BWV: Socialism

Biblical Worldview: Socialism

For centuries, the United States of America has been a bastion of freedom. However, deceptive philosophies have crept in and led many people to cry out for economic models that threaten the very freedoms this nation was founded on. Such philosophies eliminate the pathway of life and blessing—God and morality—and put us on the path to destruction. Your worldview is the filter through which you process life. For Christians, it should be based on the uncompromised Word of God—not popular culture.

Learn how to confidently respond to false claims and challenging conversations about socialism!


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Biblical Worldview: Socialism, the third installment in the Biblical Worldview box-set curriculum series, reveals the importance of making God’s Word the final authority in all areas of government and economics. In it, Andrew Wommack and subject matter experts William “Bill” Federer, Alex McFarland, Bob McEwen, E.W. Jackson, David and Tim Barton, and Abraham Hamilton III present a biblical response to the dangerous philosophy called socialism.

With many promises, such as free food, clothes, education, welfare, and healthcare, socialism has a growing appeal. But how well does it deliver on its promises? America, and the world as a whole, has been blessed by our capitalism, which was founded on scriptural principles in a Judeo-Christian culture. This has brought liberty, wealth, and provision to countless individuals. Unfortunately, those who don’t really understand the true meaning of capitalism—or even socialism—are fighting against their best chance of economic success.

Biblical Worldview: Socialism exposes what socialism really is and equips you to confidently respond to the false claims and challenging discussions about it. Parents are strongly encouraged to watch along with their teenagers and young adults to facilitate conversations on this important topic. These resources will empower you in your home, school, business, and church.

Benefits of Biblical Worldview: Socialism:

In Biblical Worldview: Socialism, seasoned instructors share from a wealth of information on this crucial topic. You will:

  • Get an extensive overview of socialism: what it represents, historical facts regarding its development, and the major figures behind it.
  • Examine socialism’s track record of failure and harm to the human race.
  • Understand how socialist ideas have gained a foothold in America today.
  • Explore why interest in socialism constantly arises, though its equally constant economic and social failures are well documented.
  • Hear the instructors’ responses to common arguments in favor of Marxist and socialist theories.
  • Discover why these philosophies are incompatible with Scripture (and America).
  • Learn how the destructive reach of socialism can be combatted by an empowered church, godly homes and families, and world-class Christian education.
  • Empower yourself to help others steer clear of the seduction of socialism and find the joy, liberty, and prosperity that come from allowing God—not the state—to be their provider.
  • Be equipped to defend your faith with confidence!

What’s Included:

Biblical Worldview: Socialism is designed for either individual or group study. It is made up of fourteen videos, which include:

  • Ten instructional video lessons
  • Two instructor roundtable discussions
  • Two Q&A-style panels with testimonials from socialism survivors

The ten instructional video lessons cover multiple topics, such as:

  • Socialism Exposed Throughout History
  • Socialism vs. Scripture
  • Socialism’s Assault on Freedom
  • Socialism vs. Free Enterprise
  • Principled Capitalism and the American Dream
  • The Real Cost of Welfare
  • Millennial Socialists and Secular Education
  • Why Socialism Never Works
  • Socialism: False Promises and Fake Crises
  • God, the Church, and America’s Future

The Biblical Worldview: Socialism curriculum is an attractive multimedia kit. It includes a workbook, an audio USB drive, and access to an online course platform, which means it’s available to you in written, audio, and video formats.

The workbook contains corresponding written material for the video lessons. It has the following features:

  • Video Outlines
  • Lesson Review Questions
  • Lesson Review Answers
  • Concept Review
  • Personalize Today’s Lesson
  • Prepare Yourself to Respond to Culture and Media
  • Research Key Concepts Further
  • Use Prayer as Your Power Tool
  • Ideas for Working with Young People
  • Meditate on God’s Word
  • Session Endnotes

The USB drive contains audio recordings of all the video lessons, which allows you the convenience of listening to the teachings on a variety of devices.

The online course platform provides access to all the video lessons, panel discussions, and printable PDFs of all lesson components—perfect for group study!

“Be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you”
— 1 Pet. 3:15

Learn how to confidently respond to false claims and challenging conversations about socialism!


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*Each Biblical Worldview installment is sold separately


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