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Michelle Parker
February 10, 2018 Healing
I enjoy yours ministry do am very thankful for the help all your teachings give me.
v Ward
Liverpool England
February 6, 2018
Dear Andrew, please for a friend called Laura, she has cancer and only in her thirties. Also she has three young children. Thank you, Vera. England
St Louis, MO
February 6, 2018 Encouragement
Love never fails
Thank you Pamela for speaking blessings over my life
Galatians 5:22&23 Let's live there!
P.S. Lots of hugs to you & Have a Happy Valentine's Day:-)
Sarah Charles
New Hampshire
February 6, 2018 Encouragement
Proverbs…. More, Please
Andrew's daily teachings on the Book of Proverbs was so exciting... A solid reminder of a righteous walk and reward and that we ARE surrounded by a sea of evil. We are not to give up. The holy words encouraged and strengthened me. Please return to this daily topic. Andrew's words touch my spirit.
June Schuyler
Goleta, Ca.
January 31, 2018 Encouragement
January 30, 2018 message
Dear Andrew,

How I rejoiced as you spoke on the unconditional love of God during the prime time slot. Immediately after you closed my phone rang and a young woman I have been sending your materials to and trying to help for some years was calling.

She was ecstatic and said, "I finally get it!" and went on joyously expressing her gratitude.

She and I agree that you are a great teacher and being used in a mighty way.

Thank you, Andrew!

June Schuyler
Rose Marie Goldie Sausser
Spring Hill, FL
January 31, 2018 Healing
Bond Servant of our LORD
Pastor Wammock,
Thank you for your dedication to knowing the Word of GOD, thank you for sharing faith and love of the Scriptures.
Leslie Timm
Peoria, IL
January 31, 2018 Encouragement
My 2018 is off to an Amazing Start
I just began listening to Andrew Wommack earlier in the month of January - It's hard to describe what that has done for my mind and heart; I feel alive and blessed to have such a resource available to me. I called into the phone line just today (1/31/2018) and ordered some items. I talked with a first year student named Dillon who prayed with me before we got off the phone; what a blessing. Life as a Christian is exciting, unpredictable, and WAY more fun than my life of sin ever was! Praise Jesus.
Tim Poplin
Norwood NC 28128
January 29, 2018 Encouragement
Love you Brother!

I just wanted to encourage you! Thank you for all you do! Keep up the good work. You're a blessing!

Tim Poplin
Marquette, Mi
January 28, 2018 Encouragement
Decided to listen to Gospeltruthtv this evening and Carrie and Daniel were praying for people and as I was listening Carrie decided to pray for those with skin problems...I said No Kidding!!!...she said psoriasis...well I just loved it because it was a great confirmation for me..I fully believe that Jesus has done everything that is needed for us to have healing..I have psoriasis and have received what Jesus has done and believe to see the manifestation of that healing. I have asked the LORD already to help me see any area that might be blocking that manifestation. I thought about it today again so it was a great deal of fun when I heard Carrie pray for the destruction of this thing that affects so many people. Thank you Dan and Carrie for your love of the Word and for the Love to see people healed. and Thank you Rich Renner whose message was about that Full ARmor of God.....standing. It was my Bible reading this am. .love your teaching.....I got a double portion of blessing didn't I .....God bless you Andrew and Jamie and the AWMI
Penny Arcos
January 27, 2018 Encouragement
Your Name Brings Healing to Me
I was plagued with anxiety about finances. I couldn't sleep for two nights. I tried to overcome it with playing worship songs, copying and speaking Psalms. Finally I listened to Healing School with Daneil Amstutz. The song Your Name Brings Healing to Me brought peace to my spirit. I spent the next two days singing it while shoveling snow when anxious thoughts came to attack me. I also received prayer from a prayer minister who encouraged me with Matthew 6. He reminded me that THINKING about the things I can't control will not change them. So I need to trust God for those things. Praise God.
Tom York
January 26, 2018 Encouragement
Andrew I consider You a Mentor. You Do a fine Job. I think GOD would Thank You and Bless Your socks off.
Anthony Russ
January 26, 2018
I just came across your ministry and caught the Proverbs teaching. I was very encouraged by it. There aren’t any real teachings on Proverbs that I have found. I DVR’d the fist eleven chapters and I’m enjoying them very much. Pastor Wommack said he was moving away from Proverbs for now and will revisit it later. But I am enjoying the few chapters I have listened too and I will try to listen again when Proverbs continues sometime in the future. I just wanted thanks for the teaching I was really encouraged by it .