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Keep the Fire Burning

As I was thinking about Andrew’s teaching Grace: The Power of the Gospel, I remembered an old legend that I had heard years ago. It goes like this: There once was a man who invented fire. One day, he found a village in a very cold and remote area. With his tools, he taught the…

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New Bible for a New Chapter

My poor Bible has seen better days. It’s been read, highlighted, written in, taped, and re-taped. The cover is missing. Pages are ripped. Whole sections have fallen out of it. But I can’t make myself throw it away! I’m not generally a sentimental person. I don’t attach memories to things. In fact, I happen to…

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Early in my walk with God, I heard the same kind of teaching that many brand-new Christians receive: We’re poor sinners who will struggle with our sinful nature for the rest of our lives. We’ll make it to heaven, but just barely. This erroneous teaching left me without strength and without much hope. Believing the…

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Letting Go of Myself

While reading Andrew’s book Grace: The Power of the Gospel, I came across this truth: You are not only saved by grace, but you also maintain your relationship with God by grace. This means you are healed by grace, delivered by grace, and prospered by grace. None of the benefits of salvation come to you…

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More than an Event

As I was reading Andrew’s book, Grace, the Power of the Gospel, it startled me to read this: We’ve been corrupted through thinking things contrary to the Gospel. If we could just break free from a performance mentality to truly understand God’s grace, we would wind up living holier accidentally than we ever have on…

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