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Lisa Persall
February 15, 2018 Healing
I can see and understand
I have been one that can't comprehend what I read. It goes in and out and doesn't stick in my head. I have been praying, and just recently today watched the TCT channel and came across Andrew Wommack today. I was awe inspired by what he was saying. It's like God is speaking to me thru him. I am able to understand what I am reading now. Understanding Gods word is so exciting!. I just finished reading online one of his teachings, (The Christians survival kit) I just want to read more. Recently I purchased an audible bible, so i can hear and read along with the bible to more absorb it. Everything is making sense to me now. I feel joyful and free. What I am suffering from seems minor to what God's promise to us is. Thank you God for using Andrew in helping me see and understand the word. I feel inspired. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
Kufre Green
February 15, 2018 Financial
I bless the name of the Lord for His faithfulness and love
Sir i have really been blessed by your teaching. God bless you.
Kara Stahley
Lakeland, FL
February 15, 2018 Healing
Holy Spirit Baptism
I spoke with Shelby yesterday. I watch Andrew as often as I can, both on TV and youtube. I love his scriptural teachings. As I was watching last night, he offered a Holy Spirit Baptism if we were to call the number on the screen. The Holy Spirit took over and I just grabbed my phone and dialed. I got Shelby, quite possibly the sweetest girl I've ever spoken with. We talked, she gave me a bit of her testimony. I told her about mine. She prayed in me in Tongues, baptizing me. It was peaceful, beautiful, quiet, and I feel so blessed. I now want to learn how to pray in tongues myself. What a spiritual, close connection that was. Thank you!
Gary Welch
USA /Michigan
February 15, 2018
Would love to use you Romans study Guild and power of the gospel (teaching) one for my friend Rick Tompkins who was just told he has cancer an no hope was saved in the hospital and now home to die. an one for me. Thank you love your teaching programs you do very good. God Bless, Gary Welch Sand Lake Michigan
Natalia Massawe
February 15, 2018 Encouragement
God`s Love
I have been listening to most preachers on youtube and never gets it .Until one day i was trying to find out how to pray and i happen to listen to Andrew Wommack A better way to pray.
It changed my life and i listen to Him all the time.
Andrew has been a Blessing to me since then.
Thank you so much
Asante sana
David Land
February 14, 2018 Encouragement
Familiar with Andrew from the days when he was in Seagoville Texas and he would come to bring me to church. It was the mid 1970 s. I'm 61 years old now and wanted to explore what is online via this ministry.
Anbu Raj
February 14, 2018 Encouragement
Thank you
I was listening your Program in DAYSTAR channel yesterday around 11 pm IST, the sermon was about faith and I was praying for my marriage. Surprisingly, you prayed for me, exactly what i was looking for. Thank You Andrew. Praise Jesus.
February 12, 2018 Encouragement
Andrew, THANK YOU for your faithful ministry. We appreciate so much what you have done and how lives are being changed as a result. When we contributed to our partnership this month we added an extra 50 dollars in honor of your ministry anniversary - we would love to challenge others to consider an extra gift in honor of this special year. It seems very selfish at times for us to be thanked for giving a donation because we ourselves benefit so much from the ministry. I recently had eye surgery and a tough recovery with no reading possible but we played the Healing Schools and praise and worship around the clock. Our laptop hooked up to the big tv and the Bose sound system make Charis come alive right in our den! The amount of resources, streamed video, classes that are available on line are just amazing and we utilize them daily. Thank you for spending the money to make so many resources readily available. Happy Anniversary from two very grateful partners in NC!
Sheri C
February 12, 2018 Healing
Pray for total healing from cancer
Thanks for your ministry :) Please pray for my aunt who has been in the final stage of cancer and seems to have little to no time left. I am believing for a full restoration miracle that will transform not only her but my entire family/extended too bringing them to faith!
Inez Thomas
February 12, 2018 Financial
Healing/ Financial Blessings
I need to be heal from joint pains and high blood pressure. I also need a financial blessings from student loans and other bills.
Sherri Johnson
Columbia KY
February 11, 2018 Encouragement
I would like to have prayer agreement for my son who is 18 and a senior in high school. He has been raised in church and currently is questioning that Jesus is real. He is a good student and very loving and caring. He was saved and baptized at the age of 7. His dad, my husband, suffered a brain injury when our son was just 5, so it’s just me parenting. I am just devastated and trying to cast my care on the Lord. I’ve been praying for God to draw Connor to himself and binding the lying voice of the enemy over him. Please pray for Connor.
George Foushi
Phoenix, AZ
February 11, 2018 Encouragement
I discovered Andrew Wommack Ministries while detained inside the Arizona State Prison system about 2 years ago...Every Morning I would watch AWM on TBN and felt the peace of the Holy Spirit as I did my bible study. Andrew is one of the best teachers of the Living Word. I have learned so much more on top of studying and reading the Bible over the last 8 years, with Andrew...I am so Blessed that God brought Andrew Wommack into my life! Now every morning I start my day with Andrew and AWM...there is no better way to start ones day!
I have been released from prison back on 19Jan 2018 and now working and finalizing business plans to start my own 501(c)3 Charity that works with Prison Ministries, Christian Halfway and Foster Homes. I am so excited and thrilled to have God in my life and knowing with confirmation of my true calling in God's will in my life...every day is a Blessed Day now!
Peace, Prosperity and Health to All of you at AWM -
George W. Foushi II