Testimony - 02/02/12
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02/02/12  —  "What I didn’t realize was that God had healed my entire body…"

My husband and I wanted to hear you, Andrew, in person and knew you would be in Dallas the following weekend. I had previously had a root canal on a tooth that had been bothering me for a long time and everything was fine, but the week of the Gospel Truth Seminar, it began to hurt again. By the time we made it to the conference, I was taking ibuprofen around the clock again to keep the pain down. I was in my seat during a prayer time, and I knew that God had healed me. My pain stopped. What I didn’t realize was that God had healed my entire body.

Years earlier, I had been deathly sick, and in the process of trying to help me, I was prescribed a hormone patch. It was a regular part of my life, and I thought nothing of it by this time. However, days after returning from our trip, I began to not be able to sleep. My heart would race, and I felt wired all the time. My doctor concluded that I was probably developing mitral valve prolapse (a heart condition). After praying about it, I felt the Holy Spirit impress upon me that I had been completely healed and that my patch was making me sick. I went back to the doctor and asked if I could remove the patch and see if that would help. She did not recommend it but said we could try weaning slowly. As soon as I removed the patch, my health was restored and I slept again. As per my doctor’s suggestion, I put the patch back on two weeks later for a two-weeks-on, two-weeks-off weaning process. Within hours, my symptoms began to return. I took it off immediately and have not used it since. Thank You, Lord, for Your grace and healing.

D. H. Covington, TN