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About 8 years ago when I went to the eye the doctor, he told me I had the beginnings of cataracts. Sure enough my vision became more blurry, and night vision was worse, reader glasses needed all the time to read anything in a in print or on a computer screen. I was always looking for my glasses. I was on utube on 9/16/15 and came across Healing is Here Conference and listen to the first 3 . At the end of the 3rd one Andrew was encouraging everyone to receive their healing when he said "God is healing eyes." I threw off my reader glasses and knew God had healed me. I could see the computer screen so much clearer and even read letters. But I still needed my reader glasses for easier reading, thought God was going to heal my eyes completely but then He reminded me of my cataracts and that was why I was seeing everything around me so clearly. I see just as good as I did 20 years ago. Praise God He is so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Name / Location Date Category Testimony
Anna Gutting
Okeechobee, Fl
November 24, 2015 Healing
Before I knew the Lord, I was addicted to drugs and alcohol. When I made Jesus the Lord of my life, He delivered me. I had no withdrawals and no desire for them anymore. Praises and Thanks to GOD.
Dottry Brewer jr.
Dalton , Ga.
November 24, 2015 Encouragement
I Love your Teachings , they remind me of what I should have been doing along time ago , I was to preach or teach the same things that you are teaching and preaching now , back in early 90's , but for the fear of being rejected was more than I could handle at the time , Thank you for you teaching and preaching of the grace and prosperity that we all are intittled too ! Thanks AWMI for your teachings
kelly robinson
November 23, 2015 Encouragement
I think Andrew is one of the best gift ministers in the world; what a heart and what a testimony his life is. His ministry is a gift of God to us all. Thanks Andrew for having the courage to do what you do; you're making a huge difference in the world.
Robert Coberg
Lansing, Illinois
November 23, 2015
I have learned and been greatly encouraged by your teaching since 2003. I received the gift of tongues several years ago at a conference in Lombard, Illinois. In 2002 at age 56 I came back to the Lord. Soon after reading John 17 I realized the last 6 verses were directed right at me! It impacted me more than John 3:16. But John 17 really impacted me totally when you explained eternal life as Jesus defined it in John 17:3.
Colorado Springs
November 23, 2015 Encouragement
It was so good to hear from these ministers on the stage , to say that God was dealing with them to honor their wife more.... let me say MORE>..... So many people look at these stage people as idols, hollywood icons in the Body of Christ that in the home the wife or husband is not preferred. Idolatry...
Latrice H
November 23, 2015 Encouragement
I Got It
I have watched your messages on You tube this weekend and it encouraged me. I too come from Evangelical background and the speaking in tongues is new to me and has come slow. I was in doubt if I really got it right until I heard your testimony on how you were filled with the Holy Spirit. Your testimony of learning from another filled personal is exactly how I was introduced into speaking in tongues. Your testimony encouraged me to know what I got was the "Real thing" and I could trust in it and stop my doubt and flow in belief. Thank you for teachings.
florence Nabunya
November 20, 2015 Financial
Desire to join Charis Bibble College.
I am a 24yr old lady n 2 yrs ago i became Born Again after listening to Andrew Wommack. For long i yearned to join Charis bible college, i always prayed and said God, i must attended Charis bible college and just yesterday as i was at my local church in a fellowship, two men of God from Charis bible college came and told us about its existence in Uganda, i was very amazed..i said to myself this is answers have been answered, to my surprise the fee to join and study is way past my salary, actually it is x6 my salary. i worried then i said to myself Matthew 6:25-33God knows what you need; do not worry,Psalms 84:11No good thing will he withhold from you. with those scriptures i became strong. Brethren s and sisters please join me to thank our LORD JESUS for i believe and i know, He will supply all my financial needs and requirements to join Charis bible college Uganda according to his riches. I already see myself attending those classes and that's my portion.
Billy none
November 19, 2015 Encouragement
All sin is wrong/we all must Repent!
I saw Andrew Wommack on Tbn/ Praise the Lord the other night and he was
right on about their needs to be some balance cause so many today just think
they can get drunk,gossip,gamble,be mean,sleep around. That is why all of the
Bible needs to be taught like 1 Corinthians 5,6 ,7 plus Matthew 7:13-23/Luke 13.
michael carmack
Fort Hood, Texas
November 19, 2015
Thanks for your service to your country
Dear Andrew,
I wanted to get a letter out to you on veterans day, just to say thank you for your service to your country. I too served so from one soldier to another thank you. when I cam back from Iraq in 2009 and I saw you on tv, yes I was going to turn the channel but then I heard you say.. when I was in Vietnam, and since then I have enjoy your teaching, preaching, and yes from time to time getting your books as they have help me out on my purpose driving life with God. As you were lead to ministry as school, I am lead to ministry retreat centers for firemen, police, EMS, and military and their families ( past and present) as God has shown me that we all have PTSD and other combat issues. I have learned so much by watching you build your campus up there in Colorado, for example when you showed the price from a black top road vs cement, I was clueless but thank you for showing me. Oh also I know that God will bring us together because you have 2 female preachers in France down in Nice, and God wants to us them, you and your ministry along with this retreat to bring His word to France but in a way that turns the country against missionaries, churches or foreign so called help. But He has shown me how me can use the retreat as like an covert way. I put God in a box when I came back to try( oh yes) on my own, but when I took Him out of the box OMG, this journey for just to get ready has now been 7 years, and to know that your 2 pastor friends there in France will be blessed and Help is coming, I could have never imagine the magnitude of what He really wanted. oh one more thing, when God brings us together you will meet a man that was at Childers Texas, but he was there for only 8 long days in jail, but god showed me you 2 will have fun talking about Childers Texas.
Thank you again for your service to your country, and I do pray that God will bring us together next year.

your brother in Christ
Michael Carmack
Keith Garmon
November 17, 2015 Encouragement
Thank you Andrew and Praise God
I'd just like to thank Andrew for all of his teaching and I want to especially thank him for helping me understand what the Word of God is truly telling me. My wife and I watch Andrew everyday and have grown spiritually and in knowledge. As a result of all of this I am going to preach for my first time this coming Sunday Nov 22, 2015 desiring to share with others the gospel truth! Thank you Andrew, my wife and I are also partners and believe in this ministry.
Megan Plantenga
Boise, Idaho
November 17, 2015 Financial
Financial bondage – veil lifted!
We took correspondence courses with Charis, while living in Idaho, and then thought we would at some point finish years 2 and 3 in the future. But then we heard the Lord say, 'It is time to go to Charis in CO'. We began focusing on His word and it became our word, and we agreed together that God's provisions are yes and amen found once we said, 'yes' and stepped out in our faith, our incomes began increasing, our home sold in the first week of it being on the market and one thing after the next....the Lord truly split the seas so we could walk right through! We responded in obedience to all of the finances that God blessed us with in order for us to pay our debts and move to Colorado and we continue to no longer live in the bondage of fear that God will not provide. He is the almighty God of provision and the prosperity He has given to us is overflowing in so many areas of our lives. We are grateful God is faithful.
Albert and Sheryl Demers
Prince George British Columbia Canada
November 16, 2015 Encouragement
What does it really Means to walk with Jesus 24/7
I started listening to Andrew's teaching approximately three months ago after being encouraged by a friend. My husband and I have a third child that was born with a birth injury. I always said I was walking with Jesus 24/7. I really had no idea what that meant until now. I cannot believe how many hours I listen to Andrews teaching everyday. Like two, three, four hours everyday and want to get more time. I am craving His Word like I never have before. My husband too has started listening to Andrews teachings of God's word. Praise be to God. It all rings true. Our spirits are soaring. We are believing for a healing for our son Sean. The first opportunity when there is something close to where we live we are planning on coming to learn more about the Word and meet Andrew and Jamie and bring Sean to meet Andrew and Jamie also. I have asked my husband for the study of Romans and he has agreed on the expenditure. My spirit is leading me to have a bible study in our home which is a "huge" step for me. Praise God and Amen. Thank you Andrew and Jamie for your calling and your faithfulness to HIS WORD