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Timothy Bowling
May 2, 2016 Encouragement
Come a long way.
I believe I was saved when I was 8, but lived a self centered life. I repented of that in '94 and turned from great arrogance and self sufficiency. The birth of a disabled son in '83 caused me to become bitter toward God. I went down so far that my wife ultimately divorced me. But, over time seeing how God was working, I concluded that I may have continued in my arrogance if my son had been normal. The divorce came just after I repented, and I see the devil at work, but I was also seeing God at work. I also concluded that I was the one who was really disabled. Today I would not trade my son, whose name is Nathan, which means "gift" for 10 sons that the world would call "normal." The doctors said Nathan would not live past 13, but today is 32, married, has a job and is living in the upstairs apartment in my house. Andrew's teaching titled, "Who Told You that You were Naked?" has been of immense encouragement.
vernon widmyeer
Bunker Hill WV
May 1, 2016 Encouragement
Spirit Soul and Body
I am 70 years old, have listened to pastors on TV and church for years and years, never have I been able to understand what you just taught me in these discs, you are just like a brother, a close friend, a humble man who teaches so plain a child can understand, I had no idea or no clue, what I didn't know, this revealed to me things I never knew..I feel like I am free, and I am in control now..I just cannot put it into words the change this teaching has changed me..God Bless You and thank you so much, keep up the good work, will be praying for you, you have helped me so much, you will never know..I love you pal..No, I am not that way, been married over 50 years..LOL
Cynthia Irish
Burnsville MN
May 1, 2016
I am just finishing my first half of first year at Charis and I want to thank you for this school and for the quality of the teachers and for the lessons. I am learning so much! Andrew thank you for listening to the Lord about a college. By the way =========== HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Lidia Palacios
May 1, 2016
Happy birthday
Hola Papá Andrew
I have been thinking about you and your Birthday all this week and I almost missed it, I rejoice with you knowing that God has been so good to you and He will give you the desires of your heart, FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS, TE QUIERO, Lily
Theresa Santiago
South River, New Jersey
April 30, 2016
Renewing my Mind
In prayer I petitioned for guidance on how to renew my mind, change my thought process and see my purpose in this world and behold! I was brought to TBN at first, after viewing several ministers on TV my heart was touched by The Gospel Truth. I found myself making sure I watched it daily then checking out the website and now, I am listening to the available Audio Teachings daily, for hours at a time! Thanks be to God I believe I have found my way to the vessel who was put in my life...Andrew Wommack. Jesus is speaking to me through you Andrew, thank you for obeying your calling. So many are finding their way to the Lord because you are here. I am so thrilled to continue my journey with Jesus Christ, my Lord & Savior who lives and dwells in me. I am devoting myself to cooperate with my Faith and release it into this world. Thanks be to God (and you too Andrew), In Jesus name!
Yvette Babb
Barbados West Indies
April 29, 2016 Encouragement
Thank You
I have been watching Gospel Truths back in 2000. I am truly blessed with your teaching. I have learned so much. Thank You for your clear unadulterated word of God.
Caroline Weihrauch
Omaha, NE
April 29, 2016 Encouragement
I have been watching on TV for months. I find Andrew to be the most sincere and knowledgeable person on TV ministries, who knows the Bible and quotes it almost perfectly. I have grown in my faith and spirit. However, the current messages with D. Sherrif and Bob Yandian are misguided regarding war. John the Baptist said to soldiers in Luke 3:14, "Do not accuse or molest any man and accept your wages." I am a veteran. Christians should fight the spiritual battle, and the carnal world fights itself. We are not a nation of GOD. GOD is not guiding us as a nation.
Rochelle Davenport
April 29, 2016 Healing
I am healed!
I'd like to thank your ministry for praying with me in 2013. I had breast cancer, lateral mastectomy, chemo, and radiation. My implant ruptured and got infected, another lump formed...I called in for prayer. I got a benign reading but the doctor was still concerned cuz there was the huge tumor so they sent it to another pathology hospital. I called back and said keep the prayers coming..and today I got the report NO CANCER!! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR PRAYERS
Rose Seifert
Minneapolis, MN
April 29, 2016 Encouragement
I enjoyed this weeks broadcasts on todays culture. The discussion between the three of you answered numerous questions I have been pondering in my heart between what scripture says and what I hear all around me. It has helped me to stand stronger. Thank you!
annah cymon
April 28, 2016 Encouragement
Oh happy day!
Happy Birthday!!! You might remember me from Phoenix!
Gola Lewis
Golden, MS
April 28, 2016
Thank for your stance on these ungodly issues! I became worried because I had never had heard you express your stance! I know what the bible says about homosexuality, and it has not changed! Again, Thank you for your work; God bless and comfort all of you!
Mary Helen Ruehle
April 27, 2016 Encouragement
Hi Andrew, I have exciting news! The pastor from a small church I attend has asked me to take the service this Sunday. I'll be doing the worship and sermon. I'll be teaching Spirit Soul and Body, unless the Lord leads otherwise. I don't normally sing so I'll be stepping out in faith along with another sister and prerecorded music. I'm very excited and wanted to let you know since you're the channel God used to teach me this amazing truth that has set me free for life!!!
I love you and appreciate you Andrew and Jaimie
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