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Gary Johnson
La Verne, CA 91750
May 28, 2016 Encouragement
I don't feel like a Guest. I have watched and Listened to Andrew for what seems like 15 years. I personally Know Him. At least it seems like it. I am Family. You Guys are Family......I Love You All. .....I am studying the teaching on Humility and come to redefine the words meaning . I am applying this new Humility to my life. It is giving me such Peace. It has answered so many questions. Thank You............In his Love....Gary
Samuel Raab
May 28, 2016
Praise God
Preist Gott, denn er ist groß!!
Andrews Lehre hat mir sehr viel weiter geholfen. Praise God , who is generous !!
Andrews teaching has helped me a lot .
Peter Afolayan
Abuja, Nigeria
May 28, 2016 Encouragement
I Love Andrew Wommack Teachings, I cant do without reading his devotional everyday
Cheryl Renae Campbell
North Carolina
May 27, 2016 Encouragement
Thank you for the good works you do to bring the love and joy of Jesus all over the world. The poorest of the poor, the sick and the dying need our help. We give our all to quench Jesus' thirst for the lost, lonely, hopeless souls that desparetley need to know Him. Yours in Christ - Renae
Julia Parker
May 25, 2016 Healing
Camie Pavey Healing
Hello Andrew Wommack!! I thank God for you and your ministry! My husband and I came to your conference in Lombard, Illinois with our beautiful daughter Camie! We all received so much blessings that only heaven knows the extent of it right now! Our daughter was ministered to before and after services. She was so eager for prayer and was looking so forward to healing of her feet and legs so she could run and play with her children. Your prayer minister, Gloria prayed for her and then took her by the hand to run across the auditorium two times. Tears were streaming down my daughters cheeks!! God showed her and us that He had touched her legs and that from this experience He was going to do more!! Of course, we know that her healing is already been done!! I have called for prayer for Camie many times on your ministry's prayer line. The first time I called, Camie had been given a diagnosis of cancer and was only expected to live 2 more years. That was about 3 years ago! She is still alive! Hallelujah! Getting back to the conference, while Gloria prayed for Camie's feet to be the same length we visibly saw that her feet were the same length, or so it appeared to be so, whether Gloria was calling those things that weren't as though they were or not, we either saw them the same length spiritually or naturally. Camie also received a greater flow of her Holy Spirit language!! That was so beautiful to see because of all the deception the enemy made for her concerning her prayer language through the Baptism of the Holy Spirit that she had received while a teenager. She was born with an open spine or medically speaking it is called spina bifida. Since the day she was born she has had many surgeries. The last surgery was the removal of her bladder because of a tumor that chemo was not destroying. The old bladder had been a source of infection because of previous surgery that involved cutting the bladder in half and wrapping a part of her own colon which had been surgically removed around the bladder to make it bigger. Because the doctor had surgically tightened her urethra she could now catheterize her bladder to stay dry! No more depends! But there were problems with the bladder because the bowel kept secreting it's normal function. Because of that she had continued infections and was constantly on antibiotics. Now that she has a urostomy bag she no longer has infections. That is a blessing, however she and I have ordered a brand new bladder for her and are choosing to contend for it. When we talked to you at the Lombard conference, you even said something about God giving her a brand new bladder!! Whoo Hoo!!! I totally am looking forward to that happening, even though I know that she already has it!!! Camie is anticipating that creative miracle too!! I have purchased a few of your books for her to read. She just finished Spirit, Soul, and Body and is reading the book your ministry provided about The Sword! I purchased "God Wants You Well" for her and she is going to read it last. She said, "I want to save the best to last." I told her to read "You've Already Got it". I plan to purchase that one for her and as many as she will receive. I love your books and I thank God for downloading all the revelations to you that you have shared with us! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My life has never been the same since I have begun to read your books, do the lessons, and read the Word of God! I have not seen the video that was taken at Lombard conference with Camie's testimony. I would love to view it! Just to let you know that I have signed up for Charis Bible College near Indianapolis Area every Saturday for 9 months starting in September. I'm believing that God will provide for me. Thanks again to God, you and your ministry for providing revelation in God's Word for all of us who desire to know and love God more!! Julia Parker
May 25, 2016
I would just simply like to say thank you to Mr. Wommack for the series called The Christian First Aid Kit. It has really blessed me and given me many answers to questions and battles I have been struggling with.

So, Thank You, Mr. Wommack
May 24, 2016
I asked in faith and God showed up and showed out
Denise Garcia
Washington State
May 23, 2016 Financial
Prayed for a Specific Job
A few weeks ago, I prayed with one of your prayer ministers. After telling her the specifics, we came together in agreement, with our eyes on Jesus. The verse Philippians 4:6 “Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God." was one of the verses she gave and the verse the Lord had given to me earlier. Our coming together in agreement was so uplifting. We were as one voice unto the Lord. Two weeks later I received two interviews in different locations for the company I wished to work for. The Lord gave me the best scenario/situation suited for me. I am grateful and see the necessity of praying together for God's will to be done and according to His word, casting our cares upon Him, because "He cares about you [with deepest affection, and watches over you very carefully]." ! Peter 5:7 (AMP).

Thank-you Andrew and all those who join with you in serving Christ! God bless you & Keep you...In Jesus' Name. Amen.
Jean Claude S YINKFUL
May 23, 2016 Encouragement
Life Transformed
I want to thank you Dad Andrew for teaching the Word of God. I first met you by chance and since that day I have never ceased listening to you. I have downloaded hundreds of tapes and now I am so grounded in the Word that I was offered the opportunity to teach in a bible school (not accredited though). I have been walking in divine health for all those years and have seen all sorts of miracles, even HIV aids and terminal cancer healed. Thanks for also giving me the opportunity to become a partner. You are a blessing!!!!!
Joe Howell
Roanoke, VA
May 23, 2016 Encouragement
Excellent Spirit
Andrew, I was recently in Chicago at the GTS there because I believed that the Lord had told me to give you a word concerning "faith", not sure if you remember me but that's not what this is about. You said that you hadn't had much of a response to your new teaching, "An Excellent Spirit", well the Lord was trying to show me things like this in me and when I came across this teaching it was what I needed, I believe that this teaching and Greg Mohr's book, A Prosperous Soul, could go hand in hand. The Lord has opened up a whole new work in me, in my soul. I can't wait to see the fulfillment of His will for my life. Thank You. P.S. don't let people take your focus off of what God has told you, or distract you by trying to add seemingly harmless things to your daily routine. Praying for you to continue to hear and fulfill God's will only. There is a song that is called Slow Fade, meaning that it is the slow, subtle, discrete process that the devil uses to get us off track. Again, thank you for, "an excellent spirit", I need it.
Sharon Kirk
May 23, 2016
Humility Series
I wanted to share that the Humility series is the all time best teaching that I heard since I've been watching Andrew for nearly 10 years. I am a partner. The words are cutting me just like a sword and it's just what I needed. Thank you for preaching this message.
Beverly Free
May 23, 2016 Encouragement
Thank You
Thank You for turning lives to Jesus.
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