered my questions and I found the answer. We have the authority of healing and we need to speak to our mountain. At the invitation, we stood up at my desk and received the healing. I am off all my meds for asthma, spinal tensosis and thyroid. I am healed and have not had any meds since June 5, 2018. My husband, Richard, accepted the healing and is being healed of both cancers. He pretty much was just sitting in a chair slowly dying. Today, he is out cutting and splitting wood with our grandsons. He is healed. We have laid hands on 3 different people one with brain cancer and asked for permission to pray for them. We explained they had to believe they are healed and then we taught them how to fight when the pain comes back and to speak to their mountain. I just called to have one of your prayer people pray for the 3 we have been ministering to for healing. My husband is the pastor of our church and we shared Healing Is Here 2016 Session 3 where you spoke in our evening service last Sunday night. We have shared this with 3 others at our home who need healing. Thank you for all you do in teaching us God Wants Us Well. I am truly overwhelmed and can't tell you enough thank you for what you have taught us and for the healing in our own lives. Praise be to Jesus!
Mary Cox
June 14, 2018 Healing
Healed of small bowel obstruction
Andrew makes the teaching very simple to understand. It is obvious that he yields himself to the Holy Spirit and allow Him to use him. I learn so much in every area you discuss under the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit. I will do the same yield myself and let The Holy Spirit do the work through me and in Jesus' name.
Buddy Powers
Tampa fl.
June 14, 2018 Encouragement
Hey Andrew , my wife and I listened to your whole family series teaching on your audio archives. We have realized because of the truths of that teaching , we have not arrived but we are at an altitude that we would never been able to reach because of your Gospel Truth teaching that has transformed our whole lives ( and marriage) effortlessly Romans 12:1-3 . Thank you for teaching the truth of the gospel and making it available on Roku <-- this how we systematically study all your thousands of hours teaching series and it has radically transformed our minds proverbs 23:7 Thank you Andrew
Darleen Bartuccio
Vero Beach, Florida 32962
June 14, 2018 Encouragement
Thank you for your program I watch every time you’re on. Love the way you teach. Thank you
Susan Hand
June 13, 2018 Encouragement
Word of God
Thank you for being you. Your blunt, honest truth has been what I have been praying for! I have been an introvert as long as I can remember, I couldn't go in stores alone without anxiety until now..listening to you on TV and your online series(plural) has changed my life, you have made the Word of God come alive to me in a way like no other preacher!! I am believing for healing, prosperity and am even praying in tongues.. I have been saved for 7 yrs and was baptized in The Holy Spirit a few months after I was saved, I knew I had 2 separate experiences with Jesus but was very confused (previously Baptist). My experience with the Baptism was supernatural and after telling the wrong person about my experience, I was called Satan and few other things so I clammed up and never told another person. My relatives think I am nuts and call me Jesus freak and Bible thumper hahaha.. That used to bother me but no longer does and I have you to thank.. God has used you to help me, He loves me that much, WOW!! I hope and pray you read this and it blesses you.. I hope one day to be able to come to one of your conferences and meet you in person.. God Bless you Andrew! ! You are a blessed man!! I love you Brother
Bo Yokely
North Carolina
June 13, 2018 Encouragement
Thank God for Andrew Wommack
This is just a message to Andrew to say thank you for all you're doing. You have the most clear and concise messages. I watch every single day and having your teachings is like having the test key before even taking the test. I thank you for all you do. It’s so appreciated. May God bless and keep you!
Tafara Butayi
Johannesburg, South Africa
June 13, 2018 Financial
Hi guys. After becoming partners of AWMI my wife and I always knew that there was a blessing connected to partnership. We didn’t think it would be this swift. We Pastor a church in Johannesburg, South Africa. After becoming committed partners we got invited on TBN Africa to teach the word for 30 minutes. We basically got television airtime worth thousands and moved from ministering to 250 people to 10 million homes weekly on both TBN Channels in Africa(TBN Africa & TBN Mzansi). The cool part is it’s all free of charge.Oh I forgot to mention, they gave us a prime slot too 2130hrs every Thursday and Friday. We know television time is expensive and for us to be on it is definitely a miracle. We are excited to be AWMI partners. “Sow where you wanna go” is a reality in our lives! Praise God! Andrew’s teachings have changed our lives. Thank you.
s p
June 12, 2018 Encouragement
been a Christian A long time. the grace teachings are awesome; I have always known this, I think. But just letting you know its good and the truth is helping me to be free.